50 Pineapples by Fifty Fold

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50 Pineapples by Fifty Fold

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50 Pineapples by Fifty Fold

Approaching the midnight hour, I welcome you to a very special strain experience today! We will be delving into 50 Pineapples by Fifty Fold, the only one of his strains I have yet to try! I try to remain unbiased, but I must mention that Fifty Fold consistently produces my favorite cannabis in the Washington recreational market.

“The Highest Shelf. Grown for me, shared with you.” -Fifty Fold 

I believe that the motto says it all. Onto the fuego. 50 Pineapples is 75% sativa and 25% indica, the lineage is a bit of a mystery. This flower is about to be a murder train as it stands at a powerful 25.12% THC. With no presence of CBD it is clear that this weapon of mass dysfunction was intended solely to send you to the moon. I personally have made this half-hearted promise to stray from Pineapple strains, but I can never ignore a production by Fifty Fold. I hope that 50 Pineapples will show me that like ogres, pineapples have layers. There are a ton of photos, I don’t care, they are all awesome. Don’t forget to click to enlarge. 

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I know my enemy, I have smoked many potent productions by Fifty Fold. I fearlessly release the vault door. I brace for impact. There was no violent turbulence, but instead a friendly mellow mist. The fragrance was robust and earthy at heart, with a smooth uplifting finish similar to a ground fine coffee bean. We’re not exactly off to a pineapple-y start, but I am rather enchanted by the introduction. I nearly feel a conjured ethereal hand beckoning me over to this ‘pie’ on the window sill. As I continue to delve into this scent, it is exponentially refreshing. There is limitless death to this strange sensation and you can dive as deep into the comforting flavor. It smells like home.

I’m surprised at the lack of outward pineapple terpenes, they have to be here somewhere. I once again cement myself in the pleasant earthy stew. 50 Pineapples introduces itself as a sweet herb floated through a syrupy moat. We need to go deeper. Broken branches lead to a delightful citrine dart being launched into my nose. I’m pinned under this newfound aroma as it is pumping sour-sweet venom into me. The true nature of this flower is effectively masked. When you begin to break down 50 Pineapples, you are struck with an absurdly natural and smooth tangy spark. It took me a couple times to even grasp it, ultimately, the fragrance is of a lemon-pineapple hybrid but with a fierce skunky woodland wake. I’d say the semi-diesel skunkyness outperforms the vile citrus notes. Oh my lord, the more I look for the skunk the more I find it. This is the dankest Pineapple ever. I didn’t know the ghastly finger would carry my to Pepe LaPew’s backside. If this is what real pineapples smelled like, I would surely eat more of them.

The physical presence of this flower is just as complex as the smell of it. 50 Pineapples has all of the qualities that I look for in a girl. This may be a 75% sativa, but this little lady  has big bones. The buds are quite light and pillowy, but there is are many layers of kief to dig through if you hope to part it from the stem. Every inch of 50 Pineapples is soaked in a bath of sticky resin. From simply cracking a few buds my keyboard is now attempting to redefine ‘sticky keys.’ Another great thing about flower from Fifty Fold is that if you purchase an eighth or anything larger you are nearly guaranteed to get model worthy nugs. #nopopcorngang Sometimes they are so beautiful I buy more just so I don’t have to smoke what I purchased originally.

On this verdant plain, the hairs reign triumphant. Glorious butterscotch tendrils grace the surface of this leafy planet. The pistils are decorated in glistening resin and climb the exterior of the flower to form a careful net of ivy. It seems as if this bud is being strangled by it’s own dankness, I have to help! Prisoner of the dandelion harness is a sea of vibrant color. 50 Pineapples predominately basks in a pear or pickle shade, however, the underside is highlighted to the effect of a ghostly cream hue. The true treasure is tucked away at the top of the flower, where I encounter a delightful cove packed with luscious purple color. As I sip of this sight of sangria, I appreciate the fiery hairs in a new light. If you like trichomes and an uncomfortable amount of hairs, this is the strain for you. Even the stem looks like it could get you higher than some bud.

Leaf to flame, the engagement is extremely light. 50 Pineapples extends a flag of peace in the form of a sugary stew. The sauté is savory like a tender chicken breast soaked in a gelatinous sauce of asian inspiration. A little heat manifests a little sour scorpion that insists on parking at the back of your throat. Reluctant to exhale, I am rewarded with decadent flowery afternotes. I feel as if I have discovered a waterfall from a shampoo commercial. I dance in the flavor as I am showered with dank earth. As I reminisce in the devilish mist, I rock my tongue around to absorb the tantalizing clouds as I chamber them in my mouth.


While the smell alone may have been misleading, the flavor could not be more clear that this is pineapple. I feel as I am caught in a flashback to chomping on the scrumptious diced chunks from out a fruit cup. Each hit is soaked in delectable broth that may trump any effects of the high itself. I can safely say that I have never experienced Pineapple in this regard. I find it hard to relay how each cloud can be so light that it is undetectable, but at the same time, there is a thick muck of terpenes being catapulted into your throat.

The subtle nectar evolves to a peppery fire as the bowl chars. I sit in the sweet resin that now simmers over the charred remains of the divine specimen. While the pineapple edge is lost in the embers, the rewarding tangy sugar remains to lure you into hit after hit to the finish. The bowl lets out one last violent hashy lash as it hemorrhages out one last juicy breath.

As the kids would say…oh, the feels. I am solemnly dominated by the ever blossoming traits of the 50 Pineapples high. For a sativa, this sensation is accompanied by a palpable body high. I would never question Sensei Fifty Fold, but I am nearly leaning out of my chair as I finish this article. It seems as though the playful stew quickly solidifies into quicksand if you charge in headfirst. I feel to be floating, bobbing in an ocean of euphoria. My little boat is rocked with every hit introduced into my self contained ecosystem. I find great comfort rocking into the gentle wake of each wave provided by additional hits. Every cloud is another luxurious mattress for your mind to rest upon, embrace your spirit of indulgence as you mold a limitless pillar of pleasure. While I feel quite competent and unhindered, it is still difficult to believe that this strain is sativa dominant. The sativan nature simply seems to level out the bulldozer of a body high that accompanies. Perhaps that is just the nature of a proper sativa, an energy boost so moderated that it could go unappreciated. I feel that within the comforting bath provided, you are able to expand your mind and access ideas that may seem elusive on a normal day. 50 Pineapples provides a roaring fire for you to engage in a hobby or a good story. I think this would prove to be a good nightcap as well provided you wanted to chat somebody up before you hit the hay. 😉

Say this is ‘too many trichome shots’ I dare ya.

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I relish the occasion that I can circle back to my favorite producer. Fifty Fold’s God’s Gift is the reason I started writing about cannabis in the first place. The terpenes and the care that I experienced within that production inspired me to seek out all of the flavors and highs that cannabis has to offer. I am happy to finish sampling the Fifty Fold product line on the note of 50 Pineapples, it falls in very well with the others. I woefully underestimated this flower, I was planning on some potential of a hackneyed pineapple expression…but I was rocked like a hurricane. Be sure to support the friendly staves at Dockside Cannabis and Freedom!

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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