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Middlefork by Royal Tree Gardens

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Middlefork by Royal Tree Gardens

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! Today, we bring it back to the first producer that I reviewed on this website, Royal Tree Gardens. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about their Middlefork strain within recent weeks and I finally pushed myself to get some. I was perplexed by the fact that Dutchberry and Middlefork share the same parents, but are recorded as distinctly different. I’ve since learned that they are separated to indicate which leans towards the Dutch Treat parent and which leans more towards DJ Short’s Blueberry. I plan to lean with it and rock with it as this strain packs a palpable punch of 25.4% total cannabinoids. Only 20% THC, .2% is CBD, and all the rest is left to the imagination. With roughly 5% of this flower being shrouded in mystery, I can only muse the masterful intricacies that are about to be asserted upon my mind. Middlefork is a proud Washington original, earning its name for its famed birth between a famous fork in a river. Let’s see what the earth of the Evergreen State has called forth for us!

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As I break the last line of defense between myself and the legendary Middlefork, I am swarmed by a sweet flowery embrace. A blueberry plume erupts from the chaotic mess, the aroma is delicate and sprawling in its advance. The odor carries itself recklessly like a fog pouring across a frosted field. I quickly become surrounded and enamored with the pungent sweetness that resides within this devious blueberry haze. A slight sour uptick lingers in the background of the divine shower. This note acts as a catalyst, mildly mutating the preexisting fragrances. The flowery quality becomes an exaggerated semi-gassy breath that relinquishes into an emboldened blue tanginess.

Underneath the decadent display, there is a lively earthy and fresh quality to the flower once you dare to plunge your nose beyond the chaotic atmosphere. I may be going out on a limb, but at the absolute lowest frequency I detect a woody, almost nutty, chocolate. The note embodies a dry cough of cocoa powder that you may detect when the aroma brushes by. When you dare to tear the decorated foliage, the blueberry enhances itself ten-fold stirring with the sour pungency to generate a shockwave of aromas. The initially gentle assertion of Middlefork is thrown out the window as this odor morphs into a titan and tries to crush you with its invigorating skunky hammer.

The sprawling nature of Middlefork continues into the phenotype. A network of bulbous buds with massive gaps in between. You may hardly notice as the entirety of Middlefork seems to be entombed in a sarcophagus of magnificent pale tangerine hairs. This is easily the hairiest bud that I have seen in months, each individual strand is impressive as it demonstrates its length, stretching across the trichome dusted verdancy.  The haunting hue of the hairs seem to share some personality with the subdued milky glare I receive from the sea of trichomes that lay across the surface of Middlefork. Middlefork is truly a spectacle, appearing to have stubble as a seamless coat of white psychoactive needles prod out from its frozen face. Competing for glory with the winding tendrils, both are highlighted to a phenomenal standard when complimented by the somber crocodile backdrop that Middlefork provides. It is difficult to discern the color behind the unrelenting curtain of resin, but if you gaze past the stars you can fully appreciate a lifeless olive crashing into cliffs of crocodile. The ranging dramatic greens enhance the inherent resplendent beauty of Middlefork’s fully developed trichomes. One thing doesn’t add up, DJ Short’s Blueberry, which is an indica. Paired with Dutch Treat, which is more or less a 50-50 or 60-40 hybrid, produces an offspring resemblant of something that may be 90% sativa. Any indica heritage is completely drowned out by this truly unique production that screams sativa. The loosely networked buds compound into magnificent spires finishing in points akin to arrowheads. While I vouch for the palpable sativa presence, the bud does not weigh like styrofoam, there is certainly a weight to the flowers and a mild density among the buds themselves.

Leaf to flame, the smoke encroaches stealthily and smoothly. I wasn’t entirely sure I got a hit until I exhaled a rich torrent of white smoke. A sharp sting is the delivery method, backed by an earthy horde. The war party quickly disbands, blossoming into a mess of syrupy blueberry feathers. The flavor becomes stronger with each successive cloud enhancing specifically the earthy and herbal qualities behind the blueberry. The augmented taste still falls under the umbrella of ‘sweet’ but is paired with a considerably more formidable woody body. Once again the phantom chocolate stranger seems to brush past my tastebuds on the end of every hit. Just as I thought that I isolated the origin of the mysterious chocolate impression, I am distracted by a resurgence of herbal pine which I hardly detected at any stage before. Middlefork’s flavor seems to evolve the longer it is left to stew and smolder in its own essence. Each inhale now finishes with a satisfying sting as the sweeter berry qualities hustle to quickly pour in after, soothing the wound. The way that the flavors strike and step forward with the varying masks conjures a delightful game of hide and seek sure to please any flavor chaser. Independent of Middlefork’s bipolar tendencies, every breath is satisfying and invigorating. I’d say the true calling card of Middlefork, and potentially Dutchberry, lies in its seductive, soothing, and awakening heart. A cool berry sweetness trickles over the rough peppery ridges to pour a waterfall of tantalizing flavor.

Contrary to the semi-belligerent smoke, the high of Middlefork is all love. A calming ride in an ethereal stage coach ushers you to another level of thought. Here, your body and physical desires are second, your mind and creativity are valued above all. In the soothing classroom that is the realm generated by Middlefork, it encourages you to spur your wildest thoughts to fruition. Blissfully examining every circumstance to redundancy while simultaneously adrift in a sea of distracting euphoria. The sativa high is surely enough to outweigh any couch lock or lack of focus, but the strong body high that accompanies the sativan symphony could be coaxed to overtake the stimulative characteristics. I am one who is prone to anxiety with some sativas, but I can vouch for the fact that Middlefork doesn’t only not bring on anxiety, but I could feel it relax me dramatically. A strain that manages to invoke a driven, confident spirit without risk of anxiety is extremely rare. I recommend this strain to anyone who is looking for a productive wake and bake strain, but often finds that many sativas have a turbulent or anxious rise. As I continue to burn, the runoff from the body high seems to flood up into my head filling it with sublime comfort. My eyes are the only thing that feel unimpacted at this point, every other extremity I can control is lost to the enchanting influence of Middlefork. Once again, I am at no risk of crashing, but as the sativa sensation seems to plateau at a certain level, the accompanying body high seems to build exponentially. This is another awesome characteristic, so if at any point the stimulation becomes too much, you can continue smoking to balance the rise out. I can see why Middlefork is so popular, it is truly a versatile strain that can suit many needs.

Royal Tree Gardens, I don’t know why it takes me so long to get back around to reviewing your flavorful strains. As with your Cornbread Bubba, Middlefork is a signature strain with many well-developed traits that combine to produce a truly unique experience. This strain is extremely functional and is a surefire companion for accelerating a slow workday! My only criticism is that you gave me an eighth weighing 3.33 grams. It’s not a big deal, but quality assurance is a thing, and it kind of just feels like a face slap to the consumer. If you are going to work tirelessly to produce top shelf flower, why would you cut corners at packaging? At fifty dollars an eighth, you better be on point. Thanks for reading!

Stay high and stay blessed,

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