Pink Lemonade by Bubba

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Pink Lemonade by Bubba

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Pink Lemonade by Bubba

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! We venture off of the beaten path this weekend and visit our old friend Bubba. Bubba produces some amazing flower and has become a local legend. Today we have his rendition of Pink Lemonade, which I was fortunate enough to find in one glorious 3.55 gram bud. Pink Lemonade is the cross of Grapefruit and Huckleberry. I am somewhat unfamiliar with Huckleberry, but my familiarity with Grapefruit should help me deduce some sort of profile for it. Unfortunately, no lab data is available regarding this bud, but off of my personal expertise, I would reckon this strain would easily test for 24% or above.

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I engage the sugary behemoth to be consumed by a soupy tsunami. The texture of the storm was soft and delicate, but the flavor was serrated. Serrated in the sense that a curtain of sharp citrus lies dormant within the playful veil. Engaging zesty spikes rain down upon my pallet, no longer subdued by the ghostly grotto. A sour grass creeps around the rim of this fragrant bog to accentuate the initial tartness to a profound magnitude. This bud is intriguing because even in its most belligerent and pungent state, it is still chilling and subtle. The way that this strain’s identity expresses itself is only through terpene outlets that compare rather tamely to most others. However, these wet, sneaky, tart, citrus terpenes are some of my personal favorites. I feel that both Huckleberry and Grapefruit are very complimentary and supplemental strains to breed-in. It appears the two of them together generate an invisible biting wind. In layman’s terms, smells like right after you stir lemonade void of any sugar. The aroma of the citrusy pulp settling amongst the turbulent stirring waters is both delicate and domineering.

Betwixt the camouflaged complexities, a relaxed foresty sweetness similar to a Dutch Treat takes residence behind the tropical waterfall. This note comes forward as a bulldozer, emboldening and driving forward the feisty lemonade haze. Breaking down this monolithic structure may reveal more to this masterfully withholding strain. Surprisingly, this strain is stubbornly subtle. Not much changed aside from the sweet ‘treat’ flavor stepping forward to round out the grapefruit notes. Once you snap the bud under your nose, your nostrils will flood with pure aromatic grapefruit that attaches itself to your sensors. Long after I put the flower down, the grappling tart zest of grapefruit still coats my every breath.

Just as how the flavor was conveyed primarily through a misty composition, the trichomes appear to be applied the same way. A rich white snow decorates every nook and cranny of this dense behemoth’s surface. As I dare to sunder this glorious buds, even richer canyons of color and resin lie beneath the surface. Pink Lemonade’s exterior primarily boasts a fortified emerald color occasionally fringing on pear. Woven throughout the verdant mask are rich wells of pink-violet color. The electric shade of purple you witness and are just like “Dayum!” I am happy to report that you may chase this rich disturbance deep into the core of these flowers. As I peel back the heavy armor layers, the hidden treasure is revealed to me. Resplendent valleys of striking mauve cast a sunset across a sea of trichomes. The foliage actually appears fuzzy or distorted due to the sheer volume of trichomes that sift across the unsettled surface.

The bud structure screams indica dominance, however, Passion Fruit was structured quite similarly and was regarded as a sativa by practically everyone but myself. No individual buds or sugar leaves dare to break the uniformity of this cola. It seems that all of the varying textures have been polished down into one brilliant marbled surface. During this close inspection was the only time it occurred to me that this bud has hairs! Incredibly somber bronze hairs keel over the rocky surface. There are quite a number of these rich defeated hairs, but they blend seamlessly into the consuming green hues. Only when you start to tear apart the bud can you discover the natural fault lines. Even the stem has a glistening stream of trichomes trickling down it. One firm squeeze would assert the suspicion that this breed would be somewhere between 70-85% indica.

Leaf to flame, a savory breath of sweet hash enchanted with a benign tartness grazes past my lips. Once inside, the cloud expands on some of the heavier kushier earth notes, as well some of the heavier aspects of the fruity identity. The hulking forested citrus hemorrhages forth additional bursts of enticing zest. The feathery composition of each cloud delivers these traditionally weighty terpenes in kind conveyance. These kush characteristics usually land like hammers, this one is like a gentle carpet that sweeps you off of your feet. There is the classic weight and harshness to the flavor, but it peacefully dwells in my lungs until I release it. A rocket of tarnished grapefruit manages to break the surface of the masking candied hash. This exotic spike twists the spine of the foresty quality in order to kick off distinct lances of pine and a flowery herbal resonance. A gasp of flowery citrus chases every breath until the bitter end. The woodland resurgence eventually settles and leaves semi-skunky remains. The smoldering ashes mix with what remains of the hash-driven fruity concoction to deliver powerful hits. Somehow, when the forest burns and converts to skunk, that is when this strain really starts to taste like pink lemonade. A restrained but rewarding sweetness behind shifting citrus spikes. Pink Lemonade’s flavor truly evolves as you continue to smoke it.

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I’m Tom Hanks, I’ve just lost Wilson, and I’m getting thrashed about a sea of euphoria. Without delay the hammering pleasure of Pink Lemonade beats down upon you. The high is quite assertive, but still calm and balanced in its ultimate delivery. The sensation comes upon me with such haste that I feel a giddiness come on. As if I am lingering under a bucket of tilting ice water in pursuit of Youtube fame. My legs shake with exaggerated anticipation as I eagerly wait to see what stands in the wake of these massive waves of euphoria. Most of the sedating comfort will reside in your head, right about where your third eye would be. I feel creative and awake, however, I still feel to be physically bobbing up and down. While you could write some of the most inspired works of your life under the influence of Pink Lemonade, if someone was watching…they would probably judge your disposition. I’m leaning to the side, but the words are flowing freely.  The initial tingle travels into my knuckles provide immense relief and joint pain as I muse under the brilliant influence of Pink Lemonade. I haven’t eaten all day and I feel that this strain effectively quelled my appetite. This high isn’t exactly one for motivation or movement, but it is very fulfilling. Fulfilling in the sense that it seems to fill all of your immediate sensory needs in a subtle and compassionate fashion. I feel to be wrapped in a jacket of physical, emotional, and mental ease under the protection of Pink Lemonade.

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Gosh dang Bubba, well done again! I knew you wouldn’t let me down! I hope this review somehow makes it to your door, I would hope a cannasseur such as yourself would appreciate it! As always, thank y’all for tuning into toasted n’ posted! We got Lamb’s Bread coming up in a couple days, so don’t go anywhere.

Stay high and stay blessed,

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