Forum Tangie by JLee

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Forum Tangie by JLee

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Forum Tangie by JLee

Good evening cannasseurs, I bring you the first ever evening Toasted n’ Posted review. I’ve simply become so busy lately that I have to fit a review in whenever possible, it’s tough because this is what I really love to do. Today, we have a unique bud you probably won’t see anywhere else, Forum Tangie. Forum Tangie was gifted to me by the breeder, JLee, himself. It is a cross between Forum Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie. JLee has been growing and breeding for many years semi-anonymously and has quite the reputation in the local cannabis community. Grown naturally in organic cocoa, all of his strains pack a wallop without cutting any corners. Sadly, I cannot offer any lab results, but I trust that the trichomes will speak for themselves. Now from what I understand, ‘Forum’ is the result of a rare occasion when the internet actually agrees on something, and it was that this was the proper example of GSC. Tangie, needless to say, has been erupting with popularity lately and is a favorite among many to include in a hybrid. I can’t wait to see what type of firepower these two haymaker strains can conjure together. Heads up, I broke a personal record and took way too many photos…had to include some slideshows. 🙂

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Forum Tangie radiates a light powdery aura of citrus candy. It triggers memories of those feisty vitamin C tablets, but jam-packed with sugar. Underlying, but distinctly separate from the tangy zest, is a limey floweriness. The lemon-lime sparks a tingling sensation, so potent that it made me sneeze. The combination of the mellow orange and delicate lime breeze manufactures a natural brand of 7up. After the more forward aspects of this flower subside, my senses were chilled by a wind of brisk woodland pine. A hot hashy line ignites the earthy qualities that dwell at the bottom of this strain’s body. This flower is the embodiment of sour and sweet with so many appetizing sensory spikes. The odor itself weighs in the room like an anchor due to its extreme pungency.


Man, I am a fiend for phenos. This one sure scratches that itch, while the odor leans heavily towards the Tangie side. This bud structure perfectly emulates that OG Kush/Cookies bud structure. Supremely stout, each formidable leaf provides a backlit stage on which these immaculate trichomes can perform. Shaken with an amber glaze, each trichome stands out defiantly against the somber leaves. A dark forest leading into a grape hue, this foliage is the fiber from which dreams are woven. It seems as though each boisterous resin gland is competing for your attention like a neglected child. These buds are tall, dank, and handsome. Each flower sparkles, all incoming light is bogarted by the trichomes and reflected in a brilliant constellation.

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The bud grinds up with minimal resistance into a kiefy mist. Leaf to flame, the flower embraces the flame welcomingly. The bowl lights up, unleashes a thick billowy cloud promptly unto my lungs. Barely able to grasp at the terps, I was warded off by a sharp sour bite. The citrusy tart fangs dig into your pallet and relaxes its venom, giving way to a flowery echo that trickles downside the ferocity. On top of the fiery tropical nature of this bud, it is also has a supremely earthy and hashy side. At times this strain smokes like straight resin. As you get lost in the hefty base of each hashy cloud, there is a super sweet berry-emulating aftertaste. Such an earthy body dominated by citrus influence is a textbook characteristic of the classic OG Kush.

The magnitude of the earthy citrus could best be described as a field orange. A field orange that was down trodden into a mud path by the wheels of wagons and boots of workers. The flavor of the fruit is seamlessly melded and assimilated into the flesh of this sweet earthy plant. Each hit ignites your senses with a electric buzzing spike. This kickstart revitalizes your tongue making every hit taste like the first, greens or not. This flower suffers from no shortage of personality.


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Had to check my pulse to make sure I was still alive. JLee’s Forum Tangie smokes like heaven and I am high as hell. The first thing I experience is being flooded with euphoria. As my body submits to the tossing embrace of the Forum Tangie high, a motivating tingle traces my spine and hugs my body. As my mind is massaged into forming a passive resistance against mobility, it is also reborn like a Phoenix by the feisty nature of this smoke. Even at 11:00pm, I feel powerful, functional, and productive. I feel surefire enhancements towards my outlook;my mood is of general positivity, and my energy levels are soaring. I am filled with confidence and shed free of all anxieties. I was having some mild stomach aches earlier since I hadn’t eaten all day and this seemed to cure those right up! Mr. Lee has truly brewed a miracle medicine all his own. While the high is surely potent enough to bring any weed snob down a peg or two, it is also inviting enough as to not scare off new smokers. That being said, I definitely recommend this strain to an experienced smoker, more than a newbie. The high feels so natural, I gladly take a backseat to my mind’s eye. I feel like my own eyes are receiving images like projections in an old theatre, not in a dehydrated “I’m gonna die way,” but in a fun refreshing playful fashion. God, this gets you high.

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While I am saddened that I cannot tell you where you can get this strain for your own enjoyment, I hope I was able to give you the best sense of it I could. Thank you JLee for providing me access to many of your head stash strains. I hope you enjoyed this review of your top shelf flower because I will surely do more! I was just about tired of Cookies crosses, but this one brought put me right back in it. I will no longer foolishly doubt the integrity of Girl Scout crosses and now on welcome them with open arms. It’s hard not to be a critic when you’re a critic.

Anyway, I am also extremely happy to announce word of a sponsorship by Clutch Cannabis in Seattle. I will be stopping by this week to see what goodies they have for me to review! 🙂 Make sure to go see them in South Seattle, it is worth any amount of driving time. Their staff is a crew of trained professionals that are taught to put the dank in your pipe and a smile on your face. Seattle locals, I hope to see you this Saturday at LTD Bar & Grill for the Canfinder 420 Social. Also, don’t forget to download the free Canfinder app for iPhone and Android because we will be posting awesome updates from the party and all sorts of great cannabis content as always!

Stay high and stay blessed,

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