Blackberry Kush by Seattle’s Private Reserve

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Blackberry Kush by S.P.R.

bbk1bbk2Blackberry Kush by Seattle’s Private Reserve

Welcome back for the third review this week! Today we will be celebrating an aromatic strain we all know and love, Blackberry Kush. I’ve reviewed flower from Seattle’s Private Reserve (S.P.R.) a number of times before, they always bring gorges of gorgeous trichomes and nice clean terpenes. Today I intend to “Experience the Difference” between their production and the other ones that I have had in recent years. This particular production brings 20.51% THC to the table, with trace of only .15% CBD. As you may have surmised from its name, Blackberry Kush is the offspring of Blackberry and Afghani. I can already admire the delicate trichomes and deep colors of this flower from outside of the packaging. I can’t take it anymore, let’s tear into this Blackberry Kush!


My oh my, I disrupted the ancient runes safeguarding me from this insane kush! I am annihilated by a jet of sour, sweet, skunky berry. The offensive jet is reminiscent of being 20% into a Warheads candy. As I struggle to tame the vile aroma, I find temporary refuge in a mild flowery, semi-lavender river that echoes at this strain’s core. I feel myself to be stuck between the soft earthy body and the ferocious winds of sour skunk. I felt like my nose was a prehistoric beast thrashing in a tar pit trying to navigate this complex aroma.

Another layer exists, one of herbal sweetness. I found this note to be mild, but enticing, mellowing down to a refreshing flatness of wet field grass. Every breath under the sour torrent is flat, neutral, and smooth. When you dive deeper into the flower by breaking a couple branches, it is a trap. There is a violent resurgence of the initial berry battery. I can’t take it anymore, I have to get a closer look at this chronic!

This flower is stunning to behold, a boisterous leafy mass decorated in brilliant white trichomes. The white walkers are not just coming from the North Wall, but are present through every crack and crevice of this flower. Blackberry Kush bares such a unique color, ranging from a tender lime to a fierce wine, the median body of the bud seems to dwell in a rich turquoise hue. I keep trying to convince myself that this strain isn’t blue, but every time I look I am met with an enchanting blue-green symphony.

The nug structure is extremely leafy for a Kush, so I must assume that the Blackberry hybrid plays a stronger role in the phenotype than the Afghani. The wild curls in the exterior leaves act as wild waves leaping and crashing into the foamy mess of trichomes. Tender and short bronze hairs trace the surface of each leaf, hidden under the resplendent presentation of resin. The bronzed tendrils reach out towards exterior leaves as if they are trying to pull them in tighter to create a stronger citadel. While the stretching nature of this flower is misleading, a few squeezes of these formidable flowers will reassure you of their kushy heritage.

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The smoke that Blackberry Kush bellows out is quite strong. I got knocked back by my first hit and had to readjust my approach. This heavy hitter leads with a strong yet sweet right hook. The first flavor I detect was a gentle, sweet, and tangy berry that led armageddon in its wake. Carving through the misleading precursor, I am quickly sucker punched by the hashy fire that burns through. The herbal notes stir up into a frenzy and piggy back onto the sweeter qualities of the blackberry to launch a hellish assault on your throat. There is definitely a burning sensation associated with the quality of this smoke, but it is exactly what an indica head desires. There are fierce and peppery elements that are accentuated by the volatile berry slurry.

The viscous blend becomes muddied with some of the simpler earthy parts of the flavor to truly emulate blackberry. Blackberry is such a delicate taste to recreate through cannabis, blueberry is palpable and pungent. In my experience, blackberry is the type of flavor that lurks at the film of the bowl, it can creep onto your pallet without ever really noticing it. I felt truly rewarded by Seattle’s Private Reserve’s production here. I manically chased down every last trace of seductive berry and found myself lost, craving more at the end of an ashy grave. While the flavor can be somewhat belligerent at first, you can find yourself quick addicted to the delicious lullaby that each toke delivers.

If I had to describe this high in one word I might choose the word sensible. I mean ‘sensible’ in the way that the approach is both comforting and profound. Blackberry Kush will bring you to the depths of the pleasurable indica abyss but in a vehicle suitable for almost any level of smoker. As I am carried away on the backs of winged trichomes I am washed over by a divine sense of calm. There is a charming and sedating nature to this high, I feel as though I am nuzzled against the bosom of God. Each bowl sends you deeper into its spell of divine comfort. I can feel my troubles physically trickle out of my pores and away from my being.

As I drift along in this buoyant sea of euphoria, my esteem thrives. I feel confident, silly, giggly, and ultimately content with my current state of being. This high could be dangerous considering how effective it is at making one comfortable with complacence. This is certainly a couch cuddle weed. I wouldn’t condemn this strain as one that puts you to sleep, but lulls you into an unbreakable stupor of joy. I am awakened by every cloud reminding me of this strain’s terpenes and their fierce nature. I turn bowl after bowl as I revel in the turbulent pleasure tracing the blackberry zest still lacing my breath.

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Seattle’s Private Reserve, this may very well be my favorite production of yours to date. I think having a strain like this Blackberry Kush in your arsenal makes you infinitely more powerful at your price point. You knock out top shelf flower consistently for us Seattleites and for that, we thank you. Blackberry Kush is a delectable treat that launches you so deep into a pool of euphoria that even your physical ailments may cease to exist. I would consider the experience that this flower provides to be medicinal, I openly recommend it for any patients in dire need of some chronic relief. Though there is just a touch of CBD in this flower, I find the psychoactive effects to be potent enough to do the trick. Be sure to snag some at Fweedom if you are in the North Seattle area! If you are in South Seattle, be sure to stop by Clutch Cannabis for the connoisseur experience!

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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