Sour Diesel by Artizen

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Sour Diesel by Artizen

Sour Diesel by Artizen

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! Today we boldly dive into this production of Sour Diesel by Artizen Cannabis. Artizen is one of the highest selling brands in the entire state of Washington, competing only with Phat Panda and Northwest Cannabis Solutions. While Artizen is known for their Grape Ape and Dutchberry, I personally have been seeking a Sour Diesel worth my time. Artizen will get a million points from me if they manage to lock down the diesel essence where so many others have failed. This mammoth nugget boasts a THC-A total of 30.2% and a converted total of 27.385%. When the fighter reaches the scales, I am pleased to find that Artizen hooks it up with an extra point or two, this champion flower sits at 3.66 grams. You definitely aren’t paying for the stem with Artizen, even with the trophy buds! There is no presence of CBD or CBG in the production, just one power packed psychoactive war machine! Sour Diesel is alleged to be the belligerent offspring of Chem 91 and Super Skunk, two famously unique and potent strains. While the Chem will encourage a sativan sensation, I believe the skunk will add a mild base that will level out the unparalleled anxiety occasionally associated with the rocketing rise of Sour Diesel. I cannot wait to see what results from a waltz with these two pungent parents. Let’s burn it down.

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As I lay into the embrace of Sour Diesel, I am tossed about its tumultuous waters. I plunge into the frothy body and am met by a sweet gassy kiss from the wildly stirring sea. The delicate sucrose is balanced on the nose of a sour woodland. It seems that whatever grows in these woods conjures a majestic wind of pungent, yet sweet berry. Any discernible sweetness can at any time be negated by a competing chemical uptick on this finish of the note. The hot chemical echo fringes on flowery with the way that it enchants your senses into submission just to strangle them. I use berry tentatively, the odor more closely resembles the subtle sweetness of wet decaying forest. Similar to the plume of delicate fermentation that jets out of a decrepit log as it cracks beneath your hiking boot. As I heave against the forest floor, I relish in the tantalizing herbal breaths of Sour Diesel. The body of this fragrance embodies the gentle all-encompassing musk of a damp pine forest chipped away at by time and fungus.

The diesely notes at this moment seem to pale in comparison to the soft, swarming, and damp nature of the skunked woodland notes. I cannot imagine such powerful terpenes in diesel varieties to be beaten out by a skunky parent! I must tear some foliage to further divulge the true nature of Sour Diesel. Breaking into this baby, I am gassed once again by the skunky resurgence. The mangled feisty flesh, evolves into a true diesel within this moment. My nose is tickled by the coarse brush of the passing gassy pungency. The freshly forged aroma is a seamless merge of palpable skunk and fiery chem spikes. I find this time around that the bizarre sweetness is a simple stew of sour pine accented with a sharp sting of diesel. The raw jet rebounds back into the skunky basket to stir up a flowery breath that encourages a mild choke.

Sour Diesel fully embodies a fluffy sativa. Gentle clouds form around a stemmy spire, only adhered to it by an ethereal code, or a sacred bond with the diesel deities. A simple flick is all it will take to undo the crystal coated ribbons that are the flowers of Sour Diesel. Electrified lime cliffs fall into gorgeous gorges of ghastly pale green barely holding onto its own dwindling pigment. At moments, the ghostly foliage transcends into pockets of egg white blending the hues of the milky trichomes to match the sapped verdancy. Occasionally contrasting the brilliant cream valleys, are long winding crocodile sugar leaves. They blanket out over certain sections, yet within the same leaf it may condense and crumple back into the core of Sour Diesel. The radiant tufts of sour verdancy are locked into position by a delicately woven web of scraggly bronzed hairs. The fragile tendrils range from tangerine to a citrine rust as they avidly weave about the frosty face of Sour Diesel. The buds may look formidable and stout to the naked eye, but a simple squeeze will call that bluff. The flesh forfeits its strong disposition as the sprawling sativa flesh gives with a resounding crunchy squish. Resplendent trichomes dance below the golden bangs and stand strongly out from the lifeless green backdrop. A righteous wave of milky white coats all available surfaces, like foam erupting from a crashing wave, the well-developed heads of the trichomes appear to bubble out from the raging torrents.

Leaf to flame, my taste buds are permeated by a sweet, skunky, uplifting flavor. The taste itself seems to send a jet of energy quaking down my spine, the taste is extremely provocative. As heavy woodland sweetness soaks my breath, mild gassy tendencies emerge in the form of a flowery after note. A chemical sour candy provides a ramp up to an explosive flowery and piney breath. I relish in the thick, syrupy, aftermath that is left bubbling on my pallet. As in the smell, the skunky notes stand out proudly, providing a strong backboard for the other subtler fragrances to step forward. As I grow accustom to the emboldening hashy pine, the flowery uptick devolves into a ferociously spicy and chemmy exhale. As the bowl chars, the body of flavor in Sour Diesel expands. Contrary to many Sour Diesels that I have encountered the stabbing pungency takes a backseat. This production by Artizen is one of the most complex productions of Sour Diesel that I have encountered. Many productions are dominated solely by that first impression of palpable sour gas, yet this one leads with one or more distinctly different notes before you encounter the inherent gassy properties. As I continue to rip milky clouds, the breath has been exaggerated to Chemdawg levels with a graduated wet, sour, skunk-driven cloud. The developing flavor paves over  and hinders my tastebuds with a hashy pavement only to be undone by the riveting claws of more green hits.

Houston, we have no problem. I am launched deep into the orbit of my consciousness seated in the ultimate comfort of the swarming euphoria brought on by Sour Diesel. While the high brought on is certainly sativa in origin, I want to recognize the quality of the body high first. Honestly, it may have been what I even felt before any true head rush, but I am so high it is hard to remember. Sour Diesel providing a rocketing uplifting and engaging high, but I feel no anxiety. It would make sense that this production wraps you in a blanket of safety before it tears you through the fabric of space and time. Wild thoughts warp my mind, conjuring sweet sprites of ambition only to lead me down trails of tangents littered with trivial matters. Still, I manage to stay calm and steady in the aggressive whirlpool of consciousness. I feel like Professor Xavier once he enters that large room where he can sense all of the mutants in the world. However, all of the mutants in this case are my thoughts and desires.

At will it seems, I can pluck my desired dream from my tossing pool of thought. I am lost to a sea of catered bliss, Sour Diesel frees you to enjoy a paradise all your own. A masterfully distilled universe contained all within your head. About halfway through the bowl the distracting euphoria will merge with prismatic uplifting sativa sensation to create a perceived congestion in the brain. Enjoy the flood of free flowing thought while it lasts because once again it seems the seductive skunky nature emerges and reduces the sprawling high to a concentrated bubble of pleasure. Even in this dramatic moment, the sativa still manages to beat out the subduing body high. I sit adrift now, in the calming wake of my own presence, addressing and analyzing my conscious at a drastically reduced rate. Sour Diesel brought me from designing a cell phone service to Netflix n’ Chill within a span of about 20 minutes. Any perceived ‘crash’ or comedown is still very functional and can be easily negated with a cup of coffee reviving the dormant sativa characteristics.

Artizen, the past is the past, and it seems your lineup is built to last. Asserting my criticisms upon a less popular strain of yours, I was still impressed. While this production of Sour Diesel wasn’t exactly what I envisioned I was still very pleased. I would recommend this strain to smokers that wish that Sour Diesel had a few more levels. I enjoyed the wet, skunky, and chemmy flavors within the smoke and found a calming oasis in the raging sea of terpenes. For a sativa, the high is extremely soothing and full-bodied providing again, levels of comfort and euphoria. Make sure to stop by The Pot Zone to pick up some of this magical flower for yourself! Next is Cedar Creek Week! Make sure to follow me on Instagram if you want more of my daily content!


Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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