Passion Fruit by Lifted Cannabis

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Passion Fruit by Lifted Cannabis Co.

Passion Fruit by Lifted Cannabis Co.

Welcome back to Toasted n’ Posted! Don’t mind the torn packaging, I had to cheat and smell this one as soon as I got home. The integrity of this review will still be upheld! I’d had a slam dunk of an introduction to Lifted Cannabis over this past week and I’ve decided that we need to get some of their amazing strains on the books here at Toasted n’ Posted. While their Gorilla Glue nearly melted my face off, I’ve always been one to be drawn to the unconventional flavor combinations. For this reason, I chose to check out Passion Fruit. There is little to no strain information on Passion Fruit available to the public at the moment. It seems that this appraisal will be much needed! Passion Fruit is charged with 20.83% Active THC and the recreational market trademark of .16% CBD. The harvest date was a little less than a month ago so we will be dealing with some pretty fresh product considering proper curing time etcetera. I recently started weighing the bags or jars from dispensaries to make sure that the stated weight was accurate. I am happy to report that Lifted Cannabis is a friendly connect providing a 3.63 gram eighth. A point here and there goes a long way in the book of the avid stoner and it also helps reassure the customer that they are not paying for stems. A mysterious fruity lineage, fresh foliage, and a fat slice leads to a great formal first impression so far for Lifted Cannabis.

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Passion is found in every bit of this aroma. I am disarmed by a tart jungle mist. The haze is both juicy and savory eventually being drawn upward into a strong tropical wind. The essence of wet tree fruit batters into your senses like a typhoon crashing into a mountain of electric melon. The body of the fragrance carries itself very similar to the flavor of a coconut. Both pungent and subtle, the aroma is so awkwardly bold that it could be mistakenly attributed to the environment and not the flower itself. Additional sweet and flowery notes emerge from the tossing forest. These palatable flavors stir eventually taking root in a blend mocking a fusion of lavender and island fruit. This coupling happens to be one of my personal favorites.

The approach of the scent is extremely wet and airy, a playful humidity with nearly no presence of skunk or earthiness. Yet, as I pull away from the jar, the virile pungency refuses to leave your nose. Within this time the belligerent tenant seems to ferment and deploy some sort of defense mechanism. The playful sugary winds molt into a foul skunky bath. The bizarre skunky sting somehow manages to remain tropical in nature. I was not informed that Pepe LaPew would be trying to seduce me during this island vacation. I trace the skunky notes back to one specific part of the tropical aroma. There is a superficial layer acting as an armor before the other terpenes. The ripened chainmail comes off as if you were munching solely on the skin of an underripe plum. At core the taste is fragrant and sweet, but holds a feisty after bite for those who are unprepared.

As I break a few branches, the monsoon resumes. I believe that the skunky foreplay was merely foreshadowing of the foul pine jet that was released. I am paralyzed as I am hammered down by an unending torrent of fruit accented pine. The aroma strikes so quickly that the rapid introduction of pinene or terpineol comes off as an unworldly citrus. As you acclimate to the new body of Passion Fruit, the storm subsides back into the raunchy bog of tree fruit from whence it came. This strain is certainly a ‘nose tingler’ offering up a bouquet of varied aromas every time you dare lean in for another tantalizing kiss.

My eyes are instantly drawn to the exuberant orange hairs. The strands appear like tiger colored lightning narrowly jutting across the surface of the leafy planet. Each arm seems to have a mind of its own as they incessantly weave in and out of Passion Fruit’s bulky flesh. Almost as enchanting as the tangerine thunderbolts are the trichomes that grace the face of this flower. In certain lighting the flower is void of color and all you can see are ranks of miniature mirrors reflecting brilliant beams right at you. Even the stems of the Passion Fruit buds seem to sparkle with their own detail of trichomes.

There is a natural safari with how many colors are present in this production. The somber green hues provide a delicious stage upon which the lightning can dance. The orange roadmap leads me to several vibrant destinations. Found deep within the confines of the brilliant jungle planet are rich pockets of purple. A twisted wine hue is locked away in renegade fibers of the glistening green bud. As I scanned the verdant crevasses, they become easier to locate with the help of a macro lens. While I always tend to seek out the purple in cannabis, the other coloration is not lost on me. The rich emerald and pine sections of the flower charge the contrast to the hairs so that they appear unlike any I had seen before. One thing is clear, is that this flower is exploding with life. I would compare the flower structure very similar to a well-cured Bruce Banner. Absolutely flexible and fluffy, yet the buds seem to hold the ways of a kush closely to the heart. The tightly bound and moderately dense foliage lets out a satisfying crunch with a squeeze. The flower was undoubtedly cured well, especially considering the short amount of time it has been on the shelf.

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Leaf to flame, the starting gates lower and two bolts of ferocious lightning are released. One representing a earthy skunky mint, the second embodying the light tangy fruity notes. These two flavors race side by side, parallel until they crash into my chest. The raw woodlands war with the candy coated island to create a delicious compromise. As if someone drove a smoldering cinder of pine into a mango the flavor manages to snowball into a fruity ash. That’s right, I said ash and not hash. I suppose the difference being the same resin soaked scorching but ultimately with a blackened soot finish. This fruity phoenix manages to revive itself from the whirling storm of candied ash. The tropical resurgence results in a sweetness curbed up against the harsh wall. Depending on what level of challenge you seek within the smoke you can dive full-on into peppery annihilation or ease back into the relaxed island breeze.  The obscure tangy resonance seems to uplift you into a piney semi-diesel chem trail. This flavor seems to blossom into a perpetual gravel laced candy, but then retracts you back into the harsh prison you just nearly escaped. Between hits, control is juggled between these two domineering flavors until you are utterly lost or just don’t care. The see-saw averages out to a tart, driven skunk balancing out into some kushier qualities.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 12.25.48 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-04 at 12.25.39 PM

The high produced by Passion Fruit is multi-faceted in its approach. You feel a pull over here, a warmness over there, and a general sense of confusion about where you stand in this limitless dimension of euphoria. I would certainly say the sensation leads with its indica foot forward, but the way the body high asserts itself is quite peculiar. You truly do not feel much until you are about a bowl in. You feel a sensual uptick in your personally about then, that is the sign to keep smoking. At this point, you formulate some sort of bearing within the limitless dimension only to have it expand even further. You feel a wave of calm slush over you, the prompted isolation feels wonderful. I desire nothing more than to be alone with my thoughts in this moment. I feel this way, though I am experiencing relatively no head high or overwhelming stimulation past what is needed to negate the sedating indica pitfalls. This high feels extremely balanced, feels to me to be a perfect example of what a 50-50 hybrid should provide. I feel collected, masterful, and at peace. I feel no conflict in that I am actively churning a day of work out on another holiday. I feel a satisfaction in my daily movements, motions, and accomplishments. Passion Fruit provides a friendly mirror through which you can accurately view yourself. Use this time of introspection to greet your flaws and your assets with great reassurance. This high seems to be an effective conduit for self-confidence. Let Passion Fruit instill a sense of passion back into you. This strain seems to coax out what makes you you, and love you for it. I could bask all day in the self absorbed light of this introspective playground.

Thank you Lifted Cannabis for providing me with the chance to try some of your flower. I have to say that I was right for trying out your Passion Fruit. This strain emulated some of my favorite aromas, tastes, and elements of a good stone. Passion Fruit’s is uniquely uplifting high coupled with a palpable body stone will bring me back for another bowl, I am certain. I expect this to be the start of a long friendship, matter of fact, I have your Cotton Candy lined up for next week to be weighed against Seattle Green Bud’s. My only complaint is that your jars are too small! I broke the trophy nug just trying to get it out. Some of these photos look like this one bud has a huge unclipped stem, but it is because one of the lower buds got stripped off.

I am most thankful for this past week putting me in touch with The Pot Zone. They are the source for top shelf flower in Grays Harbor, Kitsap County and soon, Pierce County! I look forward to getting to know them better and help them continue to stock the best that the recreational cannabis world has to offer! Be sure to stop by The Pot Zone to receive V.I.P. treatment, top quality cannabis, and super competitive prices. This is only the first review of today. LOL, next up…TK-01.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs


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