Lemon Meringue by Lifted Cannabis

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Lemon Meringue by Lifted Cannabis Co.

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Lemon Meringue by Lifted Cannabis Co.

Welcome back to another addition to the tome of toasted n’ posted! In the left corner…we have an intriguing production, Lemon Meringue by Lifted Cannabis. I’ve been led to believe that this is a Cookies n’ Cream cross, but my source seems unsure himself. Lifted always delivers, this particular production will be delivering 23.2% THC to your membranes. Lifted doesn’t deprive you of flavor or flower, this eighth weighs in at a clean 3.48-3.49. I picked this up at The Pot Zone which is the cannabis destination in the Port Orchard area! With a wide selection and a legion of friendly faces delighted to serve, you’ll leave satisfied every time! Now it’s time to get our dank on, let’s dive into a mound of Lemon Meringue.

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If the name alone doesn’t get you salivating, the ferocious aroma surely will. Feisty citrus lightning rages from the trichome stormed surface of Lemon Meringue. My senses dirtied by the fertile and sour mist, the scent surges with a renewed puckering livelihood. A savory thunder rumbles through the clouds chasing the rampaging limonene lightning bolts. The potent pairing mimics many qualities found in a supreme Lemon Haze. Sheltered behind the belligerent qualities, there is a thick entrancing sweetness. Lured into a divine stupor from the sweet stew, I am stuck in a hot hypnosis. The refreshing nature of Lemon Meringue singes my nostrils but simultaneously provides a sweet salve. The terpy trances emanates thick baked vanilla. The supplemental sensation is flexible and smooth but maintains a buoyant creamy presence. The bulky body provides a soothing contrast to the stabbing electrified nature of Lemon Meringue.


The backdrop or battlefield underlying these two titans of nature, is that of a refreshing forest floor. An invigorating mist washes down upon the former war zone. The purifying rain cleanses my pallet, only leaving me to be assaulted again by another tangy meringuey meteor. I have to dive deeper, I seek cover as I rip into the frosty foliage. The aforementioned fragrances relent slightly as I break into the bud. I do not notice any spike in aroma exceeding the impressive magnitude that was already present. Though a new domineering, wet. and woody quality bleeds from the bottom of the eviscerated behemoth. While the flavor seems to have relaxed temporarily. Perhaps I have just acclimated to the tart environment, nonetheless, I am actually driven to sneeze several times from snapping the tantalizing verdancy under my nostrils.

Lemon Meringue is a star spangled banner, of which you’ll surely pledge allegiance to. A chain reaction of resplendent sparkles course across the seductive crocodile hue that dominates this flower. The eighth is composed to two fat crystal encrusted nugs. The flowers seem sprawling and explosive in their growth, but they settle in the confines of a dense indica bud structure. The buds are plump, fortified by rows of petrified snowy leaf, but they give with a crunch to a firm squeeze. The crocodile presence is occasionally interrupted by an lustrous lime coup that revolts against the somber dominance. The only bridge between these brilliantly contrasting colors is the intricate network of bronzed tangerine hairs. A web of stout orange strands weave throughout the verdant flesh of Lemon Meringue. While there are so many qualities to admire within this production, I must say the trichomes steal the show. Every trichome is fully developed and stands proudly against the shadowy green backdrop. The heads are milky white globules, transforming the structure into a hammer forged of ice. As I dare to desecrate the trophy nugs, the torn flesh reveals boundless seas of decorated resin.

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Leaf to flame, the smoke is smooth, spicy, and satisfying. The traces of vanilla seem to surface exceptionally well during the green hits effectively blanketing the combative qualities of the smoke. Like a sip of sweet tea, the provocative sugary slurry seeps deep into your tastebuds with a refreshing yet heavy finish. On the uptick of the exhale some of the fruitier semi-lemon qualities seem to emerge from the subdued body of Lemon Meringue. The flavor is very complete, all of the sensations step forward as a whole, not one part seems to supersede its counterparts. There is a creaminess distilled in the clouds, they seem to be extra milky and carry weight. I might just be high, but this consistency of smoke is awesome for smoke tricks. The enchanting sweet engagement settles down as the bowl chars and some of the earthier, coarser, heavier flavors surface. A playground of hashy wood chips is now tossed onto your tongue with every hit, the hot resonance tests your sinuses and encourages congestion. Lemon Meringue appears sweet and playful, but let me assure you that it is indeed a heavy hitter. For a strain with such misleadingly harmless terpenes, it delivers a punch like Tyson. This is a ferociously potent delivery of a nostalgic dessert, but the parallels are undeniable. The high of Lemon Meringue is ushered in by a tart, tangy, soft, cakey, sweet carpet.

The high, however, is not quite as subtle as the smoke. I feel a flood of euphoria rush into my head instantly. While I wait for the proverbial egg to crack and rush down my spine, in my head it sits. I feel the sensation compound and inspire my body to move. I feel driven, but hindered by the fact that my head weighs twenty more pounds. Every pore of my skull is penetrated by the sedating, nearly numbing, euphoria. The sound of a wrecking ball for a head may sound cumbersome or exhausting, but the paling pleasure charged through the rest of my body is matched with the instigative instincts of Lemon Meringue to provide adequate support.  As the sativan sensations prop me up to balance out the weight of my enlarged cranium, they eventually overwhelm the ball and chain.

I break free from my bondage and indulge in the developing tiers of the Lemon Meringue high.  But while my head was inflated, so was my mind. The enlarged conscious  does not subside like the physical element. My elevated state of mind stirs up a whirlwind of confidence and wild thought. My mind runs wildly into the walls of my skull shaking loose a stalagmite of inspiration, both complex and crude. I am now soaring, free of any earthly hinderance, I transcend into a being of spirit and thought no longer limited by physical form. God dang, I’m ripped. While I feel an uneasy intensity about the uplifting nature of this high, the sensation is very orderly and easily manipulated. It is definitely a great weed for cleaning and dancing around the house. That being said, that’s exactly what I want to do right now.

Lifted Cannabis Co. is a phenomenal producer. Their wide selection of terpy and masterfully manicured strains have earned them a place in my top 10, maybe even my top 5 favorite producers in Washington. I plan to continue razing through their potent library until I have tried them all. I treasure the sweet and creamy nature found in this production in tandem with the multi directional high. In whichever direction the tender bolts of Lemon Meringue may lead you, you will find a savory safe haven where your inner most thoughts may run free. Make sure to stop by The Pot Zone and pick some of this dank up for yourself.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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