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Hindu Sour by Burnwell Co

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Hindu Sour by Burnwell Co

Welcome back to another sensory experience from Toasted n’ Posted. Today, we are bringing you a very unique production from our good friends at Burnwell. They produce some of the most colorful and charismatic flower that I see in the Washington area and Hindu Sour is no exception. For that reason, I’ve included somewhere around 60 photos in this post and condensed none of them to a slideshow you have to witness all of Hindu Sour’s resplendent glory. Remember, you can always click to enlarge.

Hindu Sour is a cross of *Ding Ding* you guessed it, Sour Diesel and Hindu Kush. I already have a pretty solid understanding of how powerful their Hindu cross is, but I have yet to see what their impression of Sour Diesel is. We always keep an open mind here at Toasted n’ Posted, so I welcome the modest THC percentage of 13.8 percent. Honestly, I got wrecked by some 2:1 CBD strain the other day after a handful of bowls, never underestimate your opponent. I am shocked when I glance at the harvest date, it says 2/9/2017. That is a fat minute ago, perhaps Burnwell loves us enough to indulge in an elaborate curing process? Let’s find out and tear into Hindu Sour!

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Hindu Sour hulks forward with a benign confidence. This strain exudes a passive cloud of earthy pepper. The sensation is light and tender but inescapable at the same time. The peppery wall is driven further by a contending cool breeze. The air is almost minty in its refreshing capacity, but the scent does not emulate menthol in the slightest. The foreign chill falls into a glacial skunky bog. Hindu Sour flexes its own brand of skunk cologne. In lieu of the foul wet echo that typically accompanies the after breath of skunk, the note is kicked up into a medley of forest herbs and peppercorns. It seems the signature of this flower is extremely herbal and grassy.

There is a tame gassiness at the bottom of this aromatic dog pile, but the odor is not nearly fierce enough to be regarded as diesel. Breaking a couple branches there is a tentative emphasis on the diesel characteristics. I am struck by pungent gas that nearly brings me to that “Damn, that’s gassy” climax, but right before it earns its wings, the flavor peters out back into the seductive cool pepper. A more typical skunk dominance is asserted during this time as well. The cumulative resurgence seems to let off a reserved sweetness mimicking a trace of bubblegum heritage.

Hindu Sour may inspire you to believe in love at first sight. My eyes are drawn to the array of color than dances upon the ghostly olive canvas. Being a purple addict, I celebrate the brilliant pockets of electric violet, but I would be lying if I said that was the first thing that I noticed. Unbiasedly, I think the most attractive quality of this flower are the bulky tangerine hairs that wear a jacket of trichomes themselves. The brushy glimmer of every tendril seems to wrap the flower in a jacket fitting a tacky movie star. The hairs themselves have an astounding fluffy quality that call for your hands to touch them. The citrine spiderweb protects a rich valley of verdant color. The foliage underlying the furry titan is a parade of delicate olive and crocodile hues. The volume of trichomes seems to blend them into a tactful medium at any time the warring colors meet.

Now the purple, rich pockets of wine are scattered through the body of Hindu Sour. The mauve petals seem to all reach the same pinnacle of a poignant white. I have deduced that due to Burnwell’s insane integrity and quality trim it must just be where the careful trimmer sheared the bud, I do not attribute it to the strain’s true coloration. If you are looking to fall in love with that classic Kush bud structure reinvented as a fortress Hindu Sour is for you. Physically, it seems that the Hindu Kush has completely overtaken any leafy Sour Diesel influence. Perhaps that is why Sour is the afterthought in the name as well because Hindu Kush certainly seems to wear the pants in the relationship so far. This flower is dense enough to be considered a full-fledged indica, the individual buds group so tightly together it seems that the school of dank is one solid illusory mass. Even the hairs on this bud seem to conjure their own concept of density. 13.8% or not, this strain is a heavyweight. I see two distinct patterns with the trichomes. It seems that like the lineage, the trichomes too, are extremely one sided. You’ll notice, especially when looking at the macros, the wild differences in population and quality varying from photo to photo. Some display prominent rows of milky white with all of their heads of straight. Others display somewhat barren landscapes tossed with the bodies of scraggly headless trichomes. Leave it to me to find even one flaw in the presence of awesome beauty. Let’s smoke.

Leaf to flame, I am met with an eloquent hashy breath. The flavor is thick, bold, yet tender. There is a certain earthbound ferocity in it that is muzzled by a unique flowery echo. Under the palatable blanket of hash lies a somewhat ‘chemmy’ breath. A pinene spike muddled with the aforementioned herbal pepperiness stirs into an invigorating lift comparable to Chemdawg. Chemdawg is a parent of Sour Diesel if I am not mistaken. I find it funny how the flavor seems to completely bypass any presence of Sour Diesel, but brings out the nature of an estranged parent. How peculiar. As soon as I start to adjust as the semi-soothing bite of Hindu Sour, the flavor rapidly expands combusting into a raw peppery breath. It seems just as I condemned the Sour Diesel qualities, some struggle to the surface. I would still say there is a complete omission of gassiness, but the sour side steps forward. Every occasional puff is blessed by the grace of the sour angel and it completely nullifies the belligerent qualities to deliver one toll free hit. The elusiveness of the compassionate tartness creates starts a game of peek-a-boo within the smoke itself.  The piney chem qualities seem to fuse with the sour graces to overpower the peppery earth that boils below. It seems the ‘minty’ aroma I encountered prior, was just a precursor to the wildly sharp chemmy notes. Perhaps a more appropriate moniker would be Hindu Dawg?

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For a humbling THC percentage, the high produced by Hindu Sour is quite palpable. To the extent that without reading the statistics beforehand, you may never actually question the integrity of the flower in the first place. If anything, I think this speaks to what style of compromises can be made in the direction of flavor without actually deducting from the consumer experience. I suppose technically, they will be ‘less’ high, but I believe that terpenes are the keys to new dimensions of the experience and somewhere between those points is a masterful threshold. Rant ahoy, I must be stoned. The 13 percentile encourages a slow come up and a gentle merging with the high. I assure you, that is the only difference between this and say some random 25% THC strain. Both ponies will get you to the finish line, but one will enjoy their leisurely travel. Eyes low, mind gone, the typical indica qualities are expressed in great quality. Hindu Kush seems to pilot a majority of the high as well. My god, for some reason the subsequent bowls taste better than the first. Every time I go to inhale, I expect a boring beaten breath of its defeated nature, but Hindu Sour refuses to die. Every hit is almost more delectable than the last! I have to revisit the fact that this flavor spike almost surges the euphoria as I thrash about in delicious ecstasy. Hindu Sour is here for a good time, it makes you affable, witty, playful, and giggly as all hell. This strain may be an effective wingman for a night out at the club! It is also perfect for sitting adrift in the massaging sea of indica, who knows, maybe one day the diesel will surface and a sea turtle will carry you back to shore. When enveloped in the kind and warm embrace of Sour Hindu, one simply can’t prefer to be anywhere other than where they are. A dangerous level of comfort with complacence is probably the only downfall within the high. I would recommend a ‘stacked’ version of this stone only to naturally driven individuals or someone who needs to balance out a caffeine binge.

All’s well that Burns Well. My lord does Hindu Sour do that. THC percentages are a lie, I feel prolifically high. (That rhymed) Burnwell, you are a true crusader against the high THC stigmas providing the same, or better highs through your flower branded with a modest percentage. I think you walk a perfect middle ground to be appealing to both the beginner and veteran consumer groups. Both parties treasure flavor and color, which you definitely nail. But, you could satisfy a newbie’s curiosity with a few puffs or satisfy the longing of a veteran stoner with your curing and execution. To all of you reading this, cop some Burnwell and show me a $40.00 eighth that smokes betterI’ll wait.

It’s all love, but I do have a few notes. The jars are too small man, I appreciate the heady huge nugs, but not at the price of having to be a surgeon just to extract them without breaking. No offense, but I instantly switched it to one of my reserve jars as I do with most producers who provide bags or awkward jars. I don’t know where Sour Diesel was in the production, I personally was very excited to get gassed out by Burnwell. I won’t hold it against you, but I feel you could risk turning off a new buyer expecting an electric gassy punch. I love this strain, but I do not feel the name represents it accurately. Thanks for reading everybody and I hope you come stop by The Pot Zone and get some top shelf cannabis like the strains featured here!

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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