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Fire OG by Bigfoot Farms

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Welcome back to toasted n’ posted. I’m absolutely stoked on this fire from Bigfoot farms. Quite literally actually, I bring you Fire OG. Fire OG is a legendary cross of San Fernando Valley Kush and the ever classic OG Kush. This particular production flexes 22% THC and just the lightest trace of CBG-A at .6%. I would expect Fire OG to be a heavy handed indica based on this lineage, however, a blend of two master crafted kushes screams complexity. Fire OG holds 24.7% total cannabinoids, so that leaves about 2% of mystery influence that could steer the high in a unique direction. I’m sure I will be pushed in every direction with this production. Bigfoot Farms chooses their strains very carefully and any strain that flies under the Bigfoot standard is surely one of a kind. Let’s get into it.

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As my lust leads me face to face with this behemoth, I am blasted back by the righteous roar of its breath. Fire OG initiates contact with a soothing, yet piercing bolt of herbal citrus. The note itself runs similar to a Chemdawg that was crash-landed into a mound of extra zesty Super Lemon Haze. The essence develops into a sweet and flowery draw. The entertaining parade of flowery limonene is led out unto a carpet composed of a cooling berry kiss. While the initial impression of Fire OG is dominated by stimulating and uplifting fragrances, each of them subside individually into a profoundly dank earthy muck. I truly mean dank, almost like freshly rotting wood with a delicious candied citrus accent.

A light flowery sprite dances around a volcano spewing out pungent plumes of pine rich earth. While a volcano might imply violent harsh clouds, this is truly an invigorating scent. This odor draws you in, to deliver an extremely distinct gassiness. The magnitude of Fire OG’s brand of flavor matches a true diesel note in regards of the ferocity and pungency. The sinus clearing aroma seems capable of soothing itself with its profound cooling berry undertones that rage throughout the body of the aroma. To get closer I bust open a bud, the strong limonene impression rages back and forth annihilating all competing fragrances. Alongside the citrus a strong woody skunk emerges and ferments the soft tingle to feisty tart. The domineering note leaves a sweet and flowery wake, though, the ultimate aftermath falls into an all encompassing pine chem echo.

Fire OG is designed into moderately dense, but leafy cones. The bodies of the buds appear to be sprawling, but every time I engage them with a forceful squeeze the flower refuses to retreat. I am met with a firm handshake, Fire OG is a respectable gentleman. The hue of the foliage reflects a paint swatch as it produces near countless shades of tantalizing green for your viewing pleasure. A ghostly and electric lime rages from the base of the bud eventually maturing into a crocodile hue. This particular transition is where the trichomes start to shine beyond belief, the spectrum allows you to backtrack and visually appreciate the rows of trichomes you may have missed on the subtler shades. The electric color seems to pulse from the coloration of the foliage to the heads of the trichomes as they weave up the face of the flower pairing with a somber pear shade. Fire OG is a brilliant constellation strewn across a mossy sky. Small encampments of inviting tangerine hairs entrench themselves into various corners throughout the face of this flower. Not many of the hairs strive to reach out much past the protection of the fortified foliage. Like little fingers through a grate, the orange tendrils seem to just peak out as to just touch the surrounding atmosphere. The trichomes once again draw my focus. The milky white heads rebound a renewed twinkle as they stand proudly outward from the face of the flower. Every trichome is intact and upright, which I believe adds to the glorious aura emanating from Fire OG.

Leaf to flame, I relish in the spicy and tender herbal resonance of Fire OG. Sedative berry merges seamlessly onto the back of a raging limonene stallion. This divine fusion of these two flavors stirs to let off a whirlwind of sweet candied fruit. Some of the flowery accents of the note may cause the flavor to fringe on tropical at times. There is an assertive savory quality about these traditionally delicate terpenes. Each cloud enters my pallet with a friendly revitalizing citrus greeting, transitions into a kiss of cool berry, and finishes with a soothing herbal pine breath. As the bowl chars, some of the more fragile notes die off such as the playful lemon and candied berry. However, you are left with a delectable satisfying stew comprised of sugar-saturated earth and humbled chem. The clouds at this point become quite formidable and I would not recommend this part to any smokers who are weary of taking seriously heavy hits.

The high delivers itself in two steps. The come up is quite subtle for how palpable the flavor is. Fire OG gifts you with a brief period of stimulation, I suppose it rolls out a red carpet for you. During this time, I feel awake, thoughtful, level-headed, and conversational. There is certainly a subtle wave of relaxation surmounting behind this initial wall of sativan influence, but for the time being I could be the life of the party. Now, once you get to the end of that 15-20 minute walkway, the sativa presence quickly surrenders to a sweeping flood of euphoria. This second wave reveals a completely different nature to the high. My proud strut through high society is quickly reduced to a small boat being tossed about a tempestuous sea.  This turbulent transition is smooth in a strange way, it happens in a blink of an eye but inspires no fear or anxiety. The seductive indica asserts itself at a perfect pace. I feel it ball up and slowly wash out the remnants of the sativa high in my head. As that ball compounds and becomes a considerable weight, it breaks and trickles down my spine. I feel this sedative syrup trickle down my shoulders and throughout the rest of my being. The sensation approaches so methodically it feel like I am getting that one ‘full body rolling pin‘ push from the massage chair at Brookstone. As that wave settles, I find my eyes forfeiting to the vigor of Fire OG.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Well, Actually you can. Below, I have listed all of the retailers in the state of Washington that currently carry Bigfoot Farms. Let me know what you think! Bigfoot Farms, I hate to say it but I love this way more than your Amazon OG. This right here, it brings the absolute heat. It somehow provides a quality experience of the limonene variety, but still manages to be savory, and bundles these flavors into a delicious flowery chem blanket. There are so many discernible qualities within this production, I think it will be no challenge for y’all to find these levels yourselves. Seek out Bigfoot like the rest of the Pacific Northwest!

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

(Participating Retailers Below)

List of all Bigfoot Farms Retailers

  • Local Roots Marijuana

13224 HWY 99

Everett, WA

  • T.H.C. Supermarket (Local Roots)

23221 Edmonds Way STE A

Edmonds, WA

  • Canna West Seattle

 5435 California Ave SW

Seattle, WA

  • Clutch Cannabis

11537 Rainier Ave S

Seattle, WA

  • Herbal Nation

19302 Bothell Everett HWY

Bothell, WA

  • Kush 21 (Living Well Enterprises)

17730 Ambaum BLVD Unit E

Burien, WA

  • Local Roots

212 Winesap RD STE 101 & 102

Bothell, WA

  • Marijuana Depot

1123 Sleater Kinney RD SE

Lacey, WA

  • Pot Shop Seattle

1628 Dexter Ave N

Seattle, WA

  • Sage Shop

903 Engh RD STE C

Omak, WA

  • Seattle Cannabis Company

3230 1st Ave S STE B

Seattle, WA

  • The Herbal Gardens

4803 Center Street STE A

Tacoma, WA

  • Uncle Ike’s Capitol Hill

501 15th Ave E

Seattle, WA

  • Uncle Ike’s Central District

2310 East Union ST

Seattle, WA

  • Uncle Ike’s White Center

9822 15th Ave SW STE B

Seattle, WA


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