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Cotton Candy by Seattle Green Bud

Cotton Candy by Seattle Green Bud

Welcome back to Toasted n’ Posted, today we will be dancing with an old friend. Seattle Green Bud has drummed up quite the reputation in both cannabis and philanthropy. Seattle Green Bud has become the epitome of an organization that loves to give back and promote important social initiatives. When you come across their products it will be love at first sight, even the jars present themselves as a top shelf tequila might. As tasteful as the packaging is, I’m sure what is inside will be far tastier. Cotton Candy is an 80% sativa, something that I would typically keep out of my wheelhouse. However, variety is the flavor of life and I couldn’t consider myself much of a cannasseur if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone. Cotton Candy fluffs out to a modest 17.49% THC-A and 15.53% total THC. There is a minute trace of CBD-A, a fifteenth of a percent. Before the fight and flight, comes the weigh-in. Unfortunately, this eighth comes in at 3.39-3.4 grams, a little shy of what is expected. A tenth of a gram isn’t a big deal, but I would expect the high standards of SGB to guarantee a 3.5 gram eighth or higher. Enough jabbering, as the kids say, “let’s get lit fam.”

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Just the two of us, we can bake it if we try. I break the decorative seal preserving the grassy gargantuan. Whichever way the wind blows, it will be saturated with the profound presence of Cotton Candy. I am enveloped in a sugary wind that carries the gentle touch of a loving mother. The dazzling presentation settles in a comparatively heavy note of chocolate earth. I was perplexed to find chocolate at the forefront of Cotton Candy, many additional sniffs led to a similar conclusion. The chocolate mystery is quickly buried under an enchanting tsunami of delicate fruit. I am very hesitant to call it fruity, but the aroma parallels a strawberry rind. The flavor is so thick I feel that I can chew on this particular fragrance. The strawberry is accentuated by a gassy partner. Cotton Candy seems to emulate its own form of diesel that is drowned in feathery and pungent berry. To isolate the true origin of the profane sweetness is impossible. The odors are seamlessly melded together, presenting a medley of notes no matter how you attack it.

The only reason I continue to mention fruit is due the an elegant semi-citrus kick. The resonance mimics an orange infused strawberry, an Oranberry. In the finishes of all of my Cotton Candy breaths, I find the nutty chocolate base resurfaces to quell the raging flowery candy. As I further explore the exuberance of Cotton Candy I find myself again tangled in the light chemmy tickle. This sensation is similar to what I’d describe as a flowery quality, but instead of a weighted semi lavender choke, Cotton Candy flexes a wafting exaggeration of pine. This seems to be the root of the makeshift diesel impression. Breaking some branches, the divine gassy sweetness drowns out all competing aromas. A pungent fanged berry launches out from the core of this muddled mortar. Through a wall of molten sucrose the berry makes contact continually shaking my senses with a tangy resonance.

Cotton Candy is one hairy lady. You can barely discern the flower’s true color under the mangled web of carrot and tangerine hues. The scraggly arms scale the entire face of every nug, the smaller ones to be even more helpless to their clementine captors. The stringy cocoon proves to be quite dense for a strain that claims 80% sativa. I would say that the larger bud has the density and stability of an 80% indica! The foliage won’t budge, there aren’t any definitively leafy qualities to the petals either. The only light and playful physical element of Cotton Candy is the playful web that canopies over the jungled mess of trichomes. Glimmers of light chain throughout the body of Cotton Candy. Fully formed trichomes stand proudly on the hairs themselves. Buried under the resin is a salad of pickled green. The delicately sourced green seems to camouflage itself to match the burning orange hairs at times, peaking in a resplendent display of fiery gold. Cotton Candy grinds up huge, from the tightly wound buds comes an explosion of shredded leaf.

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Leaf to flame, this is some of the smoothest smoke that I have ever encountered. I had to visually check the cherry several times to make sure that I was actually getting a hit. The bowl was cherried and I was struck in this moment by the gentle, yet sure-footed embrace of the smoke. I may just be high, but I feel like I am eating pancakes. A chunky, thick, yet fluffy body that is doused in a lively, herbal, berry syrup. The flavor is rich, but also delicate. I feel free to guzzle as much of this flavor down as possible with no consequence or afterburn. The sweeter notes are emphasized by the mild gassiness that I had detected before. This partner dances perfectly with the candied earth, the paired flavor alone emulates a flavorful Chemdawg. A gassy, foresty, pine spear juts into the gut of a piñata. The collision combusts into a resin soaked inferno. At this point some fiercer and heavier qualities emerge from the formerly friendly clouds. The Chemdawg representation seems to roll over the candied qualities after there are no more available green hits. The charred remains are still semi-sweet, but ultimately the flavor evolves into a peppery pine demon. We’re currently in negotiation over my soul. The demon eventually loses the will to fight and dies into a foresty hashy puddle for the last few hits. Subsequent greens lead to an emphasized ‘candy’ flavor, it seems that your tastebuds navigate a familiarity after a handful of puffs. These greens taste a lot closer to bubblegum.

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After basking in the embrace of Cotton Candy for about twenty minutes, I decide to pack another bowl. Mind you, my bowl holds approximately .7 grams. I want to see how far this sativa cherub is willing to carry me. Excluding one’s possible preference for specific arrangements of terpenes, Cotton Candy may be the perfect sativa. The approach of both the smoke and the high that accompanies it is extremely well balanced. You can easily miss the come-up as it is so gradual and natural that the euphoria asserts itself with virtually no turbulence. You are at absolutely no risk for ‘sativa anxiety’ in the arms of the caring Cotton Candy. The high is very functional, motivational, and reassuring. I also feel a genuine comfort and stillness to my often raging stomach. (I have acid reflux) I seem to benefit from some pseudo medicinal qualities from this high. There is a tame body high that accompanies the soaring inspiration. Fear not, the massaging euphoria is closer to a cockpit than a casket. You are locked into a comfortable laser focus, ready to target and assassinate the chores of the day. Cotton Candy is the gas that every weekend warrior needs to stay giggly and affable after the torment of a hard week’s work. The high is extremely sharp, I feel no hinderance in comprehension or motor skills. I know every stoner likes to think that no one can tell that they are high, but with Cotton Candy no one will actually be able to notice. You may actually get compliments on having a great attitude and good focus. I highly recommend this strain to those that are strictly goal oriented and fear being lost to the laziness that can occasionally accompany some sativa strains.

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Seattle Green Bud, you did it again. I fall in love with every aspect of your flower every time I am blessed enough to have it cross my path. From the presentation, to the flavor, to the quality of the high you have it down pat. As the kids would say, shawty bad and she know it. Jokes aside, you know how to uphold your integrity as a brand and continually produce some of the most famous flower in Washington. If you have yet to check out the ever expanding lines of top quality products procured by Seattle Green Bud, you are missing out. From their top notch flower to their phenomenal Saints Joints preroll packs they are slinging their weight as a titan of the industry. I am dying to try your Sour Diesel and whatever that crazy brown Dragon strain is. I’m bad with time management so I’ll drop Chemdawg by Cedar Creek Cannabis tomorrow. I picked this particular jar up from Dockside Cannabis at their SoDo location, where I always receive the highest standard of service at low low prices.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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