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Blue Dream by Cedar Creek Cannabis

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Blue Dream by Cedar Creek Cannabis

I truly never had any intention of reviewing Blue Dream on this website. Blue Dream, or, Blueberry Haze genetics have been whored out to catastrophic levels. I became so tired of it, every time I had to smoke it, it was like daggers to my heart. That being said, I trust Cedar Creek Cannabis fully as they manage to produce exemplary new standards for tarnished strains such as Blue Dream. Welcome back to toasted n’ posted!

Today, we begin the first installment of #cedarcreekweek with a healthy handful of Blue Dream. I got my Blue Dream rant out of the way, so let’s get into the good stuff! As I mentioned before Blue Dream is an extremely popular cross of Blueberry and Haze. Haze being one of the original hardcore sativas and Blueberry an explosive pungent indica, you are guaranteed to hit sensations from all over the spectrum. This particular production packs 28% THCA which winds into about 24.57% after it is converted. Percentages aside, I am a flavor chaser, I am looking to hit some refreshing new notes in this production of Blue Dream by Cedar Creek Cannabis.

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As I dare to lunge into the devil’s playground known as Blue Dream, I am struck dumb instantly by a sweet resonant gas. The powerful plume disperses into a sweet resonant gas as it seeps into my membranes. As the initial assault dies down, a slightly peppery aftermath chases the bewildering storm. A wet earthy canopy is revealed betwixt the clashing gales. The refreshing lively earthen aroma is misted with an invigorating storm hand-crafted by the earth mother herself. I keep searching for a distinctly blueberry note to no avail. Perhaps it is a component of that initial tingly flowery burst, but beyond that, I am only discovering earthy wet complexities. I am quite pleased that the generic domineering Blueberry flavor isn’t the forefront of this show. Blueberry once it is overdone, completely annihilates any supporting flavor in the bud and I am not one who is intent on inhaling blueberry syrup. I vastly prefer a complex production that uses surrounding notes and resources to compliment the already prominent fragrances and flavors.

In hopes of exposing more complexities, I tear into the frosted foliage. All playful decadent notes disappear into a new hulking abomination of an odor. At first all I can detect is the sunken odor, remnants of its former self. As I lean into the developing black hole of aromatherapy I am swarmed by a skunky mass. Not typical skunk as in sharp or sour, but a long winded bitter blowing wind. The concentration of stank implodes into a defiantly raw, wet, and pungent blast. I can’t even identify the origin of such palpable pungency, I am forced out of range before I can even sniff out a hair of its character. This production of Blue Dream is sweet at first, but has a dark dank demon lurking deep within. It is sort of like a reverse Sour Patch Kid.

Twinkle twinkle little star, imbedded in a trichome’s heart. Blue Dream is simply sparkling like the tossing sea under an open roaring sun. I showed these buds to a friend of mine and his first instinct was that the bud couldn’t be that white. He even went to infer that it may be mildew. Upon further inspection, that theory was quickly dismissed, this Blue Dream is just that frosty. The trichomes stand tall in brilliantly manicured rows, they have so much energy it seems as if they are trying to wave ‘hello!’ The overall fair complexion of these buds do not help the case either, the foliage falls somewhere between a subdued seafoam and a lively emerald hue. The combination of the shifting pale colors and the hordes of trichomes give Blue Dream a ghostly aura all its own. The buds emulate a perfect 50-50 hybrid, the buds are large, plump, clumped together firmly with indica interests at heart. However, the buds are as light as styrofoam given their size. A dropped bud will fall without a sound, the secrets of Blue Dream appears to be safeguarding by aromatic feathers rather than leaves. Contributing additionally to the haunting glow, the small tribes of hairs creeping out from the surface of the flower are quite bizarre themselves. Each arm basks in a rich stew of tangerine and gold hues projecting an aura all its own. The tender tendrils arc over each other into playful dog piles effectively creating homing beacons on the surface of this radiant planet.

Leaf to flame, I am met by a storm of musky semi-sweet berry. The fruit has a thick, sour, tart, and slightly peppery body. After one hit, my nose is tingling. The sour berry note expands and evolves into a decadent floweriness that remains adhered to the roof of your mouth. Every time that I drag my tongue across the roof of my mouth, I am once again prisoner to the layers of decadent flavor. I want to say that this note is distinctly more sour than it is resemblant of blueberry. I love it. The delightful sour seems to seep into every aspect of the developing clouds. The flavor is so seductive it seems to ‘cool’ the smoke making it inherently more pleasant to take it in. It feels like breathing in fresh cool air, probably 20 degrees cooler than it should be. Blue Dream asserts itself calmly, but sure-footedly. As the bowl chars, some of the heavier foresty notes emerge from the sweetness. These cumbersome herbal notes eventually tire out the light playful candy crescendo. The flavor is still extremely tolerable and friendly, but it seems that the flowery sour was converted into a stew of savory syrupy earth. Once again, the smooth communal flavors merge together into an invisible resonance. The last hits pull as smoothly as air, I lustfully inhale the sedated sour mist.

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Everything up to this point has been an even tug-of-war between sativa and indica characteristics. But the high, is where the dominance becomes clear. The Haze parent certainly warps the traditional characteristics of Blueberry in dramatic ways, especially in terms of flavor and phenotype, this production of Blue Dream is certainly indica dominant. While the smoke is smooth and mentally invigorating at first, I noticed the change as I felt the ‘cooling’ sensation. It was the tantalizing mist gaining weight, condensing into a beast far more formidable. I do not mean to intimidate anyone, at its worst the indica is still well balanced by the driven Haze heritage. But I feel as if my mind was only accelerated initially so I would be able to detect the dramatic levels at which my world would be slowed down. A comfortable passenger in this semi-syrupy universe, I swing my hindered limbs with confidence over my keyboard as they continue to pour out my maniacal musings.

I feel inspired by the rawness and hardy nature of this Blue Dream, I usually stray from strains generally conceived as sativa-hybrids for the reason that they don’t hit hard enough. I feel like strains have to punch me hard enough that my mind will acknowledge the change in elevation, Blue Dream by Cedar Creek surely delivers you comfortably into a euphoric wonderland. I feel a strong inclination to walk away from this computer and go play video games, but I am dedicated to this post! I say that to demonstrate that this high inspires one to be relatively scattered. If you aren’t confident in your ability to demand productivity out of your high, I wouldn’t engage Blue Dream in high doses without experience. I think within this lies the consequence of a 50-50 hybrid, it sends you everywhere and anywhere. Hybrids are great for getting stoned out of your mind,  but I find something solely indica or sativa is easier to predict and manipulate. The come up for Blue Dream is quite subtle, you hardly notice the gentle embrace as you are distracted by the wild array of flavor.

Holy Balls Cedar Creek. What a stunning production of Blue Dream. I was right to trust you with what remained of my shattered confidence in the Blue Dream gene pool. You truly are masters of your trade deservedly earning the titles in your area. Keep up the great work and you are right to never compromise your quality just for the sake of releasing more product. I can dive whole-heartedly into any of your productions knowing that they are built to inspire, that is the true sign of a company that is built to last. If y’all want to engage this proper demonstration of Blue Dream, you can get it at any worthwhile dispensary, like THE POT ZONE. I also found out you can add a donate button to your posts, I figure why not. It is hard for people to give me samples directly, maybe they can give me the dough to buy it? Anyway, thanks for reading!

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Stay high and stay blessed,

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