Chocolate Mousse by H.O.C.

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Chocolate Mousse by House of Cultivar

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Chocolate Mousse by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! Thank you for joining me again on my terp-fueled travels. Today we have an exceptionally decadent goodie, Chocolate Mousse, forged from the fire at House of Cultivar. Everything they produce seems to be consecrated by Midas’ golden touch. Every one of their seemingly countless strains manages to maintain its own unique structure, vibrant coloration, and terpene profile! The only thing I’ve found in common among all of their strains, is that they’re absolutely on fire. A little more about the strain today, Chocolate Mousse is a cross of Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream. It is hard to imagine how skunky lemon mixed with cookies will emulate chocolate mousse, but boy, am I excited to find out.

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I relive the excitement of ripping a tin foil lid off of a pudding cup as I unscrew this slightly more complex one. Jiggling out of the mess of trichomes and hair is a soft and sweet spear. I know a ‘spear’ doesn’t sound particularly benign, but it speaks to how this note juts out proudly as this strain’s first impression. While the instrument proves to be kind and savory, the shaft below the candied tip is extremely hardy and drips with layers of earthy prowess. Gushing from the fresh wound is an unstoppable barrage of woodland ferocity. Chocolate Mousse screams of candied canopy and lively raw herb. This song shortly dies into a nest of profoundly kushy qualities. The strain seems to pump most of its power into this particular foresty farce.


The sheer pungency of the raw woodland tears into my nostrils. In search of more complexity I grit my teeth and bare it.  Just when I thought I couldn’t dive any deeper…it relents. A very bizarre herbal influence trickles in on the back of a somewhat skunky grassy note. This stirs with the indomitable jungle to release a rich, syrupy and flowery quality. These traits are not distinguishably separate from one another, this is just one scent that I cannot describe effectively in a single word adjective. The nuances of the infused semi-skunky gas pollute the traditionally delicate quality associated with a flowery echo until it becomes sour and rich with earthen weight.

Trying to detect the ‘chocolate’ presence, is actually quite tricky. At a distance, it is clear, a fragile kiss hanging on the cusp of this beast’s lips. But like an angler fish, it lures you in with this alluring quality just to smack you with its true power. Whatever chocolatey impression I encountered initially, becomes quickly buried within the sour foresty dominance. I find the ambiguous influence to pair more closely with a relaxed nuttiness rather than bold cocoa or manufactured candy. Right where chocolate would’ve exaggerated into a vile sweetness or a raw powdery cocoa resonance, it plateaus into a leveling mixed woody bite. At one last Hail Mary attempt to crack this cocoa cocoon, I snap the kief coated crystal under my nostril. A revived Chocolate Mousse rages forth upheaving a gassy skunk. The gassy quality mixes with the preexisting sweetness to conjure a boggy cream. The subtle cream introduces only a little personality, but provides the aroma with a dramatic texture and weight. The momentary spike in personality quickly shuffles back into formation with the rest of the initial profile.

The physical traits of Chocolate Mousse are about as complex as the slew of aromas it presents. The first thing I am drawn to are the raging crimson hairs that scale the face of these flowers in great abundance. Certain buds actively imitate the Human Torch as the coarse tendrils shoot straight upward spinning a suit of flame. As impressive as the roaring color found in the hairs, an electric shamrock hue masks most of the bud. The throbbing hue occasionally pulses into pools of sapped emerald and parakeet. Any coloration that dawns on Chocolate Mousse writhes with livelihood. A golden highlight traces every available border. Immaculate trichomes shimmer with purity emanating a golden glow further embellishing the rich color already present. The buds are extremely hairy and sprawling in their reach. However, there is a notable density to the flower. While the competition between the indica and sativa characteristics is close; I would say that this phenotype leans incrementally towards indica, despite all of its rampant qualities.

Leaf to flame, a tossing soured sweetness gusts through my lips. Once inside, the tailored tailwinds combine to release a pungent foresty gas. The aromatic gas quickly dissipates leaving a delectable pool of woodland syrup on my tongue. Another hit reinvites the reviving sweet wind into my lungs. However, this smoke seems to double down on the grounding kushy aftermath. The collected pool has been exaggerated to a crushing wave within a matter of seconds. Wave after wave, I am toppled over by this rampaging foresty and herbal tide. Defiantly, I rise out of the receding soup. As I feel the remaining drops of flavor run out from my tongue, a subtle complexity is revealed. Once your pallet has been conditioned to accept the reinforced kushy breath, you are rewarded with a resonating nutty finish. You can effectively smack your tongue up against the roof of your mouth to renew your taste buds bath in this fleeting flavor. The nuttiness additionally introduces a jagged density to each cloud. As the bowl smolders, the kushy qualities continue to embolden themselves as the more delicate terpenes are burnt off, but so does the nutty quality. The buoyant, dry, flat, and woody snap does well to suspend the advance of the sedating syrupy kush. These two tectonic titans collide to create a range of brilliant flavor, though it seems before bowl’s end the kushy quality is destined to overtake the nutty finish.

Achi-Wa-Wa! This strain wastes no time, the embrace of Chocolate Mousse asserts itself quickly. There is a certain ‘classic’ quality to this high, it is very simple, but disciplined and strong. I find many strains these days attempt to accomplish too much and in pursuit of too many fruits they come home with none. This is surely not the case with Chocolate Mousse, about halfway through the first bowl this strain hammers a surrendering euphoria through your body. You may quake with the pleasurable turbulence you experience during the formidable come up. While this is a fairly strong and quick rise, I still would not wager that it would risk anxiety or over-stimulation. The high is delivered in an extremely organized fashion, it stacks perfectly like Lego bricks. A word that comes to mind “Wavey.” While you aren’t necessarily slowed down or being lulled to sleep, you fall prisoner to a bizarre, possibly intimidating texture added to your surrounding world. A charming distorted quality is added to my perception as the only alluring objects became a gallon of soda and any snack I could fit into my mouth whole. Though if you resist your urge to become a vortex of endless consumption and dive deeper into Chocolate Mousse you will find divine delights and kushy oblivion.

I stopped trying to analyze how high I was and that’s when Chocolate Mousse truly took hold. Another level was added to my conscious. It is almost as if the depth of my thought is a barbell and 90 pounds was just added. Additionally, I feel a physical tension creeping around my head, originating in the pattern of a familiar headband. This playful wrap then reaches up to effectively crown my skull. As this exoskeleton progresses down my back, it works in a soothing ferocity. An aggressive internal massage renders my knotted lower back into a state of relaxation. I feel that proper doses of this strain could provide immense benefits as far as inflammation, migraines, aches, etc. It is almost as if I am the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz, and every bowl is another few drops of oil to my joints. I’m clearly as high as a giraffe’s nuts. If you can manage to navigate the storm of stoney tangents cast upon your mind, you can go about and have a fun easy-breezy day. This strain makes you feel great and that confidence pours out onto your surroundings rendering every task more entertaining. My entire body sighs in relief as I relinquish control to the will of the Chocolate Mousse.

I was expecting the Lemon Skunk to give the Cookies and Cream parent a run for its money as far as raising this child. Cookies seemed to end up controlling about 70% of the high and the flavor in my opinion. The lemon component was almost completely drowned out by its competitive neighborhood of fragrances in this production. The skunk origin was modestly present to augment and enhance the magnificent potency of the kushy qualities within Cookies and Cream to unspeakable levels. Seek this flower if you want a refreshing flavor profile coupled with a formidable high that will surely encourage you to “Take 5.”

Stay high and stay blessed,

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