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TK-01 by anonymous

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TK-01 by anonymous

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! This strain is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in pita bread. TK-01 was grown by friend down in Oregon that seems hellbent on keeping me guessing as to its lineage. One thing is for certain, it is his favorite strain to blast due to its incredible yield and high resin content. Unfortunately, mystery in this case also means I have no analytical data to offer you in terms of THC/CBD content. With a name like TK-01 I expect it will smoke like a Transformer or a secret government weapon. Autobots, roll up.

TK-01 has a laid back aroma that you have to dive into to truly appreciate. The odor begins as a nostalgic musk. The aged earthiness is similar to the bag of mower clippings that wasn’t completely emptied. There is a hanging dankness of earthbound sour as the fermented souls release their aging terpenes. This enticing stink crescendos into a mild sugar. The sucrose sensation is foreign because it comes attached to a warmth. The tropical exhaust is similar to humidity after a summer storm. There is a dank sweetness that you can pull out of the hot low hanging air. The candied dewdrops seem to fall into puddles rippling into a light berry curvature. Despite the many hats that TK-01 seems to wear, its fragrance is ultimately woody. Every breath leaves me charmed by mellow nostalgia. A short whiff of the aged pine gasp whisks me away to my grandparents cabin. I have to dive deeper into this dream.

This inception was well received so I decided to break a couple branches. The luscious berry aroma blossoms into a citrus accent with a flowery finish. The newborn scent completes its lifecycle by resting into one final herbal breath. The taste is subtle, broad, and constant. The stewing resurgence presents itself as a knock off brand of Windex. I am drawn in again and again by the antagonizing blast of freshness. It seems that this strain carries the highest magnitude of its flavor in its core. I went as far to put whole flower and ground up bud into two separate piles and smell them respectively. Their smell profiles are drastically different. It seems that TK-01 has certain reservations upon meeting someone new. The true presence lies deep within the plant’s fibers, hidden realms of sugared crispness.

TK-01 is not the prettiest girl at the pageant. The buds are long and scraggly by design. Leaves let off into mind warping curls. The paper thin foliage manages to contort itself into wonderful patterns as it snakes across the underweight stem. ‘Fragile’ appears to be the theme with TK-01, I have to demonstrate a lot of care when handling the buds so I do not clip the series of verdant wings. Burnt bronze hairs blaze across the surface of this flower behaving as sporadically as the winding leaves.  Ducking in and out of the olive paper, it becomes a chore to follow one impish hair to its finish. The plant matter on the bottom half of each nug seems to be faced completely inward that you can only see the underside of each leaf. Perhaps that is a hint towards the true flavor that is being projected inward.

As you look this bud eye to eye, it starts to open up. TK-01 boasts dazzling shades of crocodile that pale instantaneously into a ghostly lime. Both hues are very neutral, a sort of defeated shade that tries to make a background out of itself. This recessive tendency allows me to appreciate the sea of crystalline heads before me. I see trichomes more clearly on this strain than I do on most others. The trichomes for some strange reason appear taller, more wholesome. This girl may not be pretty, but she sure has some personality! This flower has to have a strong sativa heritage because the bud structure screams sativa. The disheveled pillar wears empty bulk as a light squeeze will reveal. There is no real element of density, it seems that TK-01 is just a bound mass of leaf, similar to Cousin It from the Adams Family. You can keep digging but you won’t find much of anything other than trichome decorated leaves.

Leaf to flame, this strain smokes eerily similar to the Seattle Chemdawg that I dug into the other week. The forefront is extremely piney, flowery, sweet, and rather ‘chemmy.’ Perhaps it is just the candied berry stirring with the herbal citrus to come off as the Chemdawg echo but it is ridiculously similar. The citrus manages to plume into a hashy Windex before I can accurately place what type of citrus is present. The smoke itself seems to have a trademark texture, a heat signature is what I’d call it. The flavor is distributed through what seems to be a thin layer of hot steam. I know I am literally smoking, but independent of the size puff I take, I feel the same vaporous courier delivering the piercing molten kiss I desire. I have no idea why I feel this way, but every hit of TK-01 tastes like it has been vaporized.

The vile purity about this flavor is truly bizarre. The flavors emboldens itself as the bowl chars. The woody and herbal notes take humongous leaps forward as they drown out the charming subtlety I’d experienced with the green hits. Each cloud is now full-bodied and peppery, leaving a certain rawness in my throat. It appears that ‘T’ may stand for Trojan Horse because I’ve been bamboozled. What happened to the nice strain I fell in love with? I ask again and again as I embrace subsequently harsher clouds. Even the herbal fire seems to die down during TK-01’s last breaths and a soothing pine sanctuary is leaked through in its last moments. I am frozen with relief like a fresh jet of cool air in a sweltering vehicle, a proverbial treasure chest behind the blazing dragon.

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This strain has me utterly disoriented, I fail to understand how something so leafy could produce an effect like this. It was about three seconds until I felt a cinderblock was dropped onto my head. TK-01 has no interest in negotiation and storms the castle. I feel the sedative concrete dissolve atop my dazed head and infuse its weight into the rest of my body. I had to pause for a moment when I was writing about the flavor of the smoke to register how belligerently high I was. You are welcome to rage against the hindering blanket as it coils around you, but you are going nowhere. The judgement of TK-01 is absolute and the decision passes that you must lay in the dark to eat chips and watch Netflix. I would not recommend this strain before speed dating or any occasion where you have to exert yourself physically, emotionally, or socially. You may just want to lie in a sarcophagus and watch reruns of Family Guy. This high has one speed and that is slow down. I feel myself powering down as I continue to battle out the rest of this post. I wish there was more complexity to TK-01 than an incapacitating calm, but I just smoked several grams only to effectively push myself closer towards hibernation. TK-01 is also extremely silly and distracting, I find my mind is constantly drawn away from the task at hand. If you seek a powerful lullaby that will encourage you to laugh yourself to sleep, TK-01 would be a choice ally.

TK-01 seems to have some identity issues as nothing that smokes like this should smoke like that. I can see from the macro shots why he loves blasting this resin glazed foliage into concentrate. You can practically see the yield laid out before your eyes. Rarely, do I feel stumped by a strain of cannabis, but this production is especially peculiar. I will so be frustrated if it turns out that the Chemdawg was in the lineage all along. If you manage to get your hands on some of this leafy crystal encrusted TK-01…don’t let go.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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