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Amazon OG by Bigfoot Farms

amazon1Amazon OG by Bigfoot Farms

Don’t call it a comeback, we are here with another full sensory strain experience! Today we have a treat from the one and only Clutch Cannabis. We will be breaking into Amazon OG by Bigfoot Farms! I have yet to have the privilege of trying Bigfoot’s famed flower, so I had to leap at the chance! So try to catch this tongue twister of lineage; Catdick Kush, Girl Scout Cookies x Khalifa Kush. Yeah, you heard me right, there is going to be a presence of Cat Dicks in this flower. How high is being as high as Cat Dicks? I intend to find out. Amazon OG bares a potent embrace of 26.2% cannabinoids. I praise Bigfoot Farms for being professional enough to include the 1.83% terpene content. We are getting stoned, but not living in the Stone Age, and I thank any producer embracing the value of terpenes. There is so much variety in the history of Amazon OG I can only shudder at the thought of the haymaker that it will surely deliver.  *gulps* Let’s get this over with! 😉

amazon3Having said my goodbyes, I am ready to meet my maker and I boldly walk into the malevolent musk of Amazon OG. This is by far one of the earthiest strains I have encountered in some time. My first impression was burying my nose into the brisk brush of the Arizona desert. I know that seems like an odd comparison, but there is such a pallet defying muddy spike I can’t seem to compare to much else. Offering some oasis from the beaten earth is a soft and subtle mist of fresh cut grass. The scent is intriguing, and robust, nearly sour in contrast to the flat earthy canvas. All of these scents seem to rest in a pinene cradle.

Seeking to further explore the complexities of Amazon OG, I had to break a couple branches. Surging from the core comes an extremely sour and skunky bite still rooted in the original mossy freshness. The two volatile partners stir in the air to form a formidable herbal armor. Underneath the newly constructed guardian odor, I detect there is a divine sweetness reminiscent of a sour gummy rope. The sugary, almost fruity notes are so enticing I have to burn this baby!

At risk of hurting Amazon OG’s feelings, this strain is one chunky monkey! I am actually curious to what these plants average on their yields considering that they drop meteors in the form of flower. In case you couldn’t already tell, I am charmed by the dense phenotype of Amazon OG. This flower embodies the bud structure of a true, structurally sound OG Kush…and then something. Amazon OG blooms into a spire with a bulky bottom and a narrow, dwindling top. Perhaps, this is the meteor and its tail?

I try to follow the countless hues of green present in this verdant waterfall. Delightful soft tangerine-blonde hairs bundle closely to the surface, they seem to be adhered to the face via the raging hordes of trichomes pummeling them down with dankness. Flurries of full grown trichomes bless the surface with their abundance. You can almost ‘count’ how high you are going to get. The resin glands provide a delicious contrast between their seductive milky tan coloration and the roaring olive hues of the foliage. The climactic encounter pales as I trace the branches closer to the stem ending in a radioactive yellowish color. The flowers are perfectly cured, obliterated with a crunch at a masterful touch. This plant seems to be designed to crumble off into delicate balls, comparable to a steak just falling off of the bone. I’m ready for the main course, let’s blaze.

Leaf to flame, I am enveloped in a whirlwind of soft sweet berry. I spurn in the defiant contrast between the odor and the flavor of this flower. The syrupy cherubs deliver me gently into a spicy patch of herbal remedies. I am massaged by the peppery spikes that jut out from the base of the cloud. Amazon OG embodies the intoxicating kush flavor, the smoke produced is quite formidable. Even experienced smokers will feel the intense throat scorching sensation that we deserve. As the charred remnants of my taste buds struggle to gather additional flavors beyond the heavy kushy soot, I find my wounds mended by a recurring earthy sweetness. Every hit you embrace from Amazon OG will be-still your being with the weight of its flavor. I try to hold this cough inducing monster in as long as I can, letting the full-bodied flavor soak into my capillaries. These notes culminate to leave a lasting impression of a perverse Dutch Berry.  A Dutch with a heavy background in raw Afghani hash with a slight flowery uptick on the exhale. The smoke both figuratively and literally could best be described as raw, rocky, and hashy.

You might want to arrange a friend to call you every couple of hours because once you lift off with Amazon OG there is no guarantee that you will be coming down anytime soon. Almost immediately, you feel the sheer permanence and the quality of the high. The flower introduces itself as an avalanche of indica attitude, quickly my body was buried in the self served pleasure. As I toss in the wildly compounding euphoria, I am awoken by the feisty and peppery qualities that seem to translate into the high as well. Shocked awake by the psychoactive smelling salts, I am able to shrug off some of the benevolent snow.

Now I find myself lost in a soft crystalline wasteland, I wander about my office drumming up nonsensical banter with any and all available candidates. Amazon OG provides you with a unique brand of clarity as you plunge into the depths of its isolating pleasure. If you could imagine coasting along a ‘Lazy River’ composed of quicksand…that may be the best that I can describe this sensation. Overall, this strain leaves you sharp and comfortable to continue about the rest of your day/evening. I feel a general sense of ease about everything that I do and a significant vote of personal confidence. This strain is perfect to sedate anyone you don’t want at your party or to bring the best out of yourself in a casual social environment. Personally, I will reserve this strain for a night of quiet, intense focus without sweating the small stuff. Some creative strains can cause one to spiral into redundancy, but I find that this high provides adequate traction allowing you to get some real work done.

Bigfoot Farms, I am truly sorry that it took me this long to get around to trying your flower. You stand confidently among the others who call themselves ‘Top Shelf.’ I appreciate the high THC content, but I could tell that you care for the terpenes just as intensely. Even within this predominately earthy strain I was able to detect so many complexities. Amazon OG was a perfect canvas to peel flavors from, I can only assert that your other strains are just as effective. I want to thank Clutch Cannabis as always for being my recreational dispensary of choice in the Seattle area! They are stocked full of great people and sensational cannabis! I’ll bang out another review this weekend!

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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