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Peppermint Cookies by Gold Leaf Gardens

Greeting and saladtations, I hope you all had a marvelous weekend! Today, I am bringing to you a very popular strain, an outward favorite of one of my coworkers. Peppermint Cookies by the always potent Gold Leaf. Gold Leaf has always provided quality top shelf cannabis, but recently they’ve undergone a mild transformation. Change is often good as in this instance, they switched back to their stylish, super classy medical jars and I am in love with the presentation. While the container morphed, the chronic remains the same, let’s check out this insane Cookies cross. The origins of this strain are unclear, but it has won a few local awards within recent years. Cookies of any origin are always a treat, especially when they are chocked full of THC like this sucker. Peppermint Cookies boasts 22.46% THC which should definitely open a door to a dimension or two.  All of Gold Leaf’s bud is Clean Green certified and stands up to the highest quality standards. Let’s burn it down!

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The smell of this flower is unlike anything I had encountered before. In order to get to the heart of this aroma, you must suffer through a thick, peppery firestorm. The ashy clouds toss in upheaval as they choke out your nostrils. Revitalizing your sinuses, a light pine spike awakens your mind partway through the breath. The masking skunky presence within the odor kicks up with the fir essence to leave a communication of light mint. The interpretation of this flavor is unlike the artificial taste found in candy, but the foresty, wet, and lively fresh kiss of nature.  At the bottom of the jar lies a skulking herbal pepperiness, a playful sandstorm that emphasizes the smoothness found in the minty notes.

Words cannot begin to describe the symphony of color laid out before me. These nugs exhibit resplendent beauty and carefully manicured trichomes. Roaring orange hairs erupt in bushy clusters, temporarily disrupting the veil of golden trichomes that effectively camouflage the hues of the leaves. All of my favorite colors are present in the spectrum provided by the foliage. Midnight driven purple provides a still backdrop for a sea of resin stars to stand against. The purple occasionally subsides into the core of the bud leaving unique spikes of green color. The verdancy is highlighted by the amber aura from the trichomes and lights up a sea of electric leaves. Each nug has a great natural structure, gently mounding clump over clump to create bulbous moderately dense popcorn sized buds. Orville Redenbacher has nothing on Gold Leaf’s popcorn.

Each flower crumbles with a satisfying leafy crunch, misting your fingers and rolling tray with kiefy dust. As the resin continues to shower down onto my fingers, I am blindsided by a mutated skunky lance of mint. Full bodied and raging, the odor is far more formidable than it seemed on the first impression. Leaf to flame, the nature of this bud comes off as a minty earth, but very flat and pleasant. As the short-lived minty flash dies down, and skunky woodland afternotes ensue. The fullness of the flavor encourages choking, but if you hold out…it is calmed. In addition to the aforementioned cornucopia of flavor, there is my favorite flavor, this playful herbal taste. I usually detect herbal flavor as hot or spicy, but this note is distinctly sweet. So sweet in fact, that it could be interpreted as berry or fruitiness. I didn’t expect the ‘mint’ flavor in this smoke to surface, but it does twice. Once on the greens, but then again on the exhale as it soothes you from the bulky abrasive breath.

The high of this flower submerges you in a cooling frothy mist. Like standing cliffside adjacent to a crashing waterfall. The water explodes and fragments into a million cool drops awakening your mind with the peppery herbal nature. My head feels physically padded by an ethereal mattress. As the chilling supermarket produce section mist rains down onto my body, it penetrates my skin and massages my joints. My being is seduced into an unbreakable calm, I feel like the strain brings on a state of passive meditation. While this flower tested for no CBD, I believe that the combination of the unique terpenes and the quality of the trichomes lead to a psuedo-medicinal effect. As I recline into the ice box of my mind, I feel uplifted and lighthearted. The friendly approach of this high allows each successive bowl to layer naturally. Like an enchanting  mortar, Peppermint cookies frames you up for a fluent anxiety free evening. The only downside to smoking this strain is that it is genuinely painful to part with each nug. But every incineration leads to such a divine elevation that I cannot help but refill my pipe again and again.

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You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it hit the gravity bong. There is no coercion needed to get me to indulge in this fascinating strain. Rarely is such a charming high packaged into such a flavorful and colorful form. Gold Leaf has truly stolen the show once again. Thank you for continuing to take pride in your production and refreshing my soul with some of your top shelf flower. Washington loves you and never wants you to leave. Also, thanks as always to the renowned Clutch Cannabis store in South Seattle. They always help me stay in touch with the most current chronic in the area. With a friendly staff and an ever changing menu, you will never be bored with their selection.

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