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Seattle Chemdawg by anonymous

Welcome back stoney bolognas to another full sensory strain experience from toasted n’ posted. Today we will be diving into a certain brand of one of my all-time favorite strains, Chemdawg. This strain was presented to me as the classic Seattle Chemdawg that has been around for over a decade, with such a reputation my expectations are high. These days Chemdawg seems to mean so many things, from hot violet peppery varieties to some that are cooler and more earthbound. The producer cared to be left out, but they carry quite a reputation in the Pacific Northwest. I was assured that this flower is a prime example of what Chemdawg means to Seattlites. That being said, it was grown in Oregon. Ha! Let’s dig in.


I break the boundary between my atmosphere and the dank one before me. This strain acts as a vacuum, instantly tainting all available air with its profane aroma. The flavor of this newfound world is forged in a playful sweet zest. Seattle Chemdawg presents itself as light, bubbly, and energizing…but with a fiery kick. A little bit like a cannabis personification of television chef Emeril Lagasse.  As I chase these sensations, I find myself surfacing in a pool of chilling berry. The stewing aromas present themselves as an earthbound menthol. It is within this crux, that the true Chemdawg nature emerges. The seductive and spicy chem sets deep into my membrane like the all-encompassing briskness of a morning frost. The chem is evident, but so still, so immersive, that it chances go unnoticed altogether.

The base of this ‘chem’ flavor stems from a fresh and sour earthiness. There is a sickening freshness locked away within the fibers of this flower. Chemdawg exhales a chorus of soaked mud molted into peppery herbs. Lustful exploration and broken branches unleashed these scents in an entirely new fashion. The flower seems to truly blossom in this instant, amplifying the sour and chemmy sensibilities ten-fold. The playful tide pool evolves to a mighty dragon bombarding me with skunky raw fireballs. The torrent of flame is haphazardly balanced by the proportionally amplified chilling sweetness. The sour nature has exploded and now seems to mimic the presence of a Lemon Diesel. At times, I manage to mistake the pungent resurgences for a skunky cheese. There is so much going on within this flower that I am utterly disoriented.

Seattle Chemdawg carefully walks the line of a fifty-fifty hybrid. The buds are large, forming relatively tight bushels, but like a school of fish banding together, they are just a delicate network masquerading as one large unit. Seattle Chemdawg too, is a delicate network, individually the leaves are thin and fragile. The only thing that seems to keep this flower together are the ranks of unrelenting foliage propping up each brother in arms. As plentiful as a crocodile’s teeth, the leaves share the color of the beast as well. The rich green hues provides perfect contrast for the winding petals as they curl into a lime transition.

Trichomes sparkle like diamonds sitting atop a jeweler’s pickle pillow. The resin appears to be a flawless crystal white as they rebound light across the somber room. The trichomes relentlessly trace every inch of this flower. Seattle Chemdawg primarily dwells on the dark side of the spectrum, but exhibits a wide range of color. I’ve found deep pockets of purple underneath the lofty guile suit, woven together by tormented bronze tendrils. The hairs that fight beyond the flexible verdant crust are rich with color, but flimsy. Revealed in spirited strikes, the hairs momentarily ignite to lead your eyes further into the dank depths before you. The hairs may seem quite bulky, however, when you compare them to the stem. The stem just barely peaks out from among the bud, but like a bodybuilder who only works on the show muscles, these flowers have some serious toothpick legs.

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Leaf to flame, the cloud steps forward as boldly as its aroma did. Though the smoke produces a light sensation overall, these killer bees are on a swarm. I am stricken with a hail of sharp jabs that are both electric and invigorating. All I can taste is the aftermath, the potent embers cast through my tastebuds smolder to produce a foul and skunky haze. I’d more readily describe it as a ‘raw’ flavor than skunky. Almost like the immediate open air dwelling over uncooked meat.

The reviving qualities of the smoke allows me to absorb more and more of the delectable flavor. Every hit blazes a hashy and peppery trail. This scorching, yet rejuvenating sensation is curved by a bizarre sugar. I am not sure if I have ever encountered a flavor such as this. Composed of a tantalizing sugar, the essence is light but full-bodied like a strawberry dragged through a barrel of peppercorns. This delectable haze infuses a parade of cool mint into my tastebuds, lasting long after every breath. I feel the enchanting sweetness peaks on the exhale.

The reason that I love Chemdawg is because it acts as a hardy sativa. It shocks me alert. I feel functional and absorbent, yet there is a body high that adds a significant weight to the sensation. As you slide further along the richter scale of Chemdawg, drifting further into the manic euphoria, there is almost a self-instilled sobriety. An optimization of its positive effects to a point of feeling absolutely no hinderance or anything that could be construed as a debilitating high. I feel as if I’m strapped to a mattress-padded rocket headed deep into uncharted space. Typically the sativa effects peter off at some point, but this pleasant stimulus seems to compound exponentially with virtually no risk of anxiety. I find that Chemdawg comes on steadily, but in a friendly and unassertive way. It is one of those highs that will progress a long way without you noticing, but you will be a long ways away from shore during your next ‘systems check.’

A bowl of Seattle Chemdawg may be a positive alternative to a dehydrating cup of coffee in the morning. I’m sure the two catalysts paired together would send you off to attack the day in a frenzy. Rest assured that Seattle Chemdawg has more personality than a pick-me-up alone, I find the body high to be quite cozy. My skin feels warm, my bones feel padded, and an unsettling tingle trickles through my veins. The high is extremely malleable and I feel that it could fully be pressured to fit an early bedtime or an active night out. With virtually no crash or noticeable drawbacks you could smoke Seattle Chemdawg all day long!

I have to say that I have never tasted Chemdawg this sweet before. I usually find it to be an earthy, gassy, peppery missile. But this one was a lot like a handshake between two old friends. Each hit was a masterful blend of herbal hash, cool berry, and fiery earth. I will be truly sad when I run dry of this eye-opening production of Seattle Chemdawg. I highly recommend this strain to smokers, new and old, as a functional sativa that could take the pain out of a lingering work day.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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