Sour Punch by S.G.O.W.

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Sour Punch by Secret Gardens of Washington

Sour Punch by Secret Gardens of Washington

Who socked ya? Today, we will learn as we dive into another top shelf production from our friends at Secret Gardens of Washington. I am excited whenever I see a strain with ‘sour’ or ‘punch’ in it, so this was naturally something I had to have. This monster flexes 30.1% total cannabinoids followed up by 26.3% THC. Clearly, this strain will have far more to offer than the psychoactive ingredients alone. This flower could be lush with CBD or CBG, I wish they bothered to list them. Most of the time these lesser-known compounds are in negligent numbers, but a margin of 4% is worth reading into. I expect nothing less than absolute magic from Secret Gardens so let’s head on into this one.

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In the best way possible, I knew exactly what to expect. I was met with a torrent of erotic lavender. Such a complex interpretation, I was grazed by whips of peculiar spice, an aromatic lofty sweetness, and the fiery echo associated with extremely flowery indica. I come up for some clean air and delve right back into this delectable chasm. I discover at the depths of Sour Punch, a musky wet earth. The heartiness and wetness of this odor is best symbolized by a berry patch after a torrential downpour. Sour Punch wreaks of rich flooded earth washed with a provocative bite.

These elements together stew into a unique brand of sour savory candy. As I ride the back of the sour notes the rollercoaster seems to crescendo into a limonene spark. The limonene presence is so tangy, however, I am not quite comfortable condemning it as lemon or lime. “We have to go deeper.” Against the words of my advisors, I dare to break down some of this radioactive dank. As I break down the cellular dams of this flower, I am swept away by a flood of fruitiness. I would describe this tart resurgence as a hot and spicy berry sensation. Comparable to the intensity and composition of Hawaiian Punch, just with a ferocious flowery backlash. Alongside the explosive fruity flood, the sourness within the strain blossoms as well. The sourness is exaggerated so drastically that it fringes on being called ‘skunky.’ Looks like this will blow my head off. *yay*

“She ain’t so bad to look at neither!” (Slideshow Below) I am a huge fan of this nug structure! The buds are compact and bundled sharply into natural arrowheads. Somehow this flower is leafy even with its traditional indica phenotype. You can hug these nugs and they will squish with minimal resistance. These buds look tough, but inside they are big ol’ softies. The hardest part of these flowers is probably the trichome crust that seems to soak the entire exterior.

It is difficult to detect the true colors of the foliage beneath the gleaming sea of trichomes. Each trichome seems to have held its head on straight, showcasing the care that S.G.O.W. takes with their premium flower! As I gaze beyond the egg white maze, I began to fall in love with the underlying hues. Rich pine shades give way to shallow olive hues, each transitioning color is just as decorated with resin as the next. Snaking in between the leafy ridges of this flower are vibrant marmalade hairs. Snaking is a perfect descriptor because some of these hairs are long enough to be mistaken with a serpent of some kind. Truly some of the independently longest hairs I have seen in some time, you could google maps these intricate highways of woven tendrils. There is so much going on with Sour Punch you must be sure not to miss the resplendent speckles of purple that are dashed throughout this behemoth’s presence.

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Holy smokes this flower is sticky, it will do a number on a gunky grinder. As in the finishing aromas during the smell analysis, skunk seems to replace the sourness in the smoke as well. Leaf to flame, I am met with a whirlwind of peppery flower. I dive-bomb into this abrasive sensation to be met with more bittersweet harsh hashy fire. The base of this strain is extremely herbal and sweet providing an adequate launchpad for both the soothing and belligerent terpenes locked away within Sour Punch. For as feisty as the terpenes are, the clouds themselves feel very light and delicate. All of these combative sensations are delivered in the form of a down pillow. I calmly walk into annihilation with every hit, reveling in the spicy and flowery aftermath. I care to indulge in this pillow fight all day long, each feather of these light, yet decadent clouds asserts itself calmly into every fiber of your being.

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I don’t even know where I stand anymore. When I began my bowl I was glued to my desk chair, but now that I am manifesting words upon (electronic) paper…I feel a passenger in my own vessel. I am comfortably afloat in a buoyant sea of pleasure, fingers fluently bobbing along my illuminated keyboard. I dare go as far to say that there is a mild psychedelic experience somewhere in this flower. I feel lost to the simple beauty of glowing lights and well rendered graphics. There aren’t many strains that launch me so deep, so quickly, that I am just staring through my monitor. I definitely feel like I am the recipient of some delayed reaction sucker punch as I feel myself quickly falling into a couch lock.

I struggle to combat the seductive indica syrup that is trickling through my body. I feel so profoundly calm, the quality of this flower is almost alarming. I need to know what composes those additional 4% cannabinoids! Every ounce of me is adrift across the aether, except for my mind. While my body has been reduced to a tide pool of euphoria my mind is still sharp and manages to coach my humbled limbs through the rest of this exercise. I would describe the high that this flower produces, not as medicinal…but extremely medicinal. For those ‘vets’ who claim they don’t get high anymore, this is a heavily medicated experience. The more you submit yourself to the eloquent high of Sour Punch, the more flavorful and simple the smoke actually seems to become. There is definitely some interconnectivity or symbiosis going on within this divine flower.

Secret Gardens of Washington, what else is there to say? You already had my heart and you’ve never to let me down with a single one of your productions. These guys are easily in my top five for producers/processors in Washington. You always bring provocative lineages and quality terpenes to the table. From your brand to my bowl, I couldn’t critique your brand one bit…just keep it coming. MORE STARFIGHTER CROSSES PLEASE.

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Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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