Chemdawg by Cedar Creek

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Chemdawg by Cedar Creek Cannabis

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Chemdawg by Cedar Creek Cannabis

Welcome back to Toasted n’ Posted! I feel as though we had just visited the volatile wonderland that is Chemdawg, but I felt it necessary to single out Cedar Creek’s production in particular. I sought this out whilst perusing the top shelf selection at The Pot Zone in Port Orchard. Cedar Creek is quite new to me as a producer, but they have instilled a quiet confidence with this landmark representation of classic Chemdawg. The name seems to carry far and wide these days, serving as an umbrella for seemingly a million different phenotypes. I love all forms of Chemdawg, but I feel often daunted and lost in the sea of often bastardized lineage. Considering Chemdawg is Nepalese in origin, I can only imagine the litters of offspring conjured in attempts to replicate the original traits. I ache for the original kick that had me fall in love in the first place. As you may know, Chemdawg is the root of hall of fame strains such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Cedar Creek’s meteoric production has a total THC content of 29.97%. Cedar Creek also hooked it up with a healthy 3.71 gram eighth! More for me! Let’s dive in.

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How does Cedar Creek smell? Like 10 car air fresheners set aflame. Just how I like it. A bit of my cheek is blown off by a jet of refreshing, yet annihilating pine mist. The fragrance dwells in the air, it is wet and soothing. A sedative breath similar to inhaling the steam lingering over a cooling cup of chamomile tea. The strain has such a presence that the odor alone seems to course pleasure through you. The aftermath of this contact relinquishes into a soft, sweet, and gassy bliss. The more I relax into the diesel soaked fields, the more I can welcome the ferocious pungency. The soft fields warps into a pulsing wet, sour, and skunky mass. This angle kicks up and tangles with the aforementioned pinene lance to decompose into a decadent broth. The awkward semi-diesel jet mixed with the pine seems to mimic a high end shampoo. A sporty one.


Chemdawg wreaks of purity and authenticity with its trademark fragrance. I am struck by the rich skunky jet time and time again, basking in the sharp, yet playful resonance. There is an underlying sweet charm that calls me back like a siren song. Only if you can decipher the pungent earth-rich gas can you truly expose and appreciate the soft succulent note. This candied touch isn’t similar to fruit, candy, chocolate, or even granulated sugar, this hidden gem is part of what sets Chemdawg apart from the anonymous orgy of hybrids that dominate the recreational market. Breaking branches, I am once again assaulted by the same gassy whirlwind. My nostrils singe from the potency. This phenotype in particular could parent a ferocious brand of Sour Diesel.The pinene presence augments itself into a flowery uptick at the end of the skunky diesel kiss. I try to identify more evolving scents, but despite my best efforts all I can smell is wet earth, skunk, and pungent diesel. I love a strain that puts up a fight on its presence alone!

I am lost to the decadent leafy ramparts that is Chemdawg. The crystalline fortress is absolutely dusted in bronzed milky trichomes. The cloudy pillars stand in droves atop a flakey crocodile canvas. Even the dwindling lime sugar leaves that remain shimmer in their own jackets of resplendent resin. The buds are somewhat hearty, raised into plump balls with flesh that gives with a light squeeze. The foliage falls into itself with relatively no fight mimicking the malleability of cardboard. I ease my grip and the happy nug fluffs right back into shape. The buds certainly have a body, but the stretching leafy qualities in this production embody something along a 30/70 hybrid in favor of sativa. The flower is extremely well cured, squishes at the touch, doesn’t crunch. The exterior green is somewhat brittle, but the interior is tender and sticky. It appears that Cedar Creek provides flower that is ripe and ready for rolling. Minuscule fiery orange hairs tickle along the face of this production. It looks like this plant may have shaved two or three days ago. The fledgling hairs cannot compete with the radiant masses of fully formed trichomes blasted upon any and all available surfaces. The trichomes radiate an aura that provides a ghostly highlight to the shelves of lime verdancy.

Leaf to flame, my throat too is lit by the refreshing herbal annihilation. The delectable clouds chase a tantalizing skunky pine breath deep into my taste buds. The flavor bubbles on my tongue like a benign magma, each dispersing bubble reinvents the powerful pine impression. The taste isn’t simply pine, it is enhanced to the level of a supermutant by a sharp sour and flowery gassy note. The flavor itself conjures a personal feeling of excitement and optimism. Every inhalation sparks you awake, ready to attack the next task…but that is probably just taking another hit. Every breath is so gassy, I can taste it on my breath long after I’ve stopped smoking. Chemdawg is like a fiery and sweet green tea, it soothes your soul and warms your mind with every divine breath. The show stealing diesel jet eventually subsides into an earthy wake. The wetness in the aroma translates to this flavor as well. It is like a mess of peppercorns, basil, and other lively herbs were scattered across a flooded forest floor. Occasionally, the feisty skunk jet will resurface through the muddied wood and catch you off guard. Whichever way that Chemdawg may strike you in the moment, the sensation will be palpable and pungent.

I’m so high. That was just off of one bowl. I need another. I personally feel that I have a predisposition to absorb Chemdawg, it is a high that has always resonated with me in a unique way. I usually do not treasure a sativa driven high, but something about the penetrating and piercing come up that mimics an indica persuasion. You are so awake that you become distracted by the profound comfort and euphoria that Chemdawg provides. So in a way, the awesome sativa power causes you to be distracted further and further by seemingly anything. Chemdawg welcomes you to analyze and assess all topics into blissful redundancy. I consider this strain to be an excellent ‘buddy-buddy’ weed for good friends to smoke while working on a project. The high encourages a personal sense of ease and promotes conversation. Chemdawg is a comfortable vehicle in which you can step out of your shell, the savior of the introvert.

As I boast about how ‘awake’ this strain makes you, my eyes are reclining behind my eyelids and body is sinking into a boundless calm. I personally utilize this strain for its creative properties and the ability it gives me to step out of my own shoes and make a plan for the day. Chemdawg is a high you learn to manipulate to your needs. Flexibility and potency are the reasons that I consider Chemdawg to be one of my favorite strains.

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Good gracious, Cedar Creek Cannabis. This is some of the best Chemdawg that I have had in some time. It is true to my memories and I have to thank you for the often needed trip to Nostalgia Island. You provided a fat eighth, a flavor I treasure, and the high that I needed. I cannot wait to further your explore your strain library and see which other strains you will do undoubtedly magnificent justice. Thank you to The Pot Zone for opening my eyes to the fantastic Cedar Creek Cannabis as a producer. Make sure to stop by their store in Port Orchard to receive top notch service and top shelf buds! This may very well be my go-to Chemdawg for the foreseeable future. Thanks for reading.

Stay high and stay blessed,

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