Lamb’s Bread by Golden Tree

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Lamb’s Bread by Golden Tree Productions

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Lamb’s Bread by Golden Tree Productions

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted for our seventy-fifth post! It seems like a strange number to document, but I just looked back and was amazed that I was able to force such consistency out of myself. Enough about me, more about Jamaica. Why Jamaica? Today’s strain is Lamb’s Bread which is the landrace native to the famous isle. I feel blessed as we will get to gather a glimpse into what it was like to truly smoke like Bob Marley, and given our modern techniques…probably a little better. Lamb’s Bread is an indiscriminate pure sativa that has a little mystery to it. Whether the name is Lamb’s Bread or Lamb’s Breath is left up to much debate. My theory is that in a Jamaican accent, both words sound eerily similar. Either way, the rumor has been diluted to the point that either are acceptable. This Lamb’s Bread is from Golden Tree Productions and will be their debut review on toasted n’ posted. I’m glad to report they hooked it up at 3.7grams for the eighth. This particular production boasts 24.87% total THC and 28.5% total cannabinoids. It’s time to figure out why ‘no woman no cry’, let’s blaze.

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I pop open the pouch to discover a pungent jungle. Hazed over the undergrowth is a sweet foresty mist. The feathered rain delivers me into supremely earthy arms. Unique to this definition of earthy, is how this representation emulates dry dirt. A caked mound of dry dirt tossed with volatile herb. The herbal notes touch heavily on the somber dank side of the spectrum. The scent speaks of hops, clove, and varied supplementary odors. Sugary dew hangs upon leaves hidden in the dust cloud. The sucrose isn’t definitively sugary or sweet, but in comparison to the extremely flat and grounded earthy notes, this quality really seems to stand out. Additionally, this note is cloaked in a light scent of souring wood. The aroma I would describe as the half-step right before something would molt into being ‘skunky.’ The herbal presences continues to expand in the direction of a flexible herbal buoyancy.

The ferocity of the initial earthen impression settles and Lamb’s Bread becomes a fresh of breath air. Every lusting plunge I take after the invigorating aroma is redeemed by a rich forest air. This woodland breath is refreshing, damp, and feels to be flooded with oxygen. I feel as if I can breath better in this atmosphere than in open air. In pursuit of a reaction, I snap a flower under my nostril. The aroma remains relatively benign, however, the sweetness seems to step forward. I am presented with a syrupy, earthy berry. The savory sweet curve is quite similar to Dutch Treat. The mellow candy erupts into a piney and gassy plume. I did not expect such a decadent and flowery tail to chase such a calm impression. The wake of the renewed sweetness is by far the most intense note of the bouquet.

If there was ever a 100% sativa phenotype, this is it. Lamb’s Bread is structured like a space station, small escape pods string along the scraggly stem. This is literally the thinnest stem I’ve seen in months. Considering the ratio of stem to bud, Lamb’s Bread is one of the best deals out there. It is quite impressive the volume of smokeable flower that is able to cling to such a minuscule stem. The small flowers that do manage to spawn upon this shallow branch are brilliant. A moderate density is carried through the actual flower despite the sprawling design. The cased foliage wears a seductive hue pulsing between lime and olive. Ultimately blending these two colors into obscurity is the obscene volume of trichomes blessing the surface of this flower. Can flowers have dandruff? Rich white heads flake constellations across the dispersed composition of Lamb’s Bread. Like comets streaking through a night sky, fiery orange bolts streak across the face of each bud. The lively tendrils embrace the sprawling initiative and reach out as far as possible from the flower, outstretching even some of the remaining sugar leaves. This landrace truly has an identity all its own.

Leaf to flame, a delicate breath traces my lips. Just as I prepare myself for an uplifting sweet kiss, I am drug down by a profound earthy puff. I plummeted into the dusty mound, varied herb streams out in every direction accented by a fiery and flowery uptick. The note fringes on peppery, but just as it arrives at the cusp the near invisible sweetness rises to the occasion to wrangle the ferocious flavor back in. Hit after hit, I am battered by an earthy fist, the flavor becomes mellowest as you take it in. You may even taste some of the subtle sweet silver lining to each breath before you are tossed again to a foresty finish. The sweetness falls into this mellow guardian as it attempts to do battle with the dusty deity. The result is bizarre. The exhale feels like it mimics a blend of Turkish tobacco. A supremely earthy flavor but with a whiskey-vanilla cream finish. For a sativa, this smoke carries an insane body. My most common issue with sativa strains is that the smoke doesn’t carry much weight or feel like anything. That is not the case with Lamb’s Bread, this smoke moves with a cumbersome presence.

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Lamb’s bread evokes its power instantly. I feel a rocketing rise of inspiration, simultaneously, a tight knot of ghostly pleasure centralizes in my skull below the bridge of my nose. The sensation is strangely intense, but not at all as off-putting as I am making it sound. Any hunger I carried in my belly is now gone. I feel completely fulfilled by the spirit of Lamb’s Bread, which is once again, more than I can say for most sativas. For once, I truly feel the classic sativa adjectives! I feel awake, creative, energized, and most importantly positive! Such a fiery inspiration must be met by some measure of a crash, but for now, I am only interested in praising the current wonder I am subjected to. My mind feels completely uninhibited and free from this afternoon’s looming headache. I can see why Bob Marley’s music was always so positive, it would be difficult to conjure up demons under the divine inspiration of Lamb’s Bread. I feel a warmth flood my chest, my respiration becomes relaxed and every breath becomes cool and soothing in response. I hate the beach personally, but this strain is compelling me to go find a sweet spot to lie down and catch a tan. While this strain is stimulating enough to help you do your taxes, there is a euphoria that seems to reign in one’s mind alone. This therapeutic parasite desires nothing more than for you to watch clouds pass over you while basking in the invigorating rays of the afternoon sun reflecting on better days.

Golden Tree Productions, I want to thank you for this potent opportunity to try Lamb’s Bread! I am super hesitant when reviewing landraces I haven’t yet tried, especially from a producer I haven’t tried either. You came through strong and I’m sure this gnarly Marley would do her homeland proud. I look forward to trying some of your more exotic strains in the future. My only criticism is the god damn bags. I spent 25 minutes looking through 25 bags to find the best nug. I shouldn’t have to spend another 10 minutes extracting it just so it doesn’t break. You grow your weed with care, package it with the same standard of excellence.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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