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Ladies and gents, children of some ages, welcome back to toasted n’ posted! Today, I bring you a treasure from a popular producer, Phat Panda. We’ll be taking a closer look at their OG Chem and inadvertently comparing it to the one I had just reviewed from House of Cultivar. Phat Panda might very well be the most popular producer in Washington, even if that is untrue, their ingenious marketing makes it feel that way. Phat Panda works hard everyday to become synonymous with cannabis in Washington State. I hope the dankness of this bud scales with their marketing budget, which it just might.

This particular production of OG Chem inspires confidence with 31.3% total cannabinoids. Accompanied by 27.21% THC, Phat Panda’s OG Chem will surely leave an impact if not a crater. I am very particular when it comes to Chem crosses, considering that Chemdawg is one of my all time favorite strains. Also, OG seems to be melded with every strain these days, so it doesn’t particularly spark excitement. With an open mind, I will tread carefully as we trudge onward into the trichome lain valleys of OG Chem.

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I step into the dragon’s cave and I cautiously crack this ancient seal. As the lid turns, my mind spins with possibilities. I am met with a gust of sour, sweet, pepperiness. It seems that this flower spawns a small troupe of faeries that dance through your nostrils stirring up a seductive whirlwind of a subtle candy like sweetness. While there is certainly a peppery or herbal kick dormant in the flower, I expected the cheminess to be more present. As I stubbornly dig for the chem flavor I seek, I find it obscured by a wet earthy quality. Like a freshly formed puddle on a field of grass, the chem merely peaks out like the heads of adventurous earth worms during the storm. There are also traces of a hoppy style of berry, bold and bouncy yet balanced by a sweet curvature. The gentler qualities of the flower provide another stage on which a light chemical kiss can dance.

OG Chem has very rich color, touching on almost every part of the rainbow. There are shades of ghostly white, a careful lime, a verdant forest, and a seductive purple, not to mention the roaring orange hairs. This flower has barely any hairs, it is almost like it wanted to impress me and it shaved before this review. While I am enchanted by the cornucopia of color, the most resplendent part of the flower are the trichomes. Each vibrant leaf is pompously emphasized by the jungle of glowing trichomes they entertain. The buds are somewhat dense, but I am surprised by the extremely spacey and somewhat styrofoam qualities of this foliage. Each bud flexes with a satisfying squish, the flower structure itself is formidable…but any real pressure will roll the flowers right off of the stem. You need to be delicate with this behemoth.

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Leaf to flame, my brain is engaged. My tongue is encased in the thick musk of OG Chem. I am swaddled in layers of earthy, bold, sweet flavor. I get a semi-psychic glimpse, and feel  a quick connection between this flavor and a dutch berry variety. I find this similarity to be based on the unnatural berry taste. I would expect the OG to bring a citrus influence, but this taste is discernibly fruity, not citrusy at all. The powerful clouds dig deep into my core, I feel like a dragon charging up a torrent of flame. I unleash a burst of my harsh peppery breath. I’ll try to phrase this pleasantly; but the breath reminds me of smooth disgustingly sweet asphalt. The flavor of this bud is bold and black. Black…if you could taste a color, an awkward embodiment of a tarry licorice. The heaviness echoes long after each exhale, resemblant of a charcoal rich barbecue. All of this formidable zest is balanced by the rubbery and flexible nature of this flower. At the lowest depths of OG Chem’s flavor I revel in a pool of acute herbal skunk.

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The high takes hold almost instantly. My mind feels pulled to the back of my skull, like I was experiencing the G-forces of wild acceleration in a Mustang. The weight of the flavor translates into the high as well. The come up is quite friendly and steady, but I feel quickly encumbered by some of the lumbering aspects of this strain. If I was a plate, each hit was an additional Paul Bunion style flapjack blanketing my skull. The smooth and seducing tar seems to compound in my soul filling me with a warm fuzzy glee. Thrashing my way out of this metaphysical tar pit, I am kept afloat by peppery and feisty characteristics that this strain flaunts. The mild sativa train drags me along the tracks to euphoria station. I find this strain to encourage my contemplative nature, it is certainly a thinker. The reassuring embrace of OG Chem is a necessary ingredient on a quiet night in or an exodus on the town. I will certainly reserve some of this chronic for a dark, tranquil movie night. Each bowl builds a warm and cozy home inside your body, providing a wealth of physical comfort and peace.

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Phat Panda has somewhat redeemed itself in my eyes with this production of OG Chem. I was not enthralled with the White Widow, so I was glad that I was able to enjoy this potent production. I hear great things about your Golden Goat x Pineapple cross, I will have to make time to try that and see what y’all really got. It is rare that buds photograph as well as this one did, the trichomes on this flower are second to none! This flower was picked up at Greenside Recreational Cannabis and I want to thank them for their friendly service. For the best dispensary in Seattle, be sure to make a stop at Clutch Cannabis! You can find great stores like Clutch via the FREE Canfinder app! I hope you all have a stoney weekend full of love!

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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