Chem Mint Cookies by H.O.C.

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Chem Mint Cookies by House of Cultivar

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Chem Mint Cookies by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! I am extremely pleased to bring you another top shelf production from our friends at House of Cultivar. I blindly pick up any strain from them with supreme confidence, but today we will be digging into their flagship strain. Chem Mint Cookies has become synonymous with their brand name and is a strain whose name has earned quite a bit of circulation within the community. I’m usually a ‘hipster’ when it comes to reviews and I try the brand’s more obscure strains first, but I cannot bare another moment apart from Chem Mint Cookies! Chem Mint is the offspring of Tres Dawg and 91 Chem. This psychoactive deity is composed of 20.21% THCA and just a dash of .07% CBD. I’m proud to report that House of Cultivar is skimming nobody as this eighth weighs in at a healthy 3.66 grams! I can’t hype up this strain anymore without spoiling any tasty details, let’s just dive in.

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I meddle with the vessel and step before the famed flower. I expect to be met with a meteoric impact, but I am charmed by the subdued assertion of Chem Mint Cookies. I find myself adrift a storm of sweet herbal air. For an invigorating whirlwind the aroma certainly has a weight to it. The thick resonant air is accented by a touch of pine. Contrary to the stabbing impression usually associated with a heavy dose of pine, I find this note curved backward into its own ferocity to relay a soothing cool air. The essence of the driven mist is comparable to eucalyptus or menthol. The wake of this revitalizing storm is extremely fresh and woody with an accented cool. It reminds me of a cold-snap born in the morning of a frosted forest. Sweet and syrupy is the continued symphony that Chem Mint seems to play beneath the surface of the mint accented wonderland.


The slightly relaxed notes seem to trickle down to fuse with the earthier and kushier qualities lying within. With a little time you appreciate how the dampened menthol leans into the earthbound sugar to culminate a rich stew of flavor accented with a light flowery gas. I was surprised by how seamlessly the chem influence melded into the menthol initiative. Perhaps I can unleash some of this strain’s inner demons if I break a couple branches. I expect to find a hidden Chemmy element, but I am stormed by a raw resurgence of mint. I found the flavor to expand wildly in the directions of a gassy sugar and a wild, buoyant, earthy upheaval. Whatever was ‘cool’ becomes woody and sour. The belligerent exaggeration drags out some of the richer herbal qualities.

Great Gatsby, these buds are coated in glorious crystals. They shine resplendently in contrast to the seductive somber flesh of Chem Mint Cookies. The trichomes swarm over the dark foliage in sporadic patterns mimicking a star scattered sky. Rich hues of color cascade down from bud to bud painting a glorious background to receive the trichomes inviting light. Murderous wine hues give way to forlorn emerald eventually climaxing into crystal dusted crocodile leaves. The flowers are simply stunning to behold in person, they embody almost all of the qualities that anyone could seek. The color-rich flower is a crystalline fortress with reinforced walls. One squeeze will affirm that you will need to exert some serious force in order to sunder the candy crusted armor of Chem Mint Cookies. The aforementioned quality and the way that the bud, while large and leafy, forms a formidable tight cola leads me to believe that this strain drives home a predominately indica high. The growth pattern of the hairs on this flower is quite peculiar, it seems that they only crown the buds. Perhaps it caught onto the royal treatment it receives from H.O.C., but the rich tangerine tendrils only bother to gather at the head of each bud. In delicate little clumps, the lightly bronzed hairs blend seamlessly into the murky jungle of color.

Leaf to flame, I am met by an enthralling sweet air that has a fierce ‘silver’ quality to it. The tantalizing wind is the bannerman for a legion of savory sweetness. The puddling rich syrupy forest flavor is held in the palm of a soothing menthol grip. The firm eucalyptus kiss manages to harness the unruly herbal and sweet qualities to deliver them in one foul swoop. The rich herbal body bleeds out subtle hints of chem as it sizzles on my pallet and literally tickles my tongue. The flavor of Chem Mint Cookies proudly evolves as the bowl continues to smolder. Certain notes such as the airy and silver qualities begin to die off in order to fuel the savory woodland. The evolution seems to slow somewhere near the pace of an extremely herbal OG Kush blessed with a flowery uplifting exhale.  As the flower fibers struggle to emit the last of their psychoactive fumes, my throat becomes coated in an armoring hashy sludge. I know that doesn’t sound particularly attractive, but it is essentially a delicate herbal flavor that coated my throat and seems to be safeguarding it from any harsh final lashes the defeated embers dare produce.

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Chem Mint Cookies takes a couple minutes to take hold. I thought I felt the come up when I experienced a nexus of euphoric pressure building between my eyes and behind my nose. The sensation asserted itself as a conscious numbness, in other words, it feels numb and weighted but could be awakened at the slightest touch. As I thought the path of the high was to delve more into this strange focus, it hit me. I heard ‘whoosh‘ as I felt time and space around me come to a near-stop. In this sloth dimension, the air strangely feels cooler, it tingles as it settles on my bare arms. At the time I transitioned into this strange new world, a blanket of pulsing pleasure enshrouded my body. The initial pressure is hardly noticeable now in contrast to the array of rewarding feelings that Chem Mint inspires. Usually such a profound indica high such as this is indica-tive (see what I did there?) of temporary hinderance of ambition and thought, but I find no couch lock or encumbering aura attached to the rich comfort awarded by this bud. Feel free to explore all that your day has to offer coated in the sublime comfort produced by Chem Mint Cookies. It took a few minutes for the true nature of the high to introduce itself, but when it feels comfortable it will not stop bonding with you. Feel free to explore the multitude of dimensions in the texture of Chem Mint Cookies. If this strain had a slogan, it would be “stop and smell the roses.” I mentioned how time feels slow, but this strain also encourages a sort of sensory sensitivity. An enhanced skin of texture and color floods my world. As the universe renews its flavor, I still feel the compounding sedative pleasure layering into my being minutes after smoking. I fear that soon it may solidify into concrete! I believe that is an unrealistic fear due to the fact that House of Cultivar are masters of the Chemdawg strain and any corporation of theirs is surely enough to prop up the weight of any indica behemoth. I find this strain to be a welcome hybrid that I would wager is about 70% indica and 30% sativa. I am enchanted by the soothing ferocity that I have discovered within Chem Mint Cookies.

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Who’s House? Ru–Cultivar’s House! I was blown away by your production of Orange Skunk, so I suppose I am hurricane’d away by Chem Mint Cookies. I can see why you present this bud with such confidence! While the buds are beautiful, the aroma is complex, and the flavor is hardy enough to satisfy any kush-head, I have to say the high is what is most remarkable. Such a functional, yet palpable indica high should be treasured and appreciated for what it is. I would highly recommend this strain for mitigating physical pain or regular bullshit out of your life. Attack your day with style with Chem Mint Cookies! Next up is their Super Glue, I can hardly wait!

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