Purple M & M by Life Gardens

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Purple M & M by Life Gardens

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Purple M&M by Life Gardens

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted for another plunge into a top shelf strain! Today, we will be looking at Purple M&M by Life Gardens. I had the absolute pleasure of visiting their farm last week and I got to see first hand what “they’ve got under the hood.” I got to check out the many amazing strains that they have to offer! Most of them, I hadn’t seen anywhere else. I was fortunate enough to be able to take some of this Purple M&M home with me to review. One of their processing leads informed me that this strain was designed by accident and is more or less a mystery as far as composition. I love a challenge, I hope that my analysis may shed some light on what we have going on here. Enough talk, let’s get to toastin’. Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 3.37.30 PM

Purple M&M does not hold back in the slightest, I am blown away by a unique terpene profile the instant my nostrils dare engage this potent partner. The first notes I detect I would describe as a robust earth soaked in a pool of semi-lavender berry floweriness. This strain certainly packs the punch of the traditional purple varieties. The shocking tart flavor lingers, echoing through my senses leaving them locked in a resounding tingle. This flower is extremely sour and sweet, but the flavors are melded in a unique way to emphasize the body of the bud. The thick sweet syrupy body draws you into a bizarre foresty note.

The strange earthy odor momentarily passes as an artificial sugar, then dissolves into a subtle nuttiness. The sugar resembles the intensity of a mainstream milk chocolate, stirred with the forest nuttiness, I could see how this strain could’ve earned the name M&M. The nutty fragrance is quite elusive, upon pursuing the characteristic further I am lost in the notes of wet grass, almost muddy. The thick earthy nature stirs well with the intense sweetness to recreate its own brand of syrup. While I have no pancakes in arms reach, I’ll happily drench my sinuses in this sweet stew.

Breaking into some branches, the sour nuttiness resurfaces this time perfectly intwining with the flat skunky chocolate that this flower resonates. On top of the resurging M&M, the initial tart myrcene rocket also uses this as an opportunity to relaunch to greater effect. The strain to me now has a very different identity. I am experiencing a very gassy diesel with myrcene roots. The bold nature of this bud is reminiscent of the full bodied sting of a extra terpy OG or Headband.


These buds may be more frosted than the frozen wastelands of Hoth. I feel myself to be lost in the unrelenting blizzard of trichomes that rages on the surfaces of these nugs. Staring intensely through the wild atmosphere, I am able to discern some true color from the leaves. I would label the plant’s primary coloration as a gentle juniper simultaneously highlighted and buried by the sheer volume of trichomes. Purple M&M is in contention for the frostiest flower that I have seen in a long while. Shattering the delicate pale veil of resin are defiant clumps of sandstone colored hair that erupt from the leafy core. The hairs themselves can be quite long and coarse, but they do not seem to have much interest in traveling far from their fellow hairy friends. This pattern results in small controlled burns strewn across the faces of these flowers.

I do not know why, but the first thing that comes to mind when I look at this strain is ‘zesty.’ The flowers form in formidable little clumps, balling resin into fruits ripe for picking. As I cheerfully pluck each rich fruit from the stem, a bucket of powdered resin showers upon my fingers. Purple M&M’s bud structure closely resembles an OG, though it seems to be a little too soft and leafy for me be fully comfortable with that comparison. As I break into the hearts of these tasty mounds, I discover some darker crocodile hues to the foliage. It seems that the exterior is almost completely dyed by the rioting sea of daffodil trichomes.

Leaf to flame, I am blown away by a violent torrent of flavor. I am met by a firestorm of skunky hash baring a sugary release. In the cinders of the blaze, the nutty chocolate notes shine through and pave over your pallet. Once the hashy highway has been established through the first few hits, each successive rip becomes exponentially more resiny. Even when I stop smoking, I feel like I’ve soaked my tongue in bong water. Normally not a good thing, but it speaks to the raw penetrating nature of this strain.  There is no escape from the muddled herbal fog, the only relief is found in the reviving exhale.

Every breath ends in soaring refreshing pine, so potent I may mistake it for chem. Eventually my lungs adjust to the heartiness of each cloud, and I find myself eagerly awaiting the revitalizing kick at the end of every hit. It serves as the perfect segue to prepare you to guzzle down more of the inviting fiery venom of Purple M&M. On my second bowl, it seems that even the friendly characteristics like the sucrose sweetness and chocolate have been possessed by this peppery charcoal demon. In a way this flower smokes a lot like an M&M; in the way that it has two levels…a shell and a core. I would label the deceiving ‘shell’ to be the lighthearted sweetness that I discovered initially. Once your gluttony wears through the guise and Purple M&M has you in it’s clutches, it starts pumping resin into your system hoping to overwhelm you into forfeit.

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Man, the high from Purple M&M is euphoric as all hell. I feel dramatically hindered as I struggle to hit the appropriate keys on my keyboard. This strain is beyond an indica, I swear this flower must be laced with morphine. Every hit I inhale, takes the world further and further away. I almost feel like I am in the ‘sunken place’ from the movie get out, but instead of terror, I am filled with pleasure and peace. My mind slows from a stirring fluid to a soothing settling concrete. I adjust to my new sluggish pace and the surrounding world seems to do the same. This strain slows the universe to a comfortable lackadaisical trot, allowing me to explore areas of my being I typically don’t have time for.

I would label this high as extremely meditative and the onset isn’t even a fraction of the abrasiveness you experience in the smoke. Purple M&M makes music amazing, colors even more enjoyable, and sets you up for a divine couch locked evening of Netflix. You can battle the seductive nature of the high to gain some mobility, but the blissful influence gives you no solid reason to fight back. I am not sure if this flower holds much of a CBD content, but I feel heavily medicated. Any preexisting aches, pains, or anxieties are almost instantly alleviated when met with the loving embrace of Purple M&M. As long as you do not succumb to the intense indica sensations of this strain, you are all set for a classic night of giggles and munchies.


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Life Gardens I want to thank you for your hospitality and granting me the opportunity to experience this unique strain. I cannot say I’ve seen a majority of your roster being produced elsewhere so keep it up, keep it funky. I will have to explore the rest of the fire you are keeping in your arsenal, I have to admit that your Headband has been calling to me. Purple M&M was exactly what I needed, a unique, flavorful, and hard-hitting indica. The quality of this particular strain grants me the confidence that any of their flower will bare similar integrity. I can feel the love that y’all have for your work in this flower. Keep up the great work and remember to stay provocative!

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Stay high and stay blessed,

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