Golden Ticket by Blue Rock Acres

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Golden Ticket by Blue Rock Acres

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Golden Ticket by Blue Rock Acres

Somewhere over the rainbow there is a mystical land where dreams come true. At the heart of this tranquil kingdom is the Blue Rock Acres farm. Where violent winds meet peace and majesty, they are cultivating some top shelf flower. Today, we will be delving into a strain that my friends and I have been eyeing for weeks. We’ve got the Golden Ticket. Like Charlie, I took my ticket and ran all the way home! This strain’s lineage is a mystery, but she exhibits so many resplendent qualities of cannabis, this girl must have some good genes. Golden Ticket practically poses for every photo, I took some mixed pictures before and after some trimming. It’s time to navigate this crystal valley.

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This flower smells absolutely divine, a bouquet of Golden Ticket would surely guarantee the heart of any available maiden. The aroma of this strain has evolved so much since I had first encountered it. I remembered it as a hanging, thick, zesty, purple aroma. It now leads with something remarkably similar to a berry-lemon haze. Each fruity inhalation is extremely complex touching upon several sweet notes and rapidly expanding upon each of them. Every level erupts in a zesty, sour, flowery plume. There is an addicting sweetness to the flower that’s for sure. If this was indeed the Golden Ticket Willy Wonka was working with, I can understand how he did so well.

The bud soaks up all surrounding air and filters the environment with a ‘new car smell.’ I would best describe the initial odor as a rocket fueled by pinene and terpineol. While there are a lot of scents present in this strain, all of them are extremely light, playful, and seductive. When breaking a couple branches, a small tease of a candied berry emerges out from under the tantalizing brush. Following the route of the energizing precursors, a revitalized sour spike juts out from the leafy mass. This strain seems to emulate some diesel pungency of its own design.

The trichomes on Golden Ticket are fit to outshine the night sky. A delicate constellation of resin dances across several different backdrops. Golden Ticket boasts all of my favorite colors in cannabis. My eyes are immediately drawn to the magnificent display of eggplant hues that jet across the canopy leaves. The seductive wine color trickles onto neighboring leaves and highlights their topsides. I am torn in the beauty of the contrast between the purple leaves and the surging fern shades. Thrashing yam hairs lead long tails across the glistening surface of this bud.

The phenotype of the strain bares many characteristics of a potentially sativa dominant hybrid. Golden Ticket is indicative of being very close to a 50/50 split. The buds themselves are somewhat stout and fortified but they each branch out to create long networks of decorated shimmering leaves. Golden Ticket has been cured with care and crumbles to the touch. Most of the trichomes are undamaged and intact, many with syrupy amber heads. I am simply enchanted by the way that the sea of trichomes washes back and forth revealing both mauve and lime shores bridged together only by the belligerence of the lengthy yam hairs.

The smoke this strain produces is every bit as complex as its coloration. The first hit ushers in a whipping whirlwind of zesty earth. The gust is limonene dominant, but full bodied similar to a mature Pineapple or Lemon Haze. But for every light tantalizing terpene that soothes your senses, there is a parallel herbal burning. The volume of the trichomes certainly stirs a flood of syrupy hot resin flavor into the mix. This taste muddied with the stabbing limonene generates extremely formidable clouds. From out the skin of the hashy domineer leaks a divine delicate sweetness. This leak expands to a font of sweet candy, there is a spring within the sweetened flow that is somewhat gummy in nature. There are many candy like elements in this strain, I could see how some could allude to the Golden Ticket moniker.

More or less in line with my initial thoughts, this flower brings the noise of an explosive sativa. While I do feel an enchanting lull cultivated by the hard-hitting peppery prowess, it pales in comparison to the sucker punch to the nose you experience with every breath of Golden Ticket. It seems that the two dominant flavors of this strain are polar opposites creating a delicious contradiction. The sweet subtle tartness of the green hits coupled with the inevitably hashy doom that soon ensues, Golden Ticket is a provocative and personable strain.

(One Punch Man had to meet an opponent that hits this hard)

Golden ticket has a high that is delivered in two discernible punches, it is simply a question of which will hit you first. The strain continues the theme of complexity as the come up of the high seems to alternate with every bowl. Each ring of freshly packed greens act as a new arena, one constant is sure…you will get high as hell. Personally, Golden Ticket lures me into a false sense of security with its bold flavor and semi-indica personality. As soon as I find myself nuzzled into my comfy corner, I realize that I had made a home at the bottom of a sativa cannon. One more hit, and boom, the defeated wick triggers a chain reaction launching me into the sky. I grip tightly to my mind as I am careful not to be lost in the wake of the stimulating high. Do not be misled by the ‘rocket’ terminology, the onset of the high is extremely padded by the palpable peppery indica.

Golden Ticket is an effective muse, letting these words fall from my fingers unto my keyboard. My personal esteem seems satisfied and I am confidently ready to tackle my day at a comfortable pace. This strain is quite effective at enhancing your positive qualities and muting your negative ones. I am always pleased to encounter a powerful sativa that doesn’t encourage anxiety, Golden Ticket may in fact combat it. Not many strains still give me munchies, but I can feel Golden Ticket churning my stomach for something savory and sweet. Perhaps it is named after your desire to consume a whole chocolate factory after smoking. Hellbent on a sugar coma or not, I can safely say that I can navigate the profound high of Golden Ticket in any direction that suits me. I could certainly use the brief sativa perk to prepare my mind for a calm, cool night of Netflix. I feel giggly and supremely comfortable in my body, at this point in the day my desk-bound legs are weary, but in this moment I am jellin’.

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Blue Rock Acres, I am not sure which is more beautiful…the land that your farm sits on or the bounty that it produces. I want to thank you again for granting me the honor of visiting your farm and getting to indulge my senses in the variety of dank flower you offer. I can’t wait to see how all of the other new seeds turn out! One thing is for sure, if you are acquiring cannabis from Blue Rock Acres, you are receiving a product that is bred, raised, and cured with the ultimate care and appreciation. Blue Rock Acres supports some great people, make sure to check out their primo flower! Golden Ticket is truly nothing short of that, this could very well be a “Desert Island Collection” weed. I cannot wait to see if the complexities of this flower are unique to the strain or to your brand. I’ve been thinking about that Strawberry Cough pretty heavily.

Use the free Canfinder app for Android and iPhone to locate this fire near you! If you’re in South Seattle, be sure to stop by Clutch Cannabis for a true top shelf experience! I will be posting new content to the youtube channel “Between Two Buds” as well, so be sure to check it out later in the week.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs


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