Orange Skunk by House of Cultivar

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Orange Skunk by House of Cultivar

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Orange Skunk by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! Today, we have a very special strain from our friends at House of Cultivar. We will be diving into the terpy behemoth known as Orange Skunk. While this strain has typically been recorded to be a cross between California Orange and Skunk No.1, I seem to recall Tangie mentioned as a component of this lineage! House of Cultivar calls the largest indoor grow facility in Seattle home. Within their massive compound, they use top of the line technology coupled with seasoned technique to bring their genetics to levels never before seen in most recreational markets. Orange you glad I picked this one up? I sure am, let’s dive into Orange Skunk.

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I dare to crack the boundary between me and these pungent buds, a violent storm of pulsing orange swept my senses. An atmosphere of sweet zest hovers lowly above the torn terrain of tantalizing tangy citrus. The potent pollution forces you to seek refuge deep within the roaring orange sea. As I crash into the delectable pool of candied syrup, I find my citrine savior has a benign curvature. I find a feathery and pillowy nature beneath the warring orange, I dance with the fragrance’s softer faces until they eventually relinquish into a divine tart and flowery plume.


As I become further acquainted with the palpable citrus stampeding throughout the presence of Orange Skunk, I am able to pick out some of the remoras strung to its belly. At moments when the belligerent notes relent, I am able appreciate the subtler underlying qualities. Skunky notes tend to emerge during this self-served calm, the essence of a buoyant lush marsh creeps across my pallet and sinks over the thrashing citrus. The muddied foresty flatness fuses into the identity of the Orange inspiring a unique chain reaction. The traditionally raw, dank breath of Skunk augments the citrus to become exponentially smoother and milkier. The foul fusion brings out a creamy quality in the orange. The subtle nuance beats into the zesty spikes until they seem to sing of mango or tangerine rather than inspired orange. The enchanting sugary air lulls me into a stupor. I am bewildered by how a feisty orange froth fused with the heavy dankness of skunk could culminate into such a creamy and smooth impression.

I tear into the frosty flesh in efforts to reignite the sour rage. I find more of the same strewn across a sweet sappy meadow. As the fibers scream with flavor, an exaggerated floweriness takes hold. Orange Skunk proves to be a sweet lullaby cultivated in aroma alone. The flowery notes expand exponentially eventually drowning out it’s citrus compatriot, this new quality is reminiscent of spring-inspired Windex.

Peering into the glass jar gives way to a universe of rich green and iridescent orange hues. Lively crocodile peppered with golden trichomes which bogart all available light. Milky heads of resin stand proudly atop mature stalks and reflect a golden aura unto the resplendent verdancy. Pale olive gasps occasionally emerge in the shadow of the somber titan, highlighting the fringe of every bud to no end. Each fiber of every leaf is cured to perfection, a gentle squeeze of the bud is met with a refreshing squishy relief. The buds do not crunch or crack, but resound with a lively squish. Orange Skunk embodies the phenotype of an even split between indica and sativa. The buds are wide, stout, and very full, though, the foliage has an intriguing lightness to it. The buds ball into playful boulders that bare the resistance and weight of styrofoam. Fortified clusters of bronze hairs burst from the crystallized crust of Orange Skunk. The tanned tendrils trellis up the cliffs of the frosty buds to a dazzling effect. The stunning compliment of the roasted bronze hairs atop the virile reptilian greens is only outdone by the masterful procurement of the trichomes that stand upon them. The trichomes are exemplary, raised to grades above most strains in the recreational market. I encourage you to take time when admiring the macro photos. I never knew that trichomes could stand so tall and shine so brightly, it seems that all of the science behind their work is paying off!

Leaf to flame, I am overcome by a brilliant tangy musk. An elaborate zest resonates on the back of my tongue relentlessly beating citrus notes into my tastebuds. Moments later, you may still taste the spiky, sharp zest dancing on your pallet. Every breath is rich with flavor and I endure a fiery choke for as long as I dare to suppress every righteous exhale. There is a thick, aquatic, herbal nature that takes off on the uptick of every breath. The water sodden wood stirs beautifully in the wake of the benevolent citrus. The smoldering fumes off of the bowl smell especially sweet, embodying a softer fruit such as a peach or mango. The rich peppery qualities embolden as the bowl continues to smolder, eventually outweighing the engaging tang. An equilibrium eventually settles and the two competing flavors become one. A thick, full-bodied, woodland dart injects a syrupy citrus reduction into your tastebuds. Once you dare to engage this palpable flavor, you simply cannot escape it. Every ferocious note lingers with the same temporal potency as the initial limonene lance. As the bowl chars the sweet citrus begins to dissipate and all that is left is a reduction of sweet hash dwelling in a palpable woodland breath. Even dismissing the revitalizing citrus terpenes, Orange Skunk still manages to be tantalizing and refreshing.

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A stimulating tingle forms a halo around my head, I feel this playful aura squeeze in a fashion similar to Headband. I feel that this new crown has become a link to the ether, as I feel my body being flooded with euphoric and dramatic impulses. My thoughts spur wildly in the comforting release of Orange Skunk. I feel my face become still and unacquainted, as my pleasure sunken skull drains into my spine. A warming sensation trickles down my back and eases the tension in my shoulders. I feel a true medicinal effect seeping into my muscles and massaging them to utter sedation. Perhaps this sensation would be helpful towards combating spasms. My body isn’t exactly high or encumbered, but extremely comfortable. This natural separation from the body allows one to fully indulge the wild tangents encouraged by the inspirational qualities of Orange Skunk. Every additional hit coaxes this syrupy sedation further into my system and renews my dose of ‘orange reality.’ As I travel further down the orange brick road, my eyelids fall low and I lose most feeling in my jaw. As you consume more of Orange Skunk, it consumes more of you. I soon become prisoner to a full body cast composed of the signature soothing warm pleasure. While the physical effects are strangely unique, I would say this strain still leads towards sativa encouraging productivity and creativity. I feel inspired and motivated enough that I would recommend this strain for a wake n’ bake or a recharge throughout the workday. This strain will not put you to sleep, or leave you bored. My head courses with pleasure and imaginative musings.

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I want to thank House of Cultivar for the magnificent experience coded Orange Skunk. From the resplendent buds, to the invigorating whirlwind of terpenes, and the profound high. Orange Skunk is not a strain you want to miss, it approaches calmly and delivers an impact worthy of any connoisseur. I can’t wait to tear through more of their unique genetics. If you haven’t had the chance to try House of Cultivar, you shouldn’t wait any longer. You can find them at any dispensary worth your time.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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