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Jack Herer by Cedar Creek Cannabis

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Jack Herer by Cedar Creek Cannabis

Welcome back to another high octane entry from toasted n’ posted! Once again, we join hands with our friends at Cedar Creek Cannabis as we take a look at another one of their surefire productions. There is actually a bit of history associated with today’s strain, Jack Herer. Jack Herer, informally known as the “Emperor of Hemp”, had this strain named after him to concrete his legacy. Jack was a renowned cannabis activist as well as the author of the wildly popular book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” While the actual ‘Jack Herer’ strain has become hard to locate for many, Cedar Creek had the great fortune of securing the seeds from Jack’s own son! I find much solace in knowing that this is a definitive production of Jack Herer. Cedar Creek does every strain justice, but they blew the roof off this crop testing in excess of 28% THC! Jack Herer is bred from three legendary strains; Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and an offshoot of the Haze variety. That roughly adds up to two indica influences and one sativa, which is peculiar since Jack Herer is regarded widely as an energetic an uplifting experience. Only one way to know for sure, let’s burn it down.

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I pop the lock and drop it, leaving me face to face with voraciousness and Jack Herer. I plunge willingly into the odor, leaving myself vulnerable to all aromas and impressions. I was surprised to be met with a scent I would regard as rich, raw, and brittle. These three traits are rooted in a careful sour basket. There is a hanging fragility to this particular jet of fragrance. As I dwell in the profound musk of the suspended woodland, a sour and syrupy agent reveals himself. Through this assassin’s knife, a stabbing raw skunky quality  quakes forth a formidable scent.


Just before I fall victim to the domineering sour haze, its grasp is broken by an inviting sweet eruption. This controlled explosion originates from softer qualities within the woodiness, the collaboration expands into an invigorating wet and citrine breath. The proud knight that rescued me, continues to ride until nearly every trace of the demonic first impression has been eradicated. Now, all that I can smell from the fertile corpse is a benevolent sweetness carried on the back of a tantalizing citrus wind. Though, you can still tell that scattered shards of sour skunk linger on the border, eagerly awaiting the moment that they can take back their musky throne. Moments after the purge, I can already feel the sour influence entwining with the citrus and mustering its strength for another assault.

In order to get closer to what deity truly possesses this beast, I must crack some buds. The citrus notes receive reinforcements, but not in the number or potency that I had anticipated. The severed wound wheels out a rather benign invention of citrus and sweet wood. Commonly, when you snap a bud you receive a wrathful enhanced version of its former self, but Jack seems to remain calm and offer nothing but compassion. While the pungency of the aroma wasn’t necessarily amplified, it was a little more isolated toward its zesty woody compatriots. The skunky and sour notes seem to burrow into this identity and give up on their independent campaigns, at least momentarily, to feed into the candied crusade.

Jack doesn’t seem to sprout enormous buds as I chose from about 20 eighths and this was the largest. While size isn’t everything, it is cause to wonder how large Jack Herer buds can actually grow. Pardoning the popcorn identity, these are some beautiful buds. I’d say the only thing remotely ‘indica’ about this bud structure is the relative density. Aside from that Jack Herer screams of balling scraggly buds with gracious leafy arms. As sprawling or loose as this production may look, a quick squeeze will confirm the aforementioned. Jack is not intent on budging, unlike many sativas that choose to mimic this formation. Weirdly enough, as I peel back the layers of this crystalline banana, I find the stem matches the color of the trichomes. I may just be high, but if you draw yourself back from a topped nug, shed of its bottom, the stem seems to flow seamlessly into the rows of trichomes that arc across the face of Jack Herer. Underneath the brilliant star-studded network, is a sea of lively green. Electrified fern conducted through playful tangerine wires and occasionally grounded into contrasting olive hues. This flower is anything but boring to look at, the foliage is quite bright, lingering somewhere between fern and chartreuse, the trichomes still manage to steal the show. Willful stalks lead into thick globulous heads, absorbing and reinventing the flower’s coat of color, into a lime aura. Few things sparkle like the heads of the trichomes that Cedar Creek Cannabis produces, rarely do I have my buds sparkle with the resplendent authenticity that their buds have. As I shift the bud about my fingertips, a minuscule light-show takes place before my eyes.

Leaf to flame, a sweet and uplifting citrus kiss leads to an extremely raw and skunky finish. There is a supreme charred woodiness that hangs on the lips of every exhale. An impression of sodden decaying timber rolled in an earth soiled syrup dominates my pallet. There is a light presence of piney musk that is accentuated after every breath. I rock my tongue in the master crafted aftermath to find a very mild gassiness to the trail that this smoke leaves behind. So tame I can barely rightfully identify it as gassy, but I cannot describe the sensation as anything else. This satisfying spiky tail is truly unique to its brand. Successive clouds become exponentially harsher and more resonant with these qualities. With time, the skunky characteristic seems to outgrow and overshadow the other palatable flavors. Within this takeover, the skunky ambassador seems to evolve to entertain a flowery and herbal influence within it. Every hit now results in me being clubbed overhead with the raw earthen weight this Jack Herer has brewed. While I highlight the ferocity of this flower, there are still sheltered complimentary characteristics that hide behind the belligerent front. A field of wet clover or field grass offers a degree of protection against the fiery breath of this bud. On occasion, I was able to lean into the soothing terrain to refrain from choking up or coughing. The relief momentously peaks out to hijack the occasionally cloud and smooth the breath out with an herbal alleviation.

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You may not even make it through your first bowl. Not because you will be knocked out, quite the opposite in fact. I got up to grind up some more flower for another half-gram bowl, but somehow within that time I got very motivated to do household chores. I got up and started doing laundry and cleaning up around the kitchen. It’s not that those things are a bizarrely unusual practices around here, but that I completely abandoned my entry without even realizing it. Jack Herer is eerily uplifting and motivational. The sensation takes hold quickly and fills my body with a lively euphoria, especially in my extremities. The high emphasized activity, my hands wanted to move and pick things up and my feet wanted to run. All the time, I am cocooned in a cabin of dreamlike comfort. Simply a passenger to this surprisingly active journey. I am engaged in a sort of ‘active autopilot.’ I feel to be guided along a trail with ease without being completely absent. However, I am absent of any fear in the arms of Jack Herer. I feel as though nothing could derail my endeavors or ruin my day. Enjoy becoming emotionally bulletproof as a bobbing orb of pleasure seeks refuge in your skull. This pulsing core of euphoria effectively numbs my face. Such quaking euphoria driven by an insanely uplifting and active engine is something to be treasured. Simply coast through your day enshrouded in the isolating jacket of pleasure that Jack Herer provides. Wear this compassionate face without fear of appearing sluggish or inept. This sensation is extremely medicinal and far from debilitating. I could see it suiting a suite of needs.

Dang Cedar Creek, you dun did it again. While this production was clearly phenomenal, I am also proud to report that Cedar Creek’s eighth was right on point weighing in at 3.55 grams. Experience why this strain was worthy of its name for yourself! Cedar Creek Cannabis is available at any retailer worth your while, namely The Pot Zone! Cedar Creek, I’ve formally reviewed at least half of your product line and quality spills from every pore of your products. I can’t wait to try some of your new strains in the works, when they are ready of course!

Stay high and stay blessed,

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