Durban Poison by Josh Boy

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Durban Poison by Josh Boy

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Durban Poison by Josh Boy

Today I bring you a gargantuan nug from my buddy Josh Boy. The strain we will be looking into is a very popular landrace, Durban Poison. Durban Poison is believed to have been originated in Africa, manicured by time and the climate conditions. Part of what I find is so amazing about cannabis, is that it will find a way to grow anywhere! Any strain that is strong enough to withstand the African wilderness will surely pack a punch! Unfortunately, acquiring flower from a friend comes with no test results so we will have to muse at the potency of this baby. Durban Poison has become increasingly well known considering the important part it plays in the composition of the famous Girl Scout Cookies. Durban Poison is a reliable cross and appears in many popular strains! Josh Boy knocked it out of the park with that production of Orange Kush, I cannot wait to see what firepower his Durban Poison keeps below deck!

You ought to be able to repel some sort of minotaur with the odor that this Durban Poison is packing. This is some of the most remarkably pungent flower that I have come across in some time. That may be due to the extra time and special care I took towards curing it after I’d acquired it. (Pats self on back) Either way the first whiff of the African plains proves to be a blissful sweet earthy aroma. As you bask in the oddly off-putting ferocity of the sweetness, there is an underlying peppery note. The bullet like fragrance is skewed by a shockwave of a pine berry.

This strange coupling seems to brew an extreme sour skunkiness that stirs the previous odors into a frenzy. The rowdy mob of terpenes matches the intensity of spoiled milk just on that awkward brink of curdling. The curds trace back into the herbal qualities of Durban Poison. The sweet sourness brings out a semi-hoppy kick. There are also some very careful citrus notes that seem to emerge at the depths of this dank stew as you start to snap nugs. I can imagine why this strain is paired with OG Kush to create the famous Girl Scout Cookies, there are many hearty qualities they have in common. The viscous surface odors of this strain are ultimately an enchanting blend of spicy, sweet, and semi-floral notes.

The appearance of this Durban Poison is ultimately haunting. A ghostly white veil seems to linger over this flower. An eerie presence may just be the light reflecting off of the glimmering trichomes. Each trichome stands tall with its head on straight, there are no Ichabod Cranes lost in this bunch. The river of resin leads you into a careful collection of color. The foliage is primarily characterized by a ghastly lifeless green. The paler hues are what my eyes were drawn towards, however, the well lit stage falls quickly into a darkened jungle.

The shadow olive hue seamlessly transitions into magnificent disheartened purple pockets. The leaves of this flower are long and winding, though the bud itself seems to carry itself in one neat package. The phenotype of this flower is evidently sativa, but far from something I would refer to outwardly as ‘leafy.’ Durban Poison’s reaching leaves are formidable, prone to twisting rather than crumbling. Feint tangerine veins seem to pipeline euphoric pleasure from the core of this flower. Some of the long delicate hairs seem to take on a ‘cardboard’ color.

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Continuing along the lines of my OG Kush comparison this flower burns very similarly to a well-cured kush. Each cloud is hardy, hashy, and sweet. The subtle herbal notes in this flower dance delicately to form a halo over Durban’s already kushy nature. My first few hits finish with an uplifting pinene spike that escalates the coexisting flavors. Seconding the horn of triumphant pine is a bellowing sweet molasses breath. Every fierce cloud is equal parts edgy and sweet, creating a delectable balance. Anytime that the hash driven blaze stirs into a full-blown firestorm, it is quickly quelled to a moderate blaze by the curve of sweet flower. As the bowl simmers it seems that the resin compounds emphasizing the abrasiveness of each hit. The final embers of each bowl bring out a ‘last stand’ of sorts. On its last legs, Durban Poison swings a very herbal pinene lance and adds a fiery hot texture to the smoke. As I sip down each consecutive cloud, the remnants of this earthy titan refuse to go without a fight. Every last hit of this divine flower seems to thrash into your capillaries.


The instigating nature of this flower already sends my mind off on a bizarre tangent. My being itself, seems provoked by the feisty flower. I like to think that this smoke starts out as a calm Sunday drive at about 25mph. Two more hits, the pace of the sativa-mobile is suitable for the highway. As my lungs churned about halfway through the bowl, the doors of my proverbial car converted to wings as I took off into space in my pimped out DeLorean.

The Durban Poison high is somewhat of a creeper, but it does not wait long for you to buckle in. The thick kush-like nature of this flower adds a component of relaxing euphoria. Perhaps a more adequate comparison would be riding a massage table through the nebulas. Durban certainly encourages low eyes and a relaxed state of mind, but everything else about this high is pure sativa. I feel motivated, confident, engaged, creative, and anxiety free. It is rare that you can summon all of these quality characteristics within a sativa without incurring any anxiety or discomfort. This alone makes Durban Poison a strain to be treasured, it is even more impressive that the earth bred it this way!

Perhaps a couple more bowls would incite some ‘tweaker’ qualities, but I would bet that the mellow indica qualities will help you to stay dribbling in bounds. I feel an eruption of euphoria concentrated in the epicenter of my brain. This second wind comes on with the intensity of G forces as I feel my skin grip tightly to my frame. This pleasant ‘stretching’ of my senses encourages me to feel awake, focused, engaged, and maintain a positive problem solving attitude in addition to the preexisting sativa characteristics. The sativa eventually leads the comfortable indica qualities in the dust, leading me to label Durban Poison smoking similarly to an 80/20 hybrid.


It is no wonder that Durban Poison is among the class of popular landraces, this strain exhibits so many strange and flexible qualities. You can truly bend the high to your mind’s desire. Durban Poison encourages laser focus combined with palpable euphoria. To all of those type-A personalities, expect to exceed your own expectations. Since there we no test results, I suppose I would muse that this flower would be pushing around 28%. It is hard to be sure though, because I have been sabotaging my tolerance with wake and bake dabs…Josh Boy, your bud truly trumps many recreational grows. You should consider exploring that as more of a trade and less of a hobby. At any capacity, I hope you keep up the good work and wish you nothing but the best with your future endeavors. Be sure to check out my Youtube show ‘Between Two Buds’ where we take an ounce dab. More content coming soon! Be sure to stop by Clutch Cannabis if you are in the South Seattle for the ultimate cannabis experience.

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