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501st OG by Lifted Cannabis Co.

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501st OG by Lifted Cannabis Co.

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted for another in depth strain experience! Today we have 501st OG by Lifted Cannabis. Practically anything released by Lifted is guaranteed to be scorching hot and of the highest quality. That notion coupled with the fact that this strain in particular has been recommended to me by handfuls of people leads us here today. I cannot offer any insight into the lineage of 501st OG, but judging from the name, this production will leave an impression that stands alone. Teetering towards the higher end of the spectrum, 501st OG bares 26.20% THCA and just the lightest touch of .17% CBD. Let’s make it happen, cappin’!

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Time to reveal the magic behind this famous act! As I whisk away the last curtain, I am consumed by a thick zesty musk. The warm lingering air is laced with a benign sweetness fringing upon citrus. The semi-citrus impression guides me down a path towards a sour barricade concealed within the depths of this profile. Irradiating from the funky fortress is a breath of hot mist. The scented steam is refreshing and soothing. I drift away from the feisty core to dance with the soft dewey resonance that seems to seep from the domineering tartness. The identity of this flowery fragrant nuance and all expenditures of 501st OG, are rooted in a ferociously fresh quality. It is as if the flower captures the essence of brisk woodland air bombing over a rushing stream. The stewing stormy cold strewn against the warm citrus wind results in a note that is both shocking and enticing. The competing climates emanate a collaboration of citrus perverted by the herbal belligerence of a note nearing ‘chem.’


I’m not satisfied with this introduction, I know 501st is holding back. I have to crack some buds in order to force forth its fragrant secrets. A candied tropical wind against a cold foresty front results in a rich raw air muddled with spice and pine. The conflicted currents ultimately conjure a hurricane that resembles bud that someone stashed by means of dryer sheets. Now, this implication of that after-bite is positive, this dryer sheet or ‘windex’ quality is free of all of the nauseating toxicities that are often associated with prolonged  exposure to said products and their odors. What is left is a bizarrely satisfying and provocative aroma that clings to your pallet long after each sniff.

501st OG is probably the densest bud I’ve encountered in weeks, perhaps months. Bud structure like this is so fascinating! It makes me wonder what an average plant like this could possibly yield! The first thing that comes to mind when I gaze upon this alien architecture is ‘naked moon rocks.’ A black hole may sit at the center of each nugget ruthlessly bending and warping every fiber of the flower inward to further reinforce its boundless density. The individual buds resemble stones or geodes rather than flowers. The effect that this universal density has on the trichomes seems to force an eerie monochromatic quality to the flower. The trichomes that don’t seem fused to the surface of the verdant flesh are profoundly stout and seem to struggle greatly with every bit they distance they achieve away from the armoring initiative. It actually made this bud very hard to photograph effectively. There is near nothing to focus on, everything is fused seamlessly into one dank skin. 501st OG predominately ranges between a mossy color and a subdued shamrock. These two related colors appear fused at a distance, under the kaleidoscopic aura of resin that stirs upon the face of 501st OG. An up-skirt view of the bud, will reveal tender sour lime and pear hues that tend to lie at the core of these meteors. Frail bronzed hairs struggle to pierce the crystal consecrated surface of the foliage. This results in only a small collection of suffocated orange arms camped about random ridges of the flowers. I am prisoner to the haunting glory that cloaks the juggernaut known as 501st OG.

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Leaf to flame, an inviting wind sneaks into my lungs. I expected such a unique blend to summon an exotic harshness, but the inhalation is surprisingly smooth. The real treasure lies at the exhale of the breath. A citrine sweetness trickles across my tongue decorated in an airy flowery resonance. The tender petals are extremely pungent managing to touch on a gassy quality at times. The flexibility of the flowery quality pales in comparison to the citrus notes that exponentially fortify their position at the center of the tastebuds. What was initially a passing kiss of a lemon wind, becomes a troll entrenched under the bridge my tongue. This note sharpens itself to a divine foulness that echoes across my breath. I embrace another sinisterly smooth cloud. Once again, the sugary deity stirs a delayed citrusy spike on the tip of my tongue. Warm flowery qualities massage the concoction mercilessly into my tastebuds. The flavor evolves as you continue to analyze it. With time I am able to decipher some supporting flavors that were initially lost in the grand entrance of the aromatic citrus. I get an underlying kick of rich peppery wood, almost as if it has been touched by charcoal. Not charcoal specifically, but it mimics the bizarre grounding flatness of it. A dampening woody sprite works with the enticing citrus qualities to drown out all competing notes. I am left completely vulnerable to the resonant zesty lance that pierces my pallet time and time again, offering relief with a soothing floral release. However, as the bowl chars, some of the distinctive citrus influence boils off leaving a remarkable hashy herbal and chemmy breath. The back half of the bowl tends to embrace the fresh foresty qualities locked away within the foliage.

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501st OG leads with a gentle euphoria washing over my shoulders and flowing downward leaving only my head free of its subduing current. As I feel the stream of physical relief coursing through my veins, I feel a parallel rush of emotional ease. The anxiety-quelling tide washes over me and pours a basin in my chest. This existential surrender comes off as an icy cool in my heart. Every breath feels more open and purposeful. It seems that my entire body has committed to this slowed symbiosis. The washing wave of calm rebounds from my frame up into my vacant mind in a powerful blast. I felt my ‘sober’ line of thought gradually become tainted with tangents and rebellious creativity. 501st OG takes your mind away from you, no matter you how badly you want to think about work or the chores you have to do, 501st keeps it a distant fantasy. This high wants you to do nothing more than just relax and enjoy the immediate entertainment around you and in your thoughts. This would be a strain ideal for a long anticipated Netflix series, personal artistic endeavors, or any occasion that you do not want to feel rushed. Take on the world at your own pace while wrapped in a cloak of esteem and quiet exhilaration. I feel a sincere warmth seeping into my shoulders and back unique to the initial assertion of energizing pleasure. This second assault is more akin to numbness than a traditional body high. 501st provides a classic and powerful stone in such a clean and malleable fashion that you could confidently bend it to suit any task. For how relaxed and sedated that I feel, I would expect a far grander hindrance. The high is surprisingly functional and clear-headed, feel free to snap to attention at any moment!

The compounding complexities within 501st OG are sure to satisfy any connoisseur! A resonant floral breath rooted in a succulent citrus rise, what more could you ask for? Lifted Cannabis Co. has never once let me down with one of their strains and I do not expect that they ever will. If you still haven’t tried some of their Wedding Cake, Gorilla Glue #4, Passion Fruit, Lemon Meringue, 501st OG, or any of their other high octane strains you are really missing out. I’m happy to report that Lifted is also packing their jars fat as my eighth weighed out to 3.77 grams. Honestly, I’d second guess any number that appeared on the scale when I plop one of these freaking asteroids down. You need to get some of this fire just so you can witness the insane density.

Stay high and stay blessed,

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