Gorilla Glue #3 by Bigfoot Farms

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Gorilla Glue #3 by Bigfoot Farms

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Gorilla Glue #3 by Bigfoot Farms

What is good? I’ll surely tell ya, welcome back to toasted n’ posted! I have another potent production from the up and coming Bigfoot Farms! I personally have only ever had Gorilla Glue #5 and #4 before, so I’m excited to see what Gorilla Glue #3 will bring to the table. I love whenever I get to try new things and I dive confidently into the arms of Bigfoot. This production of Gorilla Glue #3 has 24.5% total cannabinoids and a THC total of 21%. Right in the sweet spot, where terpenes thrive! It is always reassuring when there is a margin of 2% or more between the THC content and the total measured cannabinoids because that often means that there will be some subtle nuances to the high to enjoy. Let’s hope King Kong don’t do me wrong.

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Unlike other Gorilla Glue productions I have enjoyed prior, instead of a punch in the face the signature pungency rocks into your nostrils with care. I have never met a Gorilla Glue with such a clean and easy approach, the terpene profile shines in the shadow of the diesel soaked fangs. There is a cooling, wet presence to the air that is distilled by the powerful touch of Gorilla Glue #3. While this scent is welcoming and less combative than its brethren, I feel that even the subtle nature of this bud tends to flood the room with its feisty and gassy aroma. There is an invisible tartness that amasses above the slightly subdued nature of this flower. As I am carried away by the soothing sour mist, I am intermittently jabbed by the ghostly spike. In my futile attempt to decode the signature fragrance of Gorilla Glue, I decipher a seamless fusion of a citrus sour skunk. But of course gassy and pungent are the most suiting adjectives, I just try to stray from overusing such obscure descriptors. I have to fight back against the intrusive foulness of Gorilla Glue #3, I break a couple branches to get at the heart of the issue. As I tear into the flesh of the foliage an amplified offspring of the sour pungency is released on the back of an earthy abutment. Earthy in the sense that the flavor stayed true, but gained a mild frostiness and a significant weight or presence to the odor itself. This gassiness is further accentuated to present a flowery release that I personally treasure in every type of flower!

The appearance of this bud is simply radioactive. A shocking lime aura pulses wildly throughout the body of Gorilla Glue #3. There are a few little sugar leaves attached to some of the bigger buds, but boy, am I glad that they are there. They are frozen harder than Frosted Flakes. The candied little nuggets plump into coiling buds that churn wildly as they are allowed to grow it. They are really fun flowers to look at. As the electric green hues subside, your eyes are drawn to several different decadent displays of color. A syrupy yellow hue dips into ghostly hues of white. Covert clusters of brown hair creep out from beneath the sugar leaf shell to snake along closely to the face of the nugget. The tortoise hairs jet jaggedly like lightning bolts for the short path they follow. Almost like rusted weapons from Zeus himself! The flower is extremely fluffy at first glance, but the bud only gives for the first half of any impression. The external crust gives with ease, but every bud has a dense core that resides beneath the dank canopy. The flower is extremely fresh and releases back to size brandishing another pungent breath. The trichomes are all milky, cured well, and well protected from business to consumer. Though, I must admit I am very excited to see some Bigfoot Farms jars in circulation. While the buds seem to have some body, I would surely say the leafy and semi-fragile nature of these flowers would guarantee a sativa inclination of anywhere around 70%.

As with any properly cured flower, the bud ground to a shimmering puree. Leaf to flame,   a sour gas storms my mouth and occupies all available taste buds and cavities. The raw magnitude of this hit may cause you throat to choke up a little. The smoke has an enchanting lightness to the body that coaches the devious smog effortlessly into your lungs. I feel a sharp tingle as if I am about to sneeze, but the sneeze never comes. The pungency behind each cloud causes your senses to retort in defeat and delicious anguish. As I revel in the devastating flavor of Gorilla Glue #3, I explore the underlying complexities. As the bowl chars further and further, weight seems to compound onto this delicate cumulus and the herbal woodier qualities emerge from the flower. The added weight seems to tame and cool some of the volatile fumes and curve them into a subdued syrup. The more you smoke Gorilla Glue #3 the more you are able to relish in the developing savory tar pit. Still you will tango with the formidable trademark Gorilla Glue pungency until the last hit, but I dare to say that the thick herbal body steps forward presenting a subtle sweetness that outperforms the Gorilla nature at times.

The high is magnificent. As I type, I feel the words to be falling from my fingers like the rushing torrents diving over a waterfall. I feel my instincts to be correct in the productive and creative nature of this production of Gorilla Glue #3. I feel the impact almost instantly, this bud does not hold back. As the flower asserts its presence, you are rocketed away to a high plateau. As you find a small cloud to recline on, I may wager that there is a mild anxiety that you may incur with a come up of this speed and magnitude. Just when I think I may be too high, I feel a familiar stranger pull my collar back down a couple fathoms to the surface. There is a certain euphoria that is stewed within the multifaceted face of Gorilla Glue #3. In a way, I feel subdued by the plethora of my own thoughts, yet unable or unwilling to do anything about them. I feel uplifted, comfortable, witty, pleasant, and most importantly…high as balls. My head surges with a squeeze by a phantasmal hand from time to time, sativa or not, the high remains predominately in the head. I may want to adhere a label to this Gorilla Glue “Do not operate machinery.” Independent of origin, the high produced is very debilitating, if you are lost in thought or victim of significant couch lock you are in no shape to be the captain of any ship. Let someone else take the wheel as you drown in the layering delight that is Gorilla Glue #3.

Gee Whiz Bigfoot, I’m glad someone found you! All of your productions have held integrity and earned their place in my virtual tome of strains. I feel all of your flower is an adequate representation of its lineage and your masterfully cured buds are surely top class. Though I must say, I feel disadvantaged to have not tried your signature Cat Dick Kush! Listed below are all of the retail locations that you can currently capture Bigfoot for yourself! See why the distinction of Legendary Marijuana should be made. I got some awesome stuff coming up these next couple weeks, but my lord, I am so busy. They say don’t meet your heroes, but that never seems to ring true for me. I can’t wait to see what glory this week holds!

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

List of all Bigfoot Farms Retailers

  • Local Roots Marijuana

13224 HWY 99

Everett, WA

  • T.H.C. Supermarket (Local Roots)

23221 Edmonds Way STE A

Edmonds, WA

  • Canna West Seattle

5435 California Ave SW

Seattle, WA

  • Clutch Cannabis

11537 Rainier Ave S

Seattle, WA

  • Herbal Nation

19302 Bothell Everett HWY

Bothell, WA

  • Kush 21 (Living Well Enterprises)

17730 Ambaum BLVD Unit E

Burien, WA

  • Local Roots

212 Winesap RD STE 101 & 102

Bothell, WA

  • Marijuana Depot

1123 Sleater Kinney RD SE

Lacey, WA

  • Pot Shop Seattle

1628 Dexter Ave N

Seattle, WA

  • Sage Shop

903 Engh RD STE C

Omak, WA

  • Seattle Cannabis Company

3230 1st Ave S STE B

Seattle, WA

  • The Herbal Gardens

4803 Center Street STE A

Tacoma, WA

  • Uncle Ike’s Capitol Hill

501 15th Ave E

Seattle, WA

  • Uncle Ike’s Central District

2310 East Union ST

Seattle, WA

  • Uncle Ike’s White Center

9822 15th Ave SW STE B

Seattle, WA

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