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White Rhino by Cashmere Cannabis

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Welcome back to toasted n’ posted for another painstakingly in-depth look at some more exotic flower! Today, we have a first for both the strain and the grower, Cashmere. They seem to have a good taste in the collection of strains they offer, keeping it simple with landraces and classic crosses. I am disappointed to mention; that while I got a massive nug, the eighth only weighed 3.23 grams.  After a brief discussion, it appears that it was simply an oversight, but I would recommend going for bulk buds and not the trophy like I did. But how mad could one be with the legendary White Rhino in their hands? Growing up, I’d heard stories of this ancient and how legendarily stoned you will get if you are ever fortunate to secure some for yourself. The lineage of White Rhino presents about as much obscurity as the legend I just presented. An indigenous North American Indica bred with the femme fatale White Widow, make for this behemoth’s existence. It’s refreshing to be presented with a strain that has a long history of bludgeoning people with its indica heavy fists, I’m ready to put up my dukes. This production puts up 19.30% Total THC and just a jab of .19% CBD. The percentage and the crystals I see tell different stories. Let’s get after it.

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I greet this rampaging rhino with open arms, preparing for the worst. I am not ravaged, but enlightened by the slender embrace of the aroma. A breeze of sweet and peppery herb. The winds are cool and dispersed. Easy to take in, if not, welcoming. The air relinquishes in a melody that is extremely foresty and crisp. A smokey wooden quality lingers. The scent is benign at first, but emboldens after its disclosure. This agitated guardian blooms into a strong whiff off of a sage tangent. I say tangent because it isn’t quite as pungent, or, nauseating. The sage seems to be grounded by stern fresh pine. Dormant, but domineering like the resilience of potpourri. Overall, the lullaby sung by White Rhino has been aromatic and charming. One more attempt to antagonize the beast. A squeeze and a snap, rallies White Rhino’s personality and molts the initially passionless subdued sweetness. Forged from the foliage is a now defiant sweetness that takes on a semi-citrus nature. I fear that this titan is ready for war.


Titan appears to be a most appropriate moniker given the gargantuan bud that I am staring down. Locked eyes, I feel as if I am waiting to hear a bell for this wrestling match to begin. Across the ring, is a plump meaty bud characterized by its lively color. A multitude of green hues bless the face of this flower, tossing from leaf to leaf. One section is olive, then a seamless transition to a somber basil valley, abruptly shifted by a pear leaf that eventually falls into a snapping crocodile hue. The flower is extremely dramatic in its presentation, and that is not because of its mammoth size. Tired orange hairs struggle out from behind the armored plates of this battering ram. The few clusters that do emerge develop to substantial length, an outstretched hand just before the dense juggernaut hammers into you. The flower is quite dense, but does exhibit a little give upon a light squeeze. Birthing another citrus breath in this relief. The flower is extremely well cured and peels back from the stem like little pieces of styrofoam popcorn. I love bud that gives a good snap, but also emits a satisfying squishy crunch when you squeeze it. A blizzard of trichomes storm the surface of White Rhino, which is why I find it bizarre that this strain only lab tested for around 19%. Visually I would expect this would be more emblematic of 24% or so. The heads of these trichomes stand out brilliantly and truly sparkle like gemstones in proper light. I highly recommend checking out the well-timed maturity of the trichomes on this bud.

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Leaf to flame, I am met by a sweet hashy embrace. The hug is tangy and syrupy but simultaneously harsh and peppery. There is a slight citrus influence on the exhale, but nothing significant enough that I would openly propose it as a characteristic of this smoke. Each cloud is predominately comprised of earthy or herbal javelins interchangeably being hurled into the fierce hashy body. The rigid beast shows no signs of relenting, hopefully the subtleties will stew and loosen its overbearing grip. That being said, this targeted ‘harshness’ is actually quite refreshing and challenging if you can take it. As someone who is consistently exposed to underwhelming buds, it is a great sign when something musters enough force to continually punch you in your chest. The flavor is quite consistent to its credit, long after each hit the feisty herbal nature continues to dance with spiked shoes upon my tongue. Kneading the coarse hashy qualities deeper and deeper into my membranes. The peppery quality seems to blossom to entertain a flowery personality, this merges with a piercing herbal notes to an ultimately refreshing climax. The wake is in the key of fresh leaf.

While the smoke wasn’t explicitly as complex as the aroma, each powerful cloud hammered more of this profound high into my mind. The flavor almost doesn’t even matter, halfway through the smoke, all I could cognitively recognize was the hammer-handed euphoria raging through my body. Like standing under a waterfall of wet cement, the encumbering euphoria gushes over my head and shoulders. Without much stalling, these confident waves continue to course over my extremities effectively inhibiting any ambition of movement. As I melt into my ‘new’ body, I dwell on the still lingering, sizzling, aftermath of the provocative hashy flavor. I am teetering in and out of  consciousness as I contemplate the combative terpenes that still remain on my tongue.  You should expect absolutely no head buzz or stimulation from White Rhino as it pours into your system. My eyes have become extremely heavy and all I really want to do right now, is lie down. That is unfortunate considering I have a full day and work ahead of me.  I wouldn’t encourage gratuitous use of this strain unless you are trying to go to sleep, or redefine the term ‘Weekend Warrior’ as you will have a fight on your hands while you struggle to remain awake for the remainder of your day. The quality and purity of the high is very inviting and the way that it comes on in layers, provides perfect checkpoints for those who only seek to be moderately stoned. That being said, any veterans seeking a formidable stone will find great solace in White Rhino by Cashmere Cannabis.

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Holy Guacamole Cashmere! Baby, I don’t know what is you doing, but keep doing it. I rarely get this stoned from only a couple bowls. Cheers to you for entering the Pot Zone with a smash. If only you can get your scales to work properly, you will become a household name before long! That being said; I will be implementing a scoring system from this post on to give you all an idea of how these strains stack up in comparison. I’ll include it at the bottom. One more thing, since White Widow is a heritage strain, and it is crossed with an obscure landrace to produce White Rhino…would that make it a heritage strain as well? It would be cool if someone could help me with that.

White Rhino Scored: 89/100 points.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs


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