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Tahoe Sunset by JLee

sun5Tahoe Sunset by JLee

Welcome back stoney bolognas to another in-depth review from toasted n’ posted. Today, we will be looking at a hidden gem known as Tahoe Sunset. A little more literal than some lineages, this is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Tahoe OG. These two strains have independently been making quite a name for themselves on the West Coast within recent years, I cannot wait to see what they can accomplish together. JLee is a private producer, so I am unable to offer any analytics but I will do my best to assess the pungency of this high. I was told that the genetics come from Kush4Breakfast, this will be the first of their genes that I will be diving into.

I’ve always enjoyed sunsets, but had never encountered one like this. I was knocked onto my back by a roaring pine waterfall. I bask in the sweet and frothy mist jetting out from the base of the fall. There is a revitalizing surge that accompanies this fragrance, it almost reminds me of a ‘sporty’ body wash. As I skirt around the rampaging pool, I find shelter in a thick brush of hashy berry. The rounding candy sweetness rooted in wet earth rocks my pallet.

Already feeling sedated by the flavor, I calmly soak up all of the available berry flavor. There is an intense cooling I experience within the aroma, similar to blueberry. It is if they extracted all of the calming and passive characteristics of the blueberry and none of the tart feisty aspects. This results in a delightful lullaby for your tastebuds. Muddled together the mess of flavor forms a sweet slurry shifting around a seasoned earthy cradle. The frame seems to add the slightest limonene tinge to the mixture. The lemon and berry accents are diluted by a light smokey musk. Broken down, the afternotes are emphasized resulting in a mild lemon pledge. This tart nuance still surfs on the back of the exponentially expanding pinene notes. A somewhat spicy diesel emerges from underneath the expanse of this wave.

The flowers are supremely gorgeous predominately taking on the physical characteristics of the OG parent. Even for an OG, these buds seem extremely dense. I must assume that the traditional tight popcorn structure of Sunset Sherbet reinforces the stout characteristics handed down from Tahoe OG. I seldom come across strains with this volume of trichomes, there were some smaller nugs (not pictured) that appeared to be sandblasted with linen hued resin. As I am a passive audience member to the still sea of milky white pleasure, I try to isolate the colors lying dormant underneath the sparkling haze. Small bronze hairs struggle to emerge from underneath the ironclad leafy exterior. Stunted tangerine bolts jut out from any available space that the flower offers. The coloration of the foliage itself is quite polarized, the leaves boast a ferocious olive ranging to a delicate lifeless lime. Somehow the violent contrast is brilliantly stitched together by the struggling tendrils and resplendent resin. The spectrum spins a wild cocoon around the flower, so dense that you need two hands to pierce the armor of Tahoe Sunset. Each bud snaps with a satisfying crackle, leaving an intoxicating sticky trail on my fingertips.

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Leaf to flame, I am taken away. Tahoe Sunset presents itself a lot more consolidated in its flavor profile than the aroma. I am tossed upward by a belligerent sour-berry spike. The taste barrels into me like a meteor fallen from orbit. The sensation is shocking and tart, but then relaxes in its own aftermath. The spicy flavor shifts to the other side of the crater and presents a divine limonene hash, far less imposing than the initial jet. The ferocity dissipates into an echo of a sweet and sugary meadow. This note is so profoundly sweet, but not in the way of fruit, candy, or earth even. The brisk lively earth mimics the flavor of snow peas accentuated by a fist full of lemongrass. As this delicate sensation puddles unto the fresh earth, it stews into the soil to create a muddy syrup. The delectable stew becomes gassy and flowery in nature. As the mixture bleeds deeper into the storm trodden earth, the flavor blossoms into a tincture of field grass and maple syrup. There is a creed of ‘freshness’ written about the presence of Sunset Tahoe.

The high has a steady pace eventually snowballing into a boulder of indica goodness. The mild sativa sensation spliced into Tahoe Sunset surprisingly takes the lead. I am carried away to a plane of fragility and wisdom. I feel as though I am floating through glass clouds, as strange as that sounds. As I drift about the free-forming crystalline sky, I feel awake and in a wondrous state. For a strain that I would muse that is 80% indica, it headlines with a palpable charismatic spike. As the sedative sensations set in, the soft and playful limbo slowly starts to concrete. I feel the suggestive indica coursing through my veins, a chill washes through every inch of my being. The encroaching frost seems to pulse the high deeper into my being. At this point, the sativa sensation is just enough to ward off the debilitating indica inclinations.

Eventually, the building siren song washes over my sativan defenses. The lively cooling agent was replaced with a quick drying concrete. The elegant light essence is replaced with hindering bulk. My eyelids relax and I engage the world with a new view and a state of mind reclined. The smothered sativa barely coaches me along as I sink into my own delirious musings. I confidently drown myself in the enchanting euphoria. I feel like my senses are enhanced, not in the way that I can see through walls or track people down via smell. In the way, that everything I feel…I feel more. Color appears more vibrant, sounds seem deeper, and everything I touch seems excessively textured. I suppose one could describe this experience as mildly psychedelic. That should speak to the THC % whatever the actual figure may be, I would guess that this bud is anywhere from 26-33% THC. The only way I figure this guess could be at all valid, is that for every strain experience, I smoke exactly two huge bowls out of the same pipe and gauge the high. I suppose that serves as a functional control for these experiments.

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JLee, you sunnavabitch, you’ve done it again. I appreciate the time and care you put into manicuring all of your fine ladies. Whether they are someone else’s genetics or your own, you take immeasurable time and care to assure the quality of your flower. If you start flavoring your distillate, you could easily become a titan of industry. 😉 The trichomes are plentiful and many bare sexy amber heads. I still need to review your Bubba Kush, with a second smash hit like Sunset Tahoe, my expectations are high.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs


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