Pineapple by Burnwell

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Pineapple by Burnwell

pinepine1Pineapple by Burnwell

Hey there strangers and friends, welcome back to another in depth strain review! Today, we take a look at another goodie from the best dispensary in Seattle, Clutch Cannabis. Here we have a Limited Edition treat from our friends at Burnwell. Now this strain is named Pineapple which is just ultimately too cryptic for me. I suppose we’ll have to do some serious guesswork as far as the lineage and indica/sativa balance. This flower shimmers with a somewhat modest THCA percentage of 16.4%. I am not discouraged, a lot of top shelf producers prefer to take their time manicuring terpenes these days instead of breeding flavorless THC juggernauts.

If terpenes are truly the keys that unlock the various aspects and characteristics of each bud, then I guess it makes sense to analyze the terpenes I detect in order to form a hypothesis about the high itself. A pineapple strain would most likely be flooded with a feisty bittersweet blend of limonene, which would technically call forth a predominately sativa high. But like with many translations of fruit into cannabis, there are several ways that the comparison can be acknowledged. Let’s see how many boxes this powder keg can check off.


This strain truly sets itself aside from the other Pineapple productions I have encountered, the best comparison I can offer is to a poorly mixed glass of lemonade. More specifically, the mound of attractive yet vile slush left at the bottom of the glass from the misplaced ambition.  Each whiff of this potent beast will leave you with a joyful grimace as you chug back the bittersweet and sandy nature of this herb to a delightful burning end. The tart aroma also echoes to be quite woodsy and additionally sweet in the direction of a pine tree. The citrus aroma itself is quite flowery and light, it bellows into your nostrils like a subtle summer breeze navigating its way through a cocked screen door. Beware, this pungent pineapple will mask the room completely in seconds.

The physical traits of this strain don’t exactly endorse my initial hypothesis of Pineapple being a sativa. I’m still convinced that it will be, but the bud structure fully embodies the short, dense style of a thoroughbred indica. The complexion of this flower certainly stays on the lighter side of the spectrum ranging from a lime to a ghostly white. This white is further emphasized by the tsunami style waves of trichomes that seem to crest at the tip of every leaf. I’m not sure if it is the influence of the trichome forest or if it is just a reflection off of the strange hues of this flower, but the body seems to glow with an eerie cheesy pigment. Like a bad stage effect you would see in Scooby Doo, this strain certainly carries an aura. The chartreuse rouse devolves into a roaring crowd of crocodile leaves frozen in time by the compounding glaciers of trichomes. The rolling amber tide fortifies the already dense structure of these buds.

Who lives in a pineapple under THC? Me, today I guess. Leaf to flame this divine foliage burns away with little resistance. Cured perfectly. My lungs were met with a belligerent sour-sweet spike. The bold lance of flavor was coated in an acute spiciness, very unique. Spicy not in the traditional sense of an herbal kiss or peppery fire, but just a pungent accent that stabs into your taste buds. As you recoil from the planted limonene javelin, your membranes are blasted with the magnitude of a freshly cracked hot pepper! All my senses were shocked and kept awake by the skunky nature of this smoke unique to its own brand. The natural and light, yet bold presence of Pineapple seems to layer and compost itself into one skunky jungle of fruit. I was dragged 20,000 leagues down into the pineapple sea by the righteous riptide of this flower. The violent torrents of citrus calm, the tartness dissipates and the base of the smoke proves to be sweet and sugary. Still potent in its delivery, you revel in the blistering pleasure generated in the wake of this tangy and zesty high. You start to produce a river of saliva. Which works out because it mellows out the aforementioned slushie syrup dwelling in your mouth. Basking in the tropical mist of terpenes only temporarily distracts you from the rocket like come up of sativa high.

As you continue to smoke the characteristics of the earthy bite emerge like godly jaws from freshly tilled soil. The beast thrashes into your pallet helping the sweet escape of pineapple terpenes nuzzle deeper into your flavor pallet. An electric tickle charges in your tongue and eventually surges down your spine. This sensation spikes you awake, in a pleasurable way. While there are some seductive mellowing aspects of this high, you may leave chem trails as you launch into the sky on the back of this Pineapple rocket. The sour bite of the pineapple isn’t left without a base, there is a raw tanginess that bounces throughout every aspect of this bud’s flavor. The high carries itself that way as well, mellow and flexible. I feel I may be somewhat misleading with my orbital comparisons, but I am solely speaking to the quality of the sativa high. I do not mean to make the sensation sound abrasive because it is oh so friendly.

The magnitude of the high scales every bit of the way with the intensity found in the flavor. Rain Drop, Drop Top…can my eyes not? Eyelids plummet downward at the first taste of this powerful flower. The flavor stays with you, you can meditate on the flavor and your body is engaged by the exciting tickle of the sativa high. Your mind races into comfortable corners and familiar thoughts. This is a sativa that will perk you up without putting you at risk of anxiety or a crashy comedown.

I feel this strain to be an artistic muse, creatively I feel engaged and active ready to lay waste to any challenge that dare step before me. On my everyday cannabis endorsed conquest of mind, this Pineapple proves to be a reliable ally. As someone who vastly prefers indica over sativa, I was impressed by the hardiness of the smoke and the ‘heart’ I found within the high. I often find sativa sensations to be lackluster and somewhat empty or too concentrated in one aspect of the high, but this fruity firecracker has a big body.

All’s well that Burnswell. I sincerely thank you for reviving my faith in strains rooted in the pineapple family. Like with many strains such as Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, etc. I have become tired with the many questionable productions brought to the table. My heart is refreshed by the embodiment of the citrus spice that I savor in every bite of the real thing. The earthy zing, the mellow tangy aftertaste…finally, a Pineapple that tastes like a pineapple. A special thanks to Clutch Cannabis!

I’ve found Clutch Cannabis to be the best dispensary in the Seattle area, if you are serious about kush then you need to stop by their phenomenal store. They do not stock booty weed. Come get the true dank at Clutch Cannabis.

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