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Strawberry Cough by Northcoast Growers

sc10Strawberry Cough by Northcoast Growers

There’s 150 and more to see, come become a strain master and smoke with me! That was to the Pokemon theme, if you didn’t get that you had a deprived childhood. Anyway, welcome back to Toasted n’ Posted while we crack into something really special. Northcoast Growers has provided the most splendid example of Strawberry Cough that I have ever seen! I cannot wait to break this one down and see why it truly outshines the rest. With 21% THCA and 19.07% total THC, it sits right within the terpene county lines where flavor is aplenty. This will be the first thing I have ever tried by Northcoast, but they are a friend’s favorite…and he looks really high all of the time. Seems credible. I personally long for the sedative lift that is provided by Haze heritage. There is sort of a paradox in the lineage of Strawberry Cough. Strawberry Cough is Haze x Strawberry Fields, but I swear the muddied lineage of Strawberry Fields comes from Strawberry Cough. Chicken or the egg first, I’m going to smoke ’em both!

I am first met with a rapidly expanding skunky note. The foulness disperses into the open air curving into a sweet flowery resonance. Underneath the vile plumes are strawberry terpenes like I had never before encountered. The fragile fragrance seems to arc on the back of each skunky wave. The berry approaches as a sweet red carpet laid out before you. My tastebuds lean into the fresh flooring that seems to provide several mattresses worth of comfort within the rebounding flavor. My tongue twists and churns to be further swaddled in the limitless layers of the strawberry blanket. The skunky musk seems to be beaten out of the aroma almost completely. In this instant, all competing flavors are absorbed into the blossoming strawberry kiss. In the wake of the berry crusade there is a rain of lively earth. It provides a revitalizing pick me up as if you were bathing in the produce section mist of a grocery store. I feel as though I am standing at the head of a sweet fruity waterfall. The flavors crash at the fragrant basin to kick up a skunky sweet revelation.


I need more, I snap the cured branches under each nostril. Launching from the heart of the provoked nectar is an extremely tropical flowery note. The scent is very amiable, but it bares a hard edge that comes off as some sort of citrus. The presence of this flower is amplified ten fold once you dare to tear into some foliage. The specific strawberry hints die into a pool of general fruity spiciness. Flowery is an understatement, the potent aroma attacks my sinuses. I don’t know if it was the three dabs I took earlier today, but my nose has become clogged and is now actually running from dwelling in the revived presence of Strawberry Cough. The negation of the Strawberry polarity results in the original skunky hammerhead circling back around. Quickly, I have to fight off this skunky beast with fire.

Tangled in a net of bronze spears, Strawberry Cough continues on to be candy for the eyes as well. Strawberry Cough stands as a proud sativa should, the body is relatively thick at the base and the leaves thin out drastically as each flower strives to touch the sky. The nugs have an enchanting lightness that dispenses another jet of the signature perfume at a squeeze. A sparkling blizzard of trichomes is cast across the entire surface of each bud. The trichomes shine so resplendently that they appear to be holographic as I scan my eyes across them. The flowers seem to be built into their own self contained tornados. Emphasizing the appearance of the vortex are the rich orange hairs that restlessly coil around the storm. Like a city view at night, all you can really see are the glimmering lights and the highlighted streets. So is the case with Strawberry Cough, contrasted against the allure of the bright hues the actual color of the foliage seems lost. There is a rich sea of color. Raging waves of crocodile and pine hues crash into each other resonating in a glorious crystalline foam. While the flower is relatively light, the buds actually bundle quite close together taking on a mild density. I appreciate Northcoast for producing a sativa that also gives you a little something extra to hold onto. 😉

Leaf to flame, I am met with a zesty peppery strawberry sucker punch. The sensation is quite raw and fierce but it is balanced every step of the way by the lingering sweet kiss on the exhale. The peppery herbal notes seem to grow stronger and stir with the skunky foul origins to present a truly unique sensation. The taste is so skunky and earthy you may actually register it as cheesy. I never thought I would be lured into appreciating strawberry accented cheese, but here I am. I bask in the hashy aftermath lit up by the fiery remains of the strawberry patch. The true berry flavor only sticks around for greens and a couple hits after. It isn’t long before you have to face down an angry dragon for the rest of the bowl. The razed reckoning comes forward as a medley of pepper and roasted pine. The flavor seems to churn in the fallen berry bodies to stir up a light sweet aftertaste similar to a Dutch Berry. The smoldering syrup seems to layer in my mouth, making each hit thicker than the last.

sc18Subtlety seems to be the nature of Strawberry Cough. The high is certainly a creeper taking several minutes to manifest. While the complexities within the flavor may be misconstrued as an actual effect, this strain takes a little while to step forward. A gentle approach as the hot hashy cloud results in your body being met with a friendly cool breeze. The careful winds graze my skin and begin to weave closer and closer until I am locked in a cocoon of comfort. This sensation isn’t restricting or hindering, but it provides you with a sensory armor that you are free to break out of at any time. There is no reason to fight this kind bud, subsequent bowls seem to fortify this sensation. As the wicked webs of Strawberry Cough dig into my mind I seem to have unlocked several new versions of perspective. A level of manic omnipotence is encouraged. I feel as though I can choose which mood I want to be in, who I want to be, and ultimately what I want to do. This is a powerful feeling of empowerment and motivation that seems to be the driving energy behind Strawberry Cough.

Like the qualities within the smoke clouds, the high seems to layer quickly. Additional clouds seem to bare considerably more weight, and each rank in the Strawberry Cough ladder seems further away. The high is too profound to stop climbing now. I feel a stimulating tingling residing at the base of my skull. Where the head meets the neck, I feel like the Tin Man after a fresh canister of oil. Greased up, at ease, and ready to go! Strawberry Cough will have you ready to attack your day after a few bowls, flying monkeys or not. I would highly recommend this strain as a life-coaching sativa without putting you at risk of anxiety. For a sativa, I actually find a palpable amount of physical relief within the effect. I feel to be sedated in my neck, spine, and shoulders. I generally feel tension in those areas and it feels as if a cool gel has incapacitated the nerves.

Northcoast Growers, a hell of an introduction. You’ve made me glad that I decided to preemptively pickup your Cheese strain as well. This is hands-down my favorite production of Strawberry Cough that I have encountered so far. So much is often lost in the skunky qualities or earthiness, but you managed to engineer a strong strawberry note. Strawberry Cough is a misleading moniker, I didn’t cough at all. I was actually surprised by the sweet salvation that I found in a traditionally herbal and foul strain. I will happily revisit the levels of complexity within Northcoast’s Strawberry Cough in the near future. Shoutout to Dockside SoDo for keeping it real in a challenging industry. They offer all of the top shelf strains you need at competitive prices at the hands of competent budtenders! Got some insane stuff for you next week!

Stay high and stay blessed,

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