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OG Kush by Cedar Creek Cannabis

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OG Kush by Cedar Creek Cannabis

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted for the second installment of #cedarcreekweek! Today, we will be reviewing quite possibly the most popular strain in the whole nation, potentially the world. We have OG Kush by Cedar Creek Cannabis. They have built my confidence up in their dank repertoire and I am ready to take this trust to the next level by trying their OG Kush. OG Kush seems to mean a million things nowadays, hopefully Cedar Creek will help us get back on track with this production. OG Kush is the famed offspring of Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. This particular flower packs 30.28% THCA which breaks down to 26.67% THC post conversion. As the kids say, “How it feel to be fuckin’ with an OG?” I intend to find out, let’s dive into this power.

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As I dare to take on this titan, I am blasted back a spirited gust of sour mist. Sweeter qualities emerge underneath stewing this breath into a sharp citrus mist. I dance to dodge the fiery citrine blades lining the curtain of the expansive aroma. A gaseous flowery reaction occurs and hovers over a supremely earthy and rocky impression. The world beneath the pungent clouds is slightly hashy, but possesses a fresh or preserved quality. I mean this in a positive light, it bares the essence of hash with a complimentary foreign freshness. I am fearful of what invigorated hash may do to my mind. The jagged citrus whirlwind crashes into the profound earthy base to create an aromatic apocalypse. A light tangy force field is projected in the wake of the clashing fragrances. Within the confines of this sour presence OG Kush seems to recall its essence preparing another assault on your sinuses. As I tear into the precious fibers of OG Kush, an unspoken for gassy quality is unleashed. This remarkably pungent note dives recklessly into your nostrils knocking any competing odors senseless. Some exceedingly sweet flowery notes expand as well, herbal and hashy in origin they blossom into a playful tangy zest. The citrus notes are absorbed into the raging gassy semi-diesel impression. These reawakened qualities too seem to recede into the herbal foresty base, occasionally with a peppery finish.

I believe that part of the reason that OG Kush has become so well-known is the immaculate phenotype. If only every girl could share the curves of OG Kush. This production is no exception, every bud is extremely dense and stout. Hybrid my ass, OG Kush is built like an indica juggernaught! The fortified foliage demands great pressure before it will relent and crack. If you manage to harvest a hardy chunk from the crystal coated node, your fingers are traced in an unbelievably sticky and fragrant resin. The buds form into cone shaped boulders that appear to be dripping in sparkling syrup. OG Kush is a font of resin, gushing trichomes out from any available space, a milky armor coats these flowers. Beyond the cloudy chain mail lies the rich verdant flesh, the tightly wound arms of OG Kush bend towards the core, further fortifying the impenetrable monolith. The plant matter is plastered together by a continuous coat of compounding resin, almost like the buds were soaked in glue. The exterior of OG Kush is painted a rich mossy hue, occasionally disrupted by pear pockets. When you tear apart the formidable structures you will find the core contains an immaculate lime hue. The lime coloration is ignited by a freshly discovered sea of trichomes that shines eagerly. Occasionally, throughout the salad of seductive greens you will spot a delightful pocket of somber purple which blends wonderfully into the seductive moss. Wildfires composed of electrified orange hairs wash across the surface of OG Kush. The thick boisterous tendrils eventually tangle, mounding small monuments built in testament of its dankness.

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Leaf to flame, I am struck by a sour hashy breath. A tangy sweet limonene presence coats over some of the fiercer aspects of the smoke. There is a spicy, harsh, invigorating quality conjured in every cloud. My system feels shocked awake as I struggle to ingest each massive white cloud. I retract the breath and detect a mild wet skunkyness rooted in some of the earthy traits of OG Kush. As I thrash my tongue through the tasty sunken woodland, I send notes of herbal pine splintering into my tastebuds. There is a trace of floweriness that follows the smoke all the way through, however instead of distracting you from the heavy hashy qualities, it emphasizes them. This turns every exhale into a willing combatant. The way that the flavor expands and emboldens itself while inside your lungs encourages a lot of choking or coughing. Those seeking a palpable indica breath that quakes their soul will be pleased. As the hashy tyranny departs from your lips, you are left once again with a tender citrus kiss. As the bowl chars, the fruity sweetness simmers away into the smoldering ember. While the smoke seems to get exponentially harsher from this point on, I detect a trace of the quaint candy in every fiery breath.

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While I am getting knocked around by the smoke, I wince and can only imagine the monstrous high that will be delivered. I wait…and wait, yet still no overwhelming rush of euphoria. It doesn’t take long for the famous embrace to take hold, but this strain is certainly a creeper. The come up is quite steady, malleable, and uplifting. I found it strange that OG Kush may lead with some sativa characteristics, but I partially attribute it to the provocative flavors in the smoke. This stirring sensation lifts you up only to drop you down into the soothing buoyancy that is the indica influence within the wilding compounding high. My limbs feel as though they have been reduced to jello, flaccid logs barely capable of hammering my fingers into keys.

The sweet syrupy comfort of OG Kush drips down from your neck and shoulders, further pouring into your lower back effectively numbing your legs. This strain is the epitome of couch lock, but never fear you are not out for the count. This production holds enough revitalizing qualities that I do not feel an impending knockout. That being said, I’m definitely not going anywhere for a while. The therapeutic entanglement with OG Kush seems to harden into a concrete further hindering movement. Once again, you are not impaired, just profoundly lazy. The limonene is a wonderful touch sure to aid with digestion issues. The hashy base will surely negate any anxiety drawbacks commonly associated with sativa limonene strains. OG Kush by Cedar Creek Cannabis is a phenomenal way to get your citrus fix without settling for a feathery smoke. OG Kush delivers every cloud like a shell out of a howitzer. With no plateau in sight, the high seems to build exponentially. I am confident that this strain will suit the needs of every level of smoker.

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I hope you all enjoyed my little #cedarcreekweek! They made my week, so I decided to make them one all of their own. I’ve now told you all you need to know about their legendary Chemdawg, OG Kush, and Blue Dream. You have no excuses not to go out and get some Cedar Creek Cannabis today! Once again, I added a donation button if you like what I do. Feel free to donate as many times as you like! 🙂 Enough pan-handling, Cedar Creek Cannabis, I want to truly thank you for your masterful procurement of top shelf cannabis at affordable prices. All of your nugs glisten like remarkable gems fit for a museum. The terpene profiles between all of your strains are all distinctly different and seldom do their qualities overlap. You believe in quality not quantity and it shows. Feel free to stop by the Pot Zone and pick up from me! I desperately need sleep, until next time.

Stay high and stay blessed,

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