Honey Bananas by H.O.C.

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Honey Bananas by House of Cultivar

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Honey Bananas by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted for another incendiary incense! Today we have a strain that has my exotic senses tingling! Honey Bananas from House of Cultivar is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The heritage of this surefire strain is that of Honey Boo and Strawberry Banana, which we have reviewed once before. Honey Boo is a cross of Bubba Kush, which we know, and Captain Krypt OG which sounds absurd. Strawberry Banana on the other hand, is a cross of Banana Kush and the strawberry phenotype of Bubblegum. House of Cultivar pushes the boundaries of modern genetics and consistently produces stable high octane flower. Hard work really does pay off and I can’t wait to taste their blood, sweat, and tears within this production. I have been terp chasing a quality banana for some time now and I am fairly confident that this strain will scratch that itch.

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Without a thought, I rip open the ornate jar to find what treasure it contains. A song of stinging sweetness rung out to the tune of fresh citrus. Some of the novelty filters off dying into a bold banana arm. The reinforcement of the banana note is substantial nearly mimicking a foresty brand of skunk at times. The introduction of the benign curvature of banana mitigates the initial sugary stabbing.


I love how banana terpenes come through in cannabis flower, such a natural sweetness that fringes on a vanilla or creamy accent. I find the body of the banana aroma is extremely flexible and bends well to compliment any potential partner. But this amending  nature also can make it hard to isolate in many hybrids today. Honey Bananas does not carry this drawback. The banana terpenes stand strong and maintains its identity among the other competing components. A sharp sour zest sprays in the wake of the clashing fragrances. A rushed inhalation has actually exhilarated my heart a little. A subtle adrenaline echoes through my veins in lust of this pristine flower.

A soft dewey grassy note lies under the crass classes. A mixture of a moist meadow, a little pine, and an obscure brand of lemongrass, the list of complexities within Honey Bananas never ends. There is a mysterious fruity agent that runs parallel to the banana, but constantly shifts shape. Sometimes this shadow speaks of lemon, other times pineapple, occasionally the soft relenting breath emulates strawberry. Despite the countless complexities competing for dominance within Honey Bananas, every sniff is gentle and charms me to no end. I am effectively prisoner to the will of Honey Bananas, as if it had any other than to get me baked.

To get a little more…intimate. I break a couple buds under my nose. With a shake and a snap, a sweet nectar trickles forth. All of the aforementioned fragrances were exaggerated in a rather uniform fashion, however, a certain mask was added to this brew. A thick stream of funky fresh skunk seems to trail the tail of this flavorful flower. This note is by far the most pungent of the bouquet, as it still clings to my nostrils long after I had put the bud down on the table. This note is the foul warrior that lie dormant within the tantalizing Trojan Horse. Well played Honey Bananas, though trial by fire is still your fate!

Just like the Strawberry Banana from the past, this strain is one Hairy Gary. A trellis of snakelike tangerine hairs creep across every face of Honey Bananas. The delicate blanket of woven orange tendrils pale at certain bridges to match the haunting glow of the nearest trichomes. Tall thin trichomes with globulous milky heads peak out observantly from the foliage. A sweet syrupy resin grounds these tall psychoactive watch towers and seeps into the verdant flesh. It is truly hard to distinguish the thorough armor of resin from the actual color of the bud. Illuminated by the trichomes ghastly aura, Honey Bananas is a sexy dehydrated pear hue. Many flowers seem to carry a range of colors, but to my appraisal I would argue that these buds are largely defined by the enticing drained green hue. I love how the color blends with the trichomes to really make the colorful canopy of hairs pop against the pale planet. Some areas appear uninhabitable as some leaves bare no green at all, completely surrendered to the massive mobs of amber-bone trichomes. While these buds blow out to be rather tall, they still predominately mimic a hardy indica bud structure. The foliage clusters tightly balling into a squishy, but formidable flower. The buds grind up big, a shower of shimmering kief pours from my chrome dish.

Leaf to flame, I am blasted by an extremely kushy emphasis. In the aftermath of the bulldozing indica impression, up rises the subtle rebounding sweetness we encountered in the aroma. A resilient but benign banana quality rises with the support of the shape shifting fruity note. However the mysterious partner sustained some damage and is now tainted by a semi-spicy hashy quality. The proud banana progressively ushers in a subtle creaminess that absorbs most of the scarring hashy notes within the breath. The augmented clouds stir about in a creamy syrupy haze. If I had to summarize the smoke in one word it would be: savory. The rewarding sweetness continues to conquer and muster its musk. This flavor eventually leans towards a delayed skunky wind that encapsulates the marauding fruit. The banana terpenes stewing with the roasted forest skunk take my taste buds to new heights, though the show is slowly being stolen by the skunky qualities as the bowl smolders. The maturing musk becomes peppery and dank in its skunky phase. The sweet qualities take a distant back seat mimicking something closer to grapefruit more than banana or berry. No matter how distant the fruity impression becomes, a swift tart kiss is always the last thing I experience on the exhale.

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The high demonstrated by Honey Bananas is assertive and wastes no time in assaulting your senses. I feel that while this bud has a rich heritage of hybridization the recent Kush introductions domineer over this high. A wave of sedative euphoria rampages through my skull, knocking me down powerless to the rushing advance of Honey Banana. I am physically hindered within this moment, but the storm of pleasure causes my mind to race comfortably. I contemplate my immediate future as I evolve to match the standards set forth by this flavorful flower. I adjust to the temperature of the body high and find mobility no longer a chore. In addition, I find a pleasure takes root in my usually achey joints, providing immense physical relief and personal glee. As I adjust to my renewed self, I feel so relaxed, beyond words. I could couch potato on a bed of spikes to watch a Netflix show I didn’t even like. Honey Bananas demonstrates enough entertainment within the profound sensation it provides that you truly do not need other sources of stimulation. Your body becomes a self contained playground on which your mind can run rampant. My soul teeter totters on the fringes of great philosophies as I lay back into my chair so far that my fingertips can barely reach my keyboard. There aren’t too many strains that soothe me to a point that I could actually fall asleep, but my bed is quickly becoming more appealing than finishing this article.

Good Lord, I know I am always safe within your house…of cultivar. Good gracious this loud is audacious! I feel truly blessed to stumble upon a banana strain truly worth my time. I think many producers claiming Banana Kush or other offshoots should take good note from y’all. I am truly impressed with this strain’s flavor and the magnitude of the high that it produces. I highly recommend that you seek out some of this tropical treasure out for your own enjoyment! I can’t wait to delve into the darker side of the spectrum later this week with their production of Chocolate Mousse.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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