Orange Kush by Josh Boy

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Orange Kush by Josh Boy

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Orange Kush by Josh Boy

Hello stoney bolognas! Happy belated 420! Welcome back to another strain review by yours truly. I apologize for the delayed post, I seem to have been conveniently busy or ill whenever I had a free moment. Either way, I am so stoked to bring you this massive nugget of Orange Kush! This particular production by Josh Boy, along with all of his strains, are crossed with Royal OG Truthband. I actually heard that the originator of that strain had passed away this year, so with a heavy heart and a little excitement I charge forth into this crystal coated brush. Josh Boy has been growing anonymously for many years, and it runs in his blood! While he wishes to remain anonymous, I’ve got to give him some credit for this stunning flower! Orange Kush is traditionally an in your face indica with a sharp zest almost identical to the pulpy mist given off by the wounds of a torn Orange. Enough guessing, let’s get to burning!

My oh my, I’ve been curing this bud for an additional month myself, it paid off! I crack the seal of the mason jar giving way to a trail of scorched earth. The burning embers of this aromatic walkway ignite an explosive citrus flavor. The impact from the tangerine blast is hushed and buried under a foul and skunky mud. The cool, muddy, boggy base provides an adequate cushion to receive the feisty citrus impact. While the initial burn is neutralized by the subtler characteristics, a fierce zest still crackles beneath the calming earthiness coming off as a fiery pepper. Each spike of flavor in this flower, is met with a base, as the zest too is compromised by a tickle of subtle sweet berry. Not like a blueberry or a strawberry, but the sweet earth rich berry found in strains like Dutch Treat. To dig deeper, I held a healthy nug against my nose and snapped it in twain. My foolish error leads me to be bludgeoned by the acute spiciness of a linalool bound to a seductive limonene sweetness.

The flower structure too, seems to embody the essence of an orange budding into neat compact balls. The foliage ranges from a light playful yellow similar to the actual skin of a citrus fruit, all the way to a shaded meadow green. Whatever color the leaves may be, they are lit up with glorious contrast provided by an array of amber trichomes. As the brilliant sparkles dance on both the topside and undercarriage of each leaf you are whisked into a mess of delicate orange hairs. Each strand is quite thick, I’d say they are twice the width of your average hair, but half of the length. This flower fully embodies a healthy indica but still exhibits some leafiness, but that could be just some lazy trimming. Like the skin of an orange, each bud peels back from the stem with minimal resistance falling into a mess of engaging zesty pulp.

I toss remnants of this glorious nugget into my Sharpstone and they were reduced to shreds in seconds. Just aching to be smoked I eagerly ignite the trichome soaked stew. Leaf to flame, I am swept over by a gentle candy coated sweetness that is only slightly perverted by the flavor of orange. I consider most mellow earthy flavors to be comparable to a wet field, or a muddy forest, but this harsh earth feels to simulate smoking gravel. As pleasant as that sounds…the thunderous earthy boulders sink into a sea of light tropical tree fruit flavor. Each hit seems to embody the flavors of a steamy island coast. Each bite of charming delicate tanginess burns into a forest of hashy blackened pine. The flavor is awakening, but also so thick and full-bodied that the sheer resin content seems to consume my pallet. This sensation snowballs, as the green hits dwindle away from the roaring bowl. The smoldering billows seem to reform and cough out an extremely hashy citrus. I can feel the volume of the resin coating my throat providing a soothing highway to coax down the rest of this bombastic bowl. Each puff seems to thicken, becomes stickier, causing me to choke on each subsequent cloud that I am courageous enough to take.

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The high of this Orange Kush is quite unique. While this strain isn’t quite a creeper, the come up is quite subtle and it may be some time before you decipher a difference in your perspective. As with most indica, a flood of euphoria is ushered in under its bold flavor. While the mild stings prop you awake, it is barely enough engagement to keep you from being lost to the sweeping tide of this strain’s seductive power. While each tart kiss zaps you awake, the momentary break in the soothing tide sets you even deeper into the comforting embrace of Orange Kush. The high is very linear, simple in the perfection in which it delivers just a small handful of effects. Mitigated anxiety, a gentle medicine coats my muscles and joints setting myself up in a recliner chair within my own self. My still recovering throat relaxes, I feel as though I am finally able to breath again. The high can be so potent, however, that it is easy to be buried under the compounding sedative effects.

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What is there to say about this orange godchild of kush? It is rare that all of my expectations of a strain are met with such force. While the high was a little light on the indica ‘punch’ for my personal taste, I believe that this would be a great segue for a sativa smoker to enter the world of pure indica goodness. Josh Boy, you can sure grow the heck out of some flower and I envy your ability. Don’t ever quit on raising your babies, especially when they come out this tasty! Special thanks to 420fest held by The Seattle Hempfest and the Canfinder app for helping bring the cannabis world together! Be sure to check them out if you get the chance! Next review, I bring you a special limited edition bud from Clutch Cannabis…but you’ll have to wait to find out what. 😉

Stay high and stay blessed,

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