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G-Funk by Cannaorganix

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G-Funk by Canna Organix

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted as we continue our pursuit of grapefruit greatness. Today, we have G-Funk by Canna Organix. G-Funk is the offspring of Skunk and Grapefruit as you may have deduced. Grapefruit is alleged to have been a cross between a pungent preexisting tart and fruity strain and Cinderella 99. While I think this is a horror story as far as credible lineage, it is known as a vivacious sativa. This enlightened sprite crossed with Skunk, which we already know well, should lead us into a complex of  sensational flavor. Two of my favorite terpene profiles come together, reinvented in the funky fresh child of G-Funk. G-Funk consists of 24% Total THC and just a smidgen of 0.1% CBD. Canna Organix is known for providing flavorful flower at a functional price point. Their flagship strain is their Gelato flower, however, their concentrates are the product that outshines their bud. Enough rambling, let’s burn it down.

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Going head to head with this fragrance, I feel as though I’m cautiously surfacing across the face of a razor. A chorus of sharp resonant citrus carried along a smooth slide. There is a certain reckless fragility within the aroma, like a knife being gradually forced through a pillow. This stinging rise matches the magnitude of much pine, but in its own profound direction. That being said, eventually the defiant citrus rain comes to an end and the dwindling moisture stirs with its extremely foresty body. The canopy quakes and morphs to become herbal and sour. It as if the bitter citrus rain hydrated this writhing forest back to life. A warm soured sting teases my nostrils with an array of pungent herbal notes. This instant was very nostalgic for me, it reminded me of Connecticut in the Summer. The way that the skunk cabbage and grape leaves stir into a haunting gaseous odor that was carried across the air by the abounding humidity. A stale, yet tantalizing fruity musk that dwells within the skunked warmth. As I trace the remnants of the subtle candy strewn about the sodden woodland, I still feel like I haven’t been able to discover the true treasure of this bud.

Curiosity killed the nug as I snap one under my nostril in efforts of great discovery. A severed nug wafts worth a succulent bite into the tender flesh of G-Funk. It appears that like the literal grapefruit, you must peel the skin back a layer or so before you are rewarded by the divine tarted delights that lie within its confines. An enhanced interpretation of the pungent fruit dances in front of me. The subdued sweetness stirs with a skunky gas laced with a delicate herbal breath. No matter what stage of G-Funk you are enjoying, the nature of this flower is weighted with calming and soothing tendencies.

For a strain contending to be a sativa-hybrid these buds carry considerable density. The buds hardly budge. There is a little give within the scraggly leafy crust, but the flowers themselves are quite fortified and…sticky. My fingertips are tarnished with resin from my devilish assault. The buds seem to stick to a smaller size of around .4-.8 grams, but I was lucky enough to discover an average defying monster. This 1.6 gram nugget truly speaks to the fortified nature of G-Funk. This flower’s physical attributes lead me to believe this hybrid is about 70% in favor of Skunk versus the light playful Grapefruit. Still, the Grapefruit influence is apparent. Electric green sugar leaves rage across the jagged surface of this geode. Amidst the pockets of powerful leaves are the camouflaged nodes, only distinguished by a siphoned pear hue and a careful veil of hair. The hairs are thin and extremely short, I cannot discern whether this is a trait of the phenotype or the work of an automatic trimmer. I’m thinking the latter. The loss of the hair isn’t so tragic considering the mown clusters only encamp themselves on select ridges. The way that the foliage aggressively stacks into armor plates makes it difficult to appreciate the trichomes when not viewing the bud from the top or underside. If you glance at the undercarriage and even dare to remove the bottom buds, you will be met with by a glorious gallery. A few amber heads bob out from a sea of milky white as they harness all available light so that it may be consumed and reinvented in their resplendent glory.

Leaf to flame, I am greeted by a symphony of savory and syrupy forest. The first hit is reluctantly reminiscent of Fruit Loops, the cereal, especially the aftertaste. The grainy fibrous cereal note stands out in this production, this isn’t a flavor I am familiar with. There is a creaminess sewn into this rich spirit of grain. Consecutive bites into these sweetened oats lead you toward a new manifesting sweetness. A tender berry dart mounts itself on the back of the grainy gargantuan. The dart seems to swell until it launches into your face unleashing vile peppery floral notes. I relish the way the resonant flower expands upon the sweetened grainy surface. Every hit from start to finish is incredibly smooth, it feels as if you are just taking in ordinary air. The incredulous assertion of G-Funk allows you to vulnerably soak up all of the flavor without the risks of harshness or coughing. Even the charred remnants of the bowl burn without any complication or real derivation from the original flavor. Consistency seems to be the mantra of G-Funk. While the flavor doesn’t appear to be quite as complex as the aroma, it  dominates the directions it pursues.

While it seems that both the smell, phenotype, and taste favor the skunky side, the high is miraculously sativa inclined. An ethereal jacket of euphoria glitches on and off of my person as the bewildering pleasure of G-Funk takes hold. The first effect I noticed was a considerable rise in my spirit and comprehension. I feel awake and fit to challenge any mental gauntlet, however the pulsing euphoria swarming my body is disturbed to some degree by movement. If you sit still, you are rewarded by the massage of compounding euphoria and warmth that accompanies this body high. The physical benefits of G-Funk are a tangent off from the typical ‘body high.’ While I feel that there is a strong influence; it is productive, propelling my body forward to seize the day! Paired with the uplifting confidence that G-Funk instills in you, this guardian angel will carry you through your errands. As I revel in my newfound bliss, the palpable rise slowly teeters off. I am eventually marooned in the self gratifying morass. I implore you to figure out how you are going to utilize this high and act upon it before the delayed encumbrance sets in. This sensation can be encouraged into an uplifting high for hours, but that takes action. If you allow the uplifting sensation to die off, G-Funk will molt into a day of house cleaning and Netflix binging.

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Damn, Canna Where’d You Find This? I truly enjoyed this production of G-Funk, more than I expected. I know Gelato gets all of the press, but this might be one of the newer strains that deserves a share of the spotlight. An enchanting aroma, a feisty flavor, and a functional high is what you will find in the arms of G-Funk by Canna Organix. You can come grab an eighth of this goodness for $40.00 or $34.00 on Sundays at Pot Zone. Thanks for reading.

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