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Super Glue by House of Cultivar

Super Glue by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! We are lucky enough to bring you another top shelf production from House of Cultivar. Chime in DJ Khaled “Another One.” Nonsense aside, this strain is some serious business. We will be diving into Super Glue, which I am stoked to report is a cross of the famed Gorilla Glue and the ever-so popular Gelato. I can only expect that this strain will engage my taste buds on many levels and leave a distinguished high. I haven’t been this excited to try a strain in a while! Super Glue clocks in at 27% THCA and 24.24% total cannabinoids. This particularly eighth weighs in at 3.55 grams, which is good enough for me! I’ve witnessed first hand the time and care that House of Cultivar puts into manicuring their genetics and I feel like this…is some next level bud. Only Willy Wonka could dream up a candied combination such as Gelato and Gorilla Glue. Let’s burn it down!

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I shudder with anticipation as I make way to greet this fascinating fusion. Within an instant, a thick glaze coats my nostrils. The candied syrup speaks of gas and airy cake icing. Icing if it was made of a glacier. I know that sounds ridiculous, but there is a profound cool associated with the heavier sugary notes marauding behind the wild gassy outburst. A mature mossy wetness hangs behind as the lesser of the three brothers. Typically a hybrid of two strains with willful phenotypes result in either a conceded hybrid of the two or one subjugating the other. In this production of Super Glue, however, it seems that the Gorilla Glue and Gelato influences are equally present. I’m tempted to say that the Glue influence trumps the Gelato, but I chalk that up to the more assertive practices of the gassy glue.

The Gorilla Glue component stands pungent, proud, gassy, and screams of sour herb. The Gelato heritage, proves to act as a smooth boundary containing the volatile and unchecked notes of the Glue. It is as if the Glue lashes out seeking to wound your senses, but the Gelato is close behind with its hulking sweet and savory embrace. Any overwhelming pungency produced by the gassy notes is soon after quelled by the immovable sugary bulk of Gelato. While these two parties are notably independent in this equation, I do notice that the syrupy air of Gelato manages to stew and steer the pungent gas into a candied curvature. Super Glue appears to be an inspired Gorilla Glue drowned in savory syrup.

I desire to provoke more of these exotic flavors, I tear a bud under my nose. Ohhmehgerdd my face was nearly taken off. Sundering the sticky flesh of Super Glue causes the restrained gassy nature to break free of its chains. My nose was torn into by a wildly expanding gas that was rich with stabbing herbal qualities. Upon further pursuit of this quality, I identify it as sour, sweet, and skunky with a chemmy release. This new sensation riding on the back of an enraged gorilla is truly something to behold. The buds lay upon my desk, but I still feel as if they are right up against my nostrils hemorrhaging its palpable flavor.

The motif of Super Glue is illuminating. The buds seem to glow with an eerie light magnifying the delicate ghostly flesh that lies below it. The foliage is a sapped pear that occasionally conjures some more virile mossy hues. Super Glue isn’t particularly hairy, but small bands of rich bronze hairs camp along certain trichome encrusted ridges. The trichomes on this flower are truly the show stealers. Every stalk stands tall with a milky white head encouraging a vigorous shine! You could present these flowers as fine jewelry if you so chose, the chain reaction among the hordes of shimmering resin is magnificent. While the odor didn’t particularly lean one way, the phenotype is a little more one sided. Super Glue very closely follows the structure of its Gorilla Glue parent, creating sprawling leafy buds that often clump into little balls. That isn’t exactly the case with this production though, once again, the reliable Gelato retainer steps in and seems to harness these rampant growth into something resembling a coherent cola. I am truly impressed by the size of these flowers considering how dense and popcorny and Gelato can be itself, but when fused with the ferocious growth of Gorilla Glue amazing things can happen. The buds are extremely sticky and fresh, well deserving of its glue moniker. With a forceful squeeze you can confirm the modest density of these crystal dusted nugs.

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Leaf to flame, I am blasted with a subdued vapor. It appears that the lumbering Gelato influence domineers over the thrashing gas. The tangy and sour impression of Gorilla Glue is still quite detectable and palatable under this sugary regime. Suppressing the stampeding flavor, is the rich and flavorful body of Gelato. This oppressor is refined in the image of a grassy and herbal pastry. Field grass and chem worked into the body of a savory cake. Out of the body of the satisfying dessert springs a semi flowery release occasionally touching upon the dormant gassy nature. The protective veil of Gelato becomes thin as the bowl chars. Vengeful characteristics start to bleed through the candy coated wall. The clouds become exponentially herbal and peppery mimicking some more belligerent chem qualities. Any of the signature ‘Gorilla Glue’ influences have dissipated into the hashy and peppery release of Super Glue. The rapid devolution of flavor refines into an extremely kushy and indica inspired reduction. A trickle of sweetness still lines each cloud, but for the most part the roasted fibers produce a harsh hashy release.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 1.09.41 AM

Super Glue is not one for foreplay, it immediately kicks down your door and storms the castle that is your mind with the first breath. However, there is a delayed effect of a 1-2 punch that this war party stores within your heart. The thriving euphoria races through your body until every ounce of your being is shrouded in its tantalizing embrace. I feel a muse of adventure rest upon my shoulder and I am driven to explore, create, and converse with friends. While my body is still surging with a debilitating body high it is outweighed by my unrelenting desire to go out and show the world who I am. This high is confident, rewarding, inspiring, and provocative. You will never be short on ideas or good times while under the influence of Super Glue. Long after smoking, you can reminisce on the strains glory as a murky bog of the conceived flavor dwells on your tongue for minutes on end. Greenhorn smokers may give way to the powerful undertow of Super Glue and only find inspiration to find the couch. The delayed haymaker of Super Glue takes effect and floods my head with a styrofoam padding. While the bloating comfort is focused in my head, I feel a truly medicinal touch creeping through my veins and blessing my extremities. I even feel a dampening or relaxation of my stomach troubles and a soothing ointment filling my joints. This high is extremely euphoric, yet functional. I recommend this sensation to any veteran flavor chaser or someone seeking pain relief complimented with a flavor that they will not tire of. I highly recommend checking out the slideshow below!

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You do not want to skip this legendary trichome slideshow!

Oops, you did it again. Brittany is back and her name is House of Cultivar. I would say this is by far my favorite production from them so far! I can’t wait to keep walking through their lineup and seeing what the top geneticists in Seattle can dream up! Good god, these mad men make glad men with their consistent top shelf product. I would love to keep telling you about Super Glue, but I’ve got to get back to blazing it.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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