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Bubblicious by Fifty Fold

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Bubblicious by Fifty Fold

Welcome back to Toasted n’ Posted for a very special strain! Today, we have the joy of diving into Bubblicious by my favorite producer, Fifty Fold. They put every ounce of themselves into their flower and it shows. I am always excited to share my head stash of Fifty Fold with the world. While I am unsure of the exact lineage of Bubblicious, we know it is labeled as a 50/50 hybrid. Fifty Fold seems to have truly outdone themselves with this production, Bubblicious is 33.81% THCA. There seems to be no offering of CBD or CBG to shackle this behemoth. With my new trend of weighing my eighths, I am proud to report that Fifty Fold brings the heat without skimping on weight with a 3.58 gram weigh-in. Bubblicious seems to be a weapon of mass dysfunction and I am suited for annihilation.

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Subtlety seems to be the brand of this dangerously potent production. I am met first with a rounded sweet earthy curvature. The delicate mist hangs in the air generating an realm of candied humidity. The syrupy sauna leads my nostrils round and round in the tender jungle. The tantalizing fragrance balls tightly to the flower like an aura. The wild cultivates a rich smokiness. The note isn’t unwieldy or off-putting, but it approaches as a musky hardiness. This muscle of the aroma subsides into a underlying thick syrup. It smells just like some syrup I may have in my cabinet. Further exaggerated by a low-hanging nearly maple note that emboldens the kiss at the end of the note.

Bubblicious is mildly herbal as well, this trait is almost flavorless, but it calls forth an expanse in your breath. The phantasmal scent coaches the personality of Bubblicious deep into your being. The sweetness surges through this at times to produce a semi-sour skunk. I have to tear into the flesh to extract more of these relaxed odors. When I plunge my nose into the severed fibers, I am struck by surprising absence of the aforementioned aromas. I am met with a neutralizing fresh mud. A well maintained golf course drowned out for the day by a torrential downpour. In that moment, world is soaked with that uniquely thin skin of both water and sodden earth. The subtle storm stirs up a sense of refreshment. Digging more aggressively into the buds, I discover the true nature of this flower. Cached deep within the tender blazing tendrils and bolstering verdancy.

I am met with a carefully tempered cloud that is sweet and pungent, but also carries traces of sour and skunk. I say tempered because all of the aromas encapsulate you at the same time, they seem to be welded together. Normally I count scents separately, but these provocative notes merge flawlessly forging a true identity for Bubblicious. The volatile sweetness introduced to me at the core of the flower seems to build into a semi-gassy and flowery crescendo. Bubblicious leaves two distinctly different impressions depending on how intimately you attempt to know it.

While there are two understudies, it seems that this eighth is dominated completely by one trophy nugget. I always enjoy picking up from Fifty Fold because they will never give you the popcorn scraps you see in a lot of bigger bags today. Bubblicious is simply stunning to behold, I am dazzled by an array of green, purple, and gold. I feel like I’m back in New Orleans at the Mardi Gras Parades. Blazing orange arms raze over the surface of this flower competing to reach the top of the cola. The hairs themselves are encrusted in trichomes that stand tall, cured to perfection. I count groups of amber heads serving as beacons in a sea of milky white ghosts. The resin apparitions sparkle brilliantly across the ridges of Bubblicious. The fiery qualities of the hairs seem to reflect onto the bulbous heads of the trichomes, instilling them with a portion of their devilish color.

Exterior leaves seem to be alive, wriggling in between the highways of tangerine hairs. The body of Bubblicious seems to be dominated primary by an evolving green hue. The base of the bud dances between a lifeless olive and a reinvented pear. As my eyes work their way up the nug, the color seems to shift towards a juniper persuasion. At the crown of the flower, the harshened green momentarily transitions into a seductive mauve. At this climax, the trichomes shine especially bright. They sit like stars twinkling in the night sky, occasionally disrupted by the fiery tail of a comet. The flower’s structure is extremely bulky which would normally lead me to believe it leans toward an indica. But once you put your fingers on the foliage itself, you’ll recognize the buoyant nature of this bud. Bubblicious is a gracious example of a 50/50 hybrid, walking the line better than Johnny Cash.

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Leaf to flame, Bubblicious continues to be gentle. A careful cloud creeps onto my pallet, a signature sweetness accompanied by a formidable earthy uptick found in a quality haze. The note expands to be herbal invigorating reaches levels near peppery before the feisty qualities die back into the nullifying trademark candy of Bubblicious. The clouds themselves seem to wear a sleeve of slippery thickness. A tickling fire slushes around your mouth and sneaks down your throat. The burning persists only for a few hits before you are granted immunity. Now impervious to the hoppy heat, I am able to fully enjoy the tenderness of this bud. The syrup seems to accumulate at the base of your throat, simmering, dispensing a bouquet of flavor over time. Strangely, I would say that the sweetest part of Bubblicious is the note left on your breath after you’re done with a hit. Somehow the aftermath incited is sweeter than the smoke itself? The evaporated syrup seems to condense at the roof of my mouth, teasing me constantly with the chewy and flexible nature of Bubblicious. As the bowl chars to an end, the flavor loses the stand-alone qualities as they all seem to effortlessly merge into an awakening sweet hash. A raw woody spike bridges a hot breath of molten candy into my lungs. I’d dare to say the end of the smoke is more complex than the greens. The signature syrup seems to develop the longer it stirs in with the ember.

“Woah” is the first thing that came to mind. Bubblicious asserts itself quickly while you are distracted by the levels of delectable flavor. Through a playful transition, time itself seems to slow down. I cannot tell if it because I have sped up or if I am losing a battle to an indica nap without even realizing it. No, I definitely feel a strong arm of sativan motivation propping me up toward my keyboard. After bowl two, I feel that words are now flowing freely from my fingertips. It seems that Bubblicious invents a whirlwind of creativity and optimism while quelling any sense of inhibition. I am far from fearing overthinking and am confidently counting on this enhanced sense of authenticity. I feel energized, friendly, talkative, and inventive. All of these ideas, feelings, and sensations could potentially lead to anxiety, but this is where the indica is so present. While you are confidently on the back of a sativa dragon, you are buckled tightly to your seat via the gentle sedating arms. The rocketing sensation is accompanied by a palpable body high that you could freely give into at any moment. You are by no means locked into this productive conquest that seems to be provoked in me when I smoke Bubblicious. For a strain boasting 30% THC I would say that Bubblicious asserts itself quite calmly. I would recommend this strain to anyone who seeks a monstrous, yet malleable high, without having their faces blasted off with every hit.

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Oops, you did it again. Fifty Fold, you have to give these other producers a chance. You cannot keep crushing the competition with every strain. I thank you for constantly backing my bold claims of your dominance over the recreational market. While your Presidential Kush and God’s Gift are my favorites, I blindly try any of your strains with supreme confidence. Enough gushing, Bubblicious is beautiful to look at, has multiple levels of intriguing flavor, and packs a high that will send you to Endor. You can get some for yourself at Freedom Cannabis like I did, I also believe it is available at both Dockside locations. I recommend this strain to novices who want to try the 30% THC tier, but are hesitant not to get scared straight. Bubblicious will take care of you. Thanks for reading.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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