Pineapple Super Silver Haze by Nebula Gardens

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Pineapple Super Silver Haze by Nebula Gardens

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Pineapple Super Silver Haze by Nebula Gardens

Good Afternoon to all you stoners and stonettes! I hope this Shatterday finds you well, I know I am in good company with this Pineapple Super Silver Haze by Nebula Gardens. I’ve been meaning to lockdown some Nebula of my own to try and Have a Heart provided an ample opportunity last week. I picked this up blindly off of the sole recommendation made by one of their budtenders. I don’t usually listen to budtenders, so let’s see if this gamble paid off. Nebula is bringing fresh bud to the table with harvests dating only to a couple months prior, all of their flower is pesticide free. This particular production of Pineapple Super Silver Haze boasts a THC percentage of 24.84. Naturally this flavorful juggernaut is a cross between the sativa-hybrid Pineapple and the Cannabis Cup assassin Super Silver Haze. It seems like Super Silver Haze, especially from the Oregon area, has been stealing awards and titles around the country within past years. I’m a little bit of a hipster when it comes to choosing review strains, I’m usually reluctant to try the flavor of the month…but here I am. I know Nebula won’t let me down! Burn baby burn, let’s ignite this Disco Inferno.

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I slice open the bag, sigh yes I said bag, and anxiously await the sensory battery from this powerful hybrid. I am taken by an odor I have never yet before experienced, a limonene bite that mimics diesel! The Pineapple parent glazes over the harsh or offensive aspects of the diesel to simulate a tropical cooling mist. This this ‘diesel’ sensation isn’t the standard, but it seems that the culmination of the Pineapple and the Silver Haze matches the magnitude of such a pungency. The cool flattening flavor combined with the gassy diesel spike somehow mimics the cool smooth texture of chilled silver. Perhaps that is why they call it Silver Haze? This island enhanced metallurgy seems to have a class of aromatherapy built into it. The sour pineapple essence drips off the sides of this ironclad, reforming as a skunky forest puddle. The sweet silver flavor dominates the body of this flower’s fragrance, so pungent that it makes it difficult to isolate many underlying notes.

In a universe far away, there is a planet completely covered in long wirey bronzed spires. The atmosphere is a rich shamrock color, masking a tossing sea of pear and basil. Droves of beacons seem to glisten from the surface of this strange planet. My mistake, this is no planet at all, I seem to have gotten lost in the glamour of Pineapple Super Silver Haze. The appearance of this flower insists on some mixed emotions, but buds are healthy sized and somewhat leafy. It is practically impossible to tell what the buds looked like before they were crushed in this god forsaken bag. I cannot believe I was foolish enough to purchase top shelf flower in a pouch, it’s like shotgunning an IPA.  Treasure should be treated as such, even the insane volume of trichomes seem mangled and suppressed in their current form. I was able to capture some quality pictures of the trichomes, but many stalks seem to be headless or bent. The brilliant hairs too, seem to be sewn into the foliage from the pressure. That being said, the flower is extremely fresh and can somewhat be exercised into a more natural shape. The buds are somewhat dense for being at least 75% sativa. Gotta love a flower that tries to be more like an indica, even when it wasn’t meant to be.

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As the leafy buds crumble into an ample mound, a hot skunky breath is released into my nostrils. The ferocity of which seems to compete with and outpace the spicy limonene silver at times. Leaf to flame, the silver agent leads a torrent of hashy flame down my throat. The feisty pineapple bite sure-footedly steps forward and unleashes a flavorful combustion. A cooling silver drip trickles down from the cloud providing a soothing backboard for the ferocious foliage to bounce off of. A sweet sour pineapple stabs through the scorched earth like an ancient obelisk launched into existence the foolhardiness of Indiana Jones. The earthy, herbal, and semi-hoppy nature of this bud are expertly blanketed in the acute pineapple silver coating. Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 1.49.47 PM

The high produced by this volatile strain sets on quickly. The label of sativa is somewhat misleading with this bud, I feel instantly struck with a disorienting euphoria. As I am lulled into an electric slumber, my mind seems to dwell in a pleasurable stasis. So far this flower seems to be intent on incapacitation rather than acceleration. I wouldn’t even qualify the pulsing euphoria to be a body high, this unique sensation seems to dwell solely in my headspace. Though I am able-bodied, feel to be in my own ripple in time and each of my movements mimic a lumbering giant. I feel that the only real awakening or sativa sensations in this flower are the tangy and spicy flavor of the smoke itself. The high is certainly more resemblant of a 60% indica hybrid opposed to a 75% sativa. Each breath of the flavorful hashy smoke will perk you up just to lay you down deeper into the relaxing pit dug by this terpene titan. I find that this suits my plans of a Netflix binge quite perfectly, I feel engaged and conscious but I am completely cemented to my chair. Long after smoking, I can still taste the sour spiked resin soaked deep into my pallet.

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Nebula Gardens sure took me by surprise. I usually know what to expect when it comes to Pineapple crosses, but this flower surely makes a mark all its own. The odd note I can only describe as cool silver brings out new levels to the pineapple flavor. While I am disappointed that either the producer or Have a Heart could have crushed these nugs, it didn’t compromise the unbridled flavor of this strain. A wonderful blend of terpenes met with a warm stoney high will certainly have me back for more.

Stay high and stay blessed,

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