Purple Pie by Freddy’s Fuego

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Purple Pie by Freddy’s Fuego

Purple Pie by Freddy’s Fuego

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! I am very excited to bring you, without further adieu, a strain from Freddy’s Fuego. I had to get some after I briefly conversed with an employee who was very excited to get some for herself! I settled on this Purple Pie, it has a promising name. I love all things purple and I have heard whispers of this company being owned by Macklemore or something? Hopefully this is one brand of ‘celebrity weed’ that will actually hold up! I couldn’t find any clues towards deciphering the lineage but I expect this must be some improvisation upon Cherry Pie. This particular purple mutant clocks in at 23.05% total THC. I’ve heard nothing but magical things about Freddy’s Fuego, let’s confirm the hype.

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As I unscrew the vault-like cork from the tasteful vial, I fall victim to a chemical concoction. The room is filled with the sweet pungency of a grape inspired berry. The weighted sweetness hangs low in the air like chilled fog eventually disrupted by a delightful flowery shockwave. The notes stir to provide an experience that is cool, calming, and pungent. There is an exhilarating weight to the fragrance. The odor pools in the deepest recesses of your nostrils and lingers while it churns out its flowery incense. Just as I would be lured to sleep by the sweet lullaby played by Purple Pie, I am shocked awake by the turbulent tart and sour qualities within the profile. The scent is fantastically sour and tart. These notes work well to emphasize the pungent berry to a godly climax, stirring up a hurricane of syrupy influence. There is a far-fetched piney earth in the distance, only kisses of it are heaved forward in the wake of the belligerent berry storm. The ground shakes with a delicate herbal resonance with a slight peppery exaggeration.


The invigorating spike of foresty berry stirs with the encumbering flowery pepper to create a sweet slurry upon your taste buds. Leave it to a stoner to taste smells and hear colors, but the aroma is extremely palatable. The scent tickles my nose every time I dare embrace it. There is an aura of moisture at the depth of the it, not in the sense that the bud wasn’t properly dried or cured, but it is as if this flower just stepped out the shower.

Snapping a nug under my nose invites a bizarre skunkiness to the air. The raw berry expands on the back of its flowery compatriot to create a fierce combatant. I am bulldozed over by the overwhelming surge in the grape giant. Small chinks in the armor of the behemoth give way to a sappy gas. The gas stirs with the raging beast only to enrage it further, the scent is now extremely gassy, flowery, skunky, and tart. Any remnants of pepper or sour seem to be drowned out in this instant. Purple Pie is only getting stronger, we must kill it with fire.

If only all bud looked like Purple Pie. Magnificent mauve mountains cascade into crocodile cliffs. Canyons lined with brilliant crystals form a highway throughout this brilliantly dense flower. The buds take an indica dominant nature to heart, forming fierce clusters that are hard as rock. While I call attention to the impressive density of Purple Pie, the buds give way with a forceful squeeze. I’d expect that this bud grinds up super well, that it would expand to become fluffy and extremely sticky. Judging by the valleys of milky white trichomes before me, I can only muse as to how gooey the resin amassed on the faces of the boulders must be. Jutting out from the foliage like proud stalagmites in a crystal cave, trichomes glisten along all available edges of the bud. This brings a glorious highlight to both the wine and olive hues. While I am charmed by the one completely purple flower, I treasure the electric contrast between the purple and green torn throughout the body of the other flowers more. The point where the warring colors meet is exaggerated by the rows of trichomes into a colorful climax. At a distance, the flowers seem distorted by static as the seas of trichomes reflect light in an unwieldy glimmer.

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Leaf to flame, I experience a unique choke as I struggle to chug down the sweet cloud. As I hold the beast inside of me, the flavor continues to develop into a flowery, tangy, and hashy breath. Hashy as in you can taste the weight and resin content. The sweet berry sits atop of the hash reducing to a lively woody quality. A flowery expansion brings up the rear on the exhale. The sweetness takes a backseat to an emerging herbal quality, this invigorating grassy kiss still lives in the realm of savory hash. As the domineering herb ensures its stranglehold, the rich flowery aftermath grows strong under its tyranny. Purple Pie has evolved into a sinister swarm of hashy resin accented with an emboldened lavender kick. As the bowl chars, the flavor becomes exponentially stronger eventually cementing itself into a foresty identity. While the sour sweet forefront dissipates rather quickly, the smoke continues to be smooth and tolerable throughout even the fiercest rips. Whatever mood that Purple Pie is in, you can be sure that it will deliver a palpable punch laced with layers of inspired flavor.

It may be my tolerance, but I am going to be so bold as to say that Purple Pie is a creeper. I didn’t witness any significant effects until I dug into my second bowl. I may be half-right, Purple Pie takes a while to come around, but the come up is relatively abrupt. I noticed a subtle pressure building behind my eyes. The sensation wasn’t stressful, it was just a tangible energy dwelling in my face. That actually sounds way worse. Like a metaphysical egg, this manifestation cracks and oozes numbing pleasure into the rest of my head. I feel my eyes begin to veil over and water. My head feels to be filled with air and extreme euphoria. A moderate body high manages to take hold of the rest of your limbs but it pales in comparison to the unique embrace I feel in my skull. I don’t feel necessarily sped up or slowed down, but I feel very comfortable. My body has been transmuted into a suit of pleasure massaging my pains and troubles away. This sensation develops into an embodiment of the term ‘carefree.’ Purple Pie delivers a vehicle of ignorant delight, as you are content to be a passenger to watching the world melt under the influence of this potent bud. The trickling euphoria seems to have an extra effect on your joints, it made me enjoy a bit of dancing. Get up and groove while Purple Pie greases your hinges and propels you towards the fun in your day!

Freddy, I feel embarrassed that it took this long for us to get together. If this truly is a ‘celebrity weed’ producer, you are here to compete with the rest of the titans in the industry. Y’all mean business, I did not expect your flower to be as masterfully manicured as it was. The flavor delivered by your Purple Pie was reminiscent of some of my favorite strains. I will surely dive into more of your flower with blind confidence hereon. Those of you that want to try Freddy’s Fuego can get it at the Pot Zone in Port Orchard.

Stay high and stay blessed,

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  1. I’m from Yakima,Wa And just wanna say Purple pie from Freddy’s Fuego is the best fire I’ve smoked so far in my life It’s my favorite weed and I’ve smoked so much kind that I love this one is my favorite one purple pie is the best strain out there by far for indica dominant smokers I recommend it but when I hit Seattle I’m a go find it And buy ounce of it I love it

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