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Cheese by North Coast

Cheese by North Coast Growers

Welcome back to Toasted n’ Posted! I apologize for the delay with this one, my life has been flooded with responsibility lately, lame. Without further adieu, I bring you Cheese by North Coast Growers! Cheese is a strain I remember with great favor and nostalgia, some of my best times were roasted over a cheesy cross. This particular production contains 18.26% total THC and .44% CBD, a little more CBD than is average for the recreational ‘THC’ market. Cheese is a descendant from Skunk No.1 and is considered to be a hybrid. Personally, I regard it as nothing short of a full-fledged indica, but North Coast in all of their wisdom may have integrated some sativa flair. I couldn’t be bothered to weigh this because the store had no eighths, so I bought two 2-grammers. Got it at Dockside Sodo, I love their selection and friendly service. They always have new and intriguing top shelf buds in stock for you to explore!

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Let’s see what this monster munster has to offer. I am wrecked by a thick herbal wind, I was shocked to find the note fringing on peppery. As blindly as it struck me, this particular belligerence receded. The claws of Cheese retract calmly back into the hulking body of the fragrance. The relaxed state allows me to bask in the thick skunky woodland a while longer. I emphasize thick because the odor itself seems to bare an immense weight, with every breath you can feel the dankness in the air. Sour and sweet influences run parallel to coach the palpable skunk carefully through your senses. There is an undefinable sweetness that courses throughout the semi-sour skunky kiss. These tantalizing remoras seem to mitigate some of the fiercer qualities within Cheese. Cumulatively, the odors stir into a landscape depicting a brisk morning at a forested cabin in the mountains. The breath is intriguing, wreaking of live cleansing nature, but also pungent and damp.
To provoke the terpenes, I break some foliage. The body steps out a lot more. I am met with a gust of tang and skunky zest. The original qualities are enhanced dramatically once you dare tear into the foul flesh. The augmented breath has gained additional weight rooting in some of its woodier qualities,  but releases in a sweet semi-diesel spike.The aroma delivers itself like someone cracking your back. For a moment, you feel a paralyzing impact, but almost within that same instant you are washed with a pleasant release.
I was forced to purchase two bags to compose my eighth, so my expectations weren’t particularly high as far as getting display case worthy buds. I was pleasantly surprised by the variance and impressed by a handful of the buds. If you notice in the pictures, the three larger buds seem to define the sprawling phenotype of Cheese. One bud is a luminescent green, the other a somber purple, and the middle one is literally half and half. “Get you a girl who can do both.” Each flower, popcorn or not, was built with reinforced steel walls and an identity of density. If there are sativa productions of Cheese out there, this surely isn’t one. Forming into impenetrable clusters, the trichome coated foliage represents a model indica.  The buds are insanely stout, some of them making out to be near a perfect sphere. The flower has a radioactive presence, both complexions become equally irradiated by the magnificent golden hue of the trichomes. The pulsing auspicious resin strings itself carelessly across the face of Cheese. The illuminative highway captures your vision and guides you to the alluring leaf. About 70% of the buds appear to be dominated by a haunting crocodile green, the color is hard to place considering it seems to become brighter the longer I stare at it. My favorite nugs in the bunch are the brilliant wine juggernauts. Only on the purple buds can you truly appreciate or even acknowledge the tentative hairs that are encamped in the verdancy. Gentle cider feelers creep out from beneath the fortified flesh of Cheese. With all that is going on within this cannon ball of a production, the hairs will surely be the last thing you notice.

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Leaf to flame, I am blasted back by a sweet but formidable breath. A pine forest tangled in a web of tart earth. There is a certain syrupy quality to this flavor that I cannot seem to shake off of my tongue. Not that I’d want to, I graciously submit to the encumbering flavor of Cheese. There is a certain earth driven ferocity to the smoke that seems to have shed all remnants of a skunky or sour nature. I suppose the sour could’ve evolved to fuse with the sweeter and more tender qualities of Cheese. The smoke is robust, thick, and tickles my tastebuds as a shadowy flavor lingers at the back of the flavorful cesspool. It is a considerable struggle to discern this mellow lurking aroma from the warring woodland qualities. It appears to be a trap as the tangy allure vanishes and I am sandwiched between two devastating walls of herbal fire. The harshness subsides and balls into a somewhat flowery echo. This flavor seems to resonate the longest after every hit. The initial pungency seems to resurge at the end of every breath, a last stand made by the neutralized war party.

The high is exceptionally sedative and calming. I feel a comfortable delay in my perception, I feel as though I’m at a cinema watching my hands work. I could only best describe this as an engaging hypnosis. Cheese encourages you to stare blankly, mouth agape, but I swear you could still hold an intelligible conversation. Feel free to explore the ether as this merciful indica seems to provide some uplifting qualities. I wouldn’t misconstrue this general feeling of excitement and ease for a sativa lift. While this production doesn’t promote activity, I find the high to be extremely functional and navigable. You will surely still have a haunting zombie face despite how productive you may manage to be through the influence of cheese. The come up is slight a slight arc, a provocative lift. Then the following hits hammer you down into a soft concrete. Cheese is a couch potato’s best friend. The high promotes a general feeling of hunger, for stimulation, more cannabis, and of course food. I also feel that this strain has some properties that aid with digestion, midway through this article I devastated a Domino’s pizza. Normally, I would be burning from acid, but I actually couldn’t feel better. I would wager that Cheese could help you find relief from many types of cramps or digestion issues.

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Dang North Coast, baby, what is you doing? Whatever it is, keep it up. I truly enjoyed all aspects of this production Cheese. The high was smooth and complex, the flavor was unique and developed well, and the trichomes were raised to masterful maturity. That being said, I was disappointed by the lack of ‘cheese’ in this Cheese. The smoke was great for what it was, but I can’t help but be mildly disappointed by effectively missing the sensation I was trying to chase. The aroma of the buds was something that could be interpreted as a mild cheese, but I reminisce of buds that would literally be mistaken for Blue Cheese. I don’t know what it is, but the recreational market has yet to satisfy my craving for a quality cheese. Someone please recommend one and I will shower you with praise. Try Cheese by North Coast for yourself, you can get some at any Dockside Cannabis location. Thanks for reading.
Stay high and stay blessed,
Kushman Bonglegs

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