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Space Queen by Artizen

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Space Queen by Artizen

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! I’ve been very busy with extra assignments this week and unfortunately have only one strain for you this weekend. However, this one is a monster! We have Space Queen by Artizen Cannabis. A year or so ago, I did not have the most positive experience. It seems whatever issues I’ve had with their product are long extinct. Artizen provides high octane flower and big meaty buds for your eyeballs. I’d heard this latest harvest of Space Queen was extremely fragrant and flavorful, so I had to jump on the bandwagon! Space Queen this time around tests at 18.97% total THC. While a little on the lower end of the top shelf spectrum, I choose to assume that they have been focussing on developing the terpenes and not just raw THC content. Space Queen is one I’ve been meaning to review for a while, the name pops up in more than a few popular crosses. Space Queen has been presented in an array of phenotypes, however the consistent parents are Cinderella 99 and Romulan. Both of these parents are considered to be hall-of-fame strains when grown properly. Unfortunately, they often are not. I am excited to delve into a Space Queen that will surely be…out of this world.

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I remove the barricade standing between myself and this luscious leviathan. My sensory boat is rocked as I am tossed about a storm of raw, herbal, and foresty pine notes. As the ferociously revitalizing scents rain down upon my pallet, there is a cove of sweet relief. A cautiously cradled pungent musk of skunked berry lie within the antagonistic clouds. It seems this benign slice of this strains identity seeks to shelter you from the storm, slowly mitigating some of the fresh ferocity first thrown upon me. A relaxed, cooling, sodden woodland mist tends to my wounds as I lunge at my first opportunity to linger in the presence of the undisturbed berry. I lie in the forgotten eye of the storm, I still feel a strong presence of sugary pine, but the invigorating herbal air seems to pass the reins to a soothing chemmy release. In efforts of antagonizing this beast once more, I tear into the sticky foliage. The dormant disturbance whips up once again, bearing sharpened zesty citrus teeth. The rising acuteness of this note melds with the shapeless chem note create a needlelike weapon of fragrant decimation.

Leviathan is validated as an appropriate comparison, as I gaze into the eyes of a monstrous nugget. This beast must weigh over 2.5 grams! While it is easy to get lost in the enamoring beauty of the big buds, the popcorn fellowship bears its own merits. Native to both parties is the rich color cast upon these flowers. An electrified fern provides an elegant backdrop to the symphony of other colors played. Basil and juniper sugar leaves encrusted in trichomes appear fused to the resin drenched foliage it seeks to protect. Fused so seamlessly, it would be considered poor trimming to scar the bud in order to remove them! Winding even more aggressively than the fossilized sugar leaves are the lively orange hairs that twist and snake along the faces of each calyx. The underside holds a welcoming yellowish-pear color that refracts the light so resplendently, it camouflages itself into the beard of trichomes it wears. Many trichomes call the face of these verdant planets home, so many so that it appears each individual bud was shaken through a pan of sugar. This confectionary cannabis flaunts a great volume of milky, mature trichomes. Most of these psychoactive structures maintain their heads, and some of them long enough that they glisten with a seductive amber hue. All things considered, these resin glands are in phenomenal shape by the standards of recreational cannabis, it is hard to believe this strain is only 19% THC. While the buds do appear to have an ambitious cola structure, they are hard as rocks. I would consider this bud structure to typically be indicative of a 70-80% indica dominance.

Leaf to flame, I am released to a bath of savory earthen syrup. This version of ‘earthy’ is defined by an extremely lively and expansive floral quality. The magnitude of the sensation is comparable to a Chem Dawg. Just as I seemed to mention Chem Dawg, a ferocious herbal-pine lance thrusts forth. The exposure of this armament rips up a net of delicate airy citrus that trails in the wake of the thrown spike. I am helpless but to be skewered on the end of this virile note as it sends me across the countryside. The unwieldy weapon seems to get lost somewhere through the breakneck assault, I manage to struggle free and once again fall into the soft earthy expansion provided. The smoke is extremely smooth and clean as far as consistency. Much to my delight, the flavor is carried consistently throughout the entire process of combustion. While the concealed weapon seems to be gone, its forlorn remnants wander into the remaining notes, fermenting them and integrating a kushy weight.

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I’m high as fuck, I feel that my eyes have physically receded into my head. To calm myself, I smoke even more. Coached by an enchanting euphoria the rest of my facial features, too, seem to sink back into my head. This may sound unpleasant, but during this time, I am stunned by the prolific magnitudes introduced by the onset of this high. I am a prisoner, paralyzed while Space Queen asserts its astronomical powers over me. I feel like Han Solo, the carbonite slowly creeping over my flesh until it consumes me in a merciless stone. As I fear that I may be lost to couch lock and a nap before work, a lively jolt shocks my body awake and fractures this cool armor. I am awakened from my prison, everywhere…except my head. While by body feels energized by the plethora of indica pleasure, my head is still dormant in an ice age of paralyzing onset. My mind seems to function, but I am sure if anyone was present, they would comment on my unflinching face. I feel that my face has been restricted to an iced mold that pulses cool relaxation into my pores. This tantalizing transfer continues on through my head until it reaches the back and rebounds its cumulative relief into my brain. I feel like my writing is pretty good, but I also feel distinctively dumbed down, in a good way. Space Queen encourages simplicity and peace of mind with it profound compounding body high.

Artizen, great job. This may very well be my favorite strain by you so far. A formidable, long-lasting indica and a pleasant supplementary stimulative sensation to boot. May this be a lesson to those imbeciles that think THC % is everything. THC won’t get you there alone; you need fresh, delectable terpenes to help those psychoactive keys turn to unlock a transcendent high. Perhaps they will learn with time…and enough reviews! Artizen, I will continue to review your products, may we hope that the next one doesn’t pale in comparison to this wonderful Space Queen. Thanks for reading.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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