24k Gold by Sonic Green

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24k Gold by Sonic Green

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What is up peoples of earth? Time to launch back into orbit with a precious strain, 24k Gold by Sonic Green. Another bounty of another fruitful journey to Clutch Cannabis. When I had a discussion with the manager earlier this week, this was her top recommendation. I am stoked to see what the boss lady is smoking on! This mysterious strain is a cross of the legendary Kosher Kush and a star on the rise, Tangie. I don’t think you can go a day in this industry, or at least in my life, without hearing the name Tangie. Locally, Tangie crosses are surging due to its light, playful nature, and delicious citrus terpenes.

This particular production holds 24.1% total cannabinoids, only 20.1% of which is THC. Of course with this strain as well, it holds the apparent industry constant of .17% CBD. I am relatively new to Sonic Green, I think I have tried their Alien previously but that seems like ages ago now. Either way, the packaging instantly speaks to the care they take with their product. Each jar is fortified with thick glass, a neat label, and a great brand seal on top. I cannot help but be bewitched with nostalgia as the logo parallels that of the Sonics so closely. Sonic Green definitely gives off the local vibe and I welcome their nugs to my tribe.

g5Airlock 1….engaged….airlock 2….engaged. Okay we are ready to break open the gate to  this volatile leafy mass. Wow oh my, pungent is an understatement. I am captivated in the eye of a sour skunky whirlwind. My nose tingles as it is consumed by rare aromas that couple so well it is hard to distinguish them individually. I’d say the raw skunk flavor is the most dominant, it pierces through the flavorful slurry with the ferocity of a pine forest. The moldy skunk molts into a different form as it plays with the lighter semi-citrus notes that are riddled throughout this flower’s presence. Wonder Twin powers activate and the blend actually triggers a familiarity of cheese. Once I made this connection, I was in love. I always struggle to find worthy cheese fragrances in recreational marijuana. The light foulness stirs mercilessly giving my senses a shot of adrenaline.

My heart flutters, charmed by this cheesy princess. Living in the cheese’s shadow, is a very fresh earth scent. It smells like a smoothie made of wet field grass and pine needles. This scent too, seems to be an offspring of skunkiness. A mild herbal flavor lays deep within the strain and seems to bundle the boisterous aromas together effectively. The skunky storm stewing in the herbal bowl is reminiscent of entering a room with an indoor pool. Not to say this smells like chlorine, but the combination of odors reminds me of that distinctive inviting chemical tang of an indoor pool. Let’s dive into these skunky shallows.

24k Gold boasts healthy verdant leaves. Light powdery greens fall into wells of rich forest. Fragile, winding tangerine hairs snake down the side of every nugget like a flexible fire escape. As the orange snake writhes down the side of the flower it dips in and out from under the hordes of trichomes. This flower has so many trichomes. Each golden gland stands out so defiantly against the spinach backdrop that the plant appears to struggle with dandruff. Head & Shoulders, knees, and toes the presence of this frosty wonder is truly chilling. The strain has a nice natural bud structure, though it is indica dominant, I believe the phenotype demonstrates more characteristics of a sativa. Leafy and light bud clumps together founding mild mannered mounds eventually engulfing a spindly stem. The lime hues in the leaves are so resplendent they seem worthy of  being used as confectionary or cake decoration.

My favorite part! Time to smoke this cheesy sunnavabitch. As with many, the green hits are the best. The first one or two hits is a unique treat completely unlike the rest of the smoke. On that virgin hit, you get a mouthful of skunky cheese chased with a fresh chalky grit. I don’t have any idea how a Tangie cross would produce such a flavor. This flat foulness is positively enchanting and whisks you away into a spicy herbal follow-up. The spicy hashyness within the cloud emboldens itself into a fiery hot flavor. As the skunky earthbound hash boils onto your taste buds, each successive hit becomes different from thereon. Even the leafy remains left untouched in my bowl came off as reinvented. Each cloud represented itself as a crunchy woodland equipped with a vile herbal whip. Each lash will singe your lungs but the pain leads to a pleasurable exhale and a wave of relief. The spicy herbal notes seem to occasionally be enhanced by a fresh mint flavor.

The onset of the high is very neutral, almost unnoticeable. The formidable herbal flavor may have distracted me from any turbulence within the comeup. To my knowledge the flower came on very friendly, light, and giggly. As the high compounds with time and additional bowls the mental high is extremely limited. Time slows from a raging rapid to a dripping faucet and your thoughts come rafting along at a manageable pace. I feel comfortable in my body and my heart felt unburdened. While continued use amplifies the high, the mental portion of the sensation doesn’t grow much past the aforementioned euphoria.

The body high is far more substantial than any of the sativa characteristics. My limbs became heavy and movement was a chore. Euphoria pumps through my body and massages my being into nothingness. A comfortable void within myself allows me to further focus my senses on my own thoughts and my surroundings. Everything I touch, from the keyboard to the grains and grooves on the unfinished wood table…feels more realistic…more tangible as if everything gained another level of texture. 24k Gold is well mannered but will lure you into another universe. As you are adrift in the planes of physical pleasure this flower will ensure that you are affable and comfortable anywhere. New universe or old, this strain acts as an instant state of meditation, just add water.

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I didn’t know what to expect from a bud with the gall to be named 24k Gold. Sonic Bud surely delivers with an amazing skunky product. I will even count this as a notch on my cheese belt and a step closer to the ultimate destination of my queso quest. Sonic Green’s strains shimmer wearing a chainmail of trichomes and will surely win any league of smoker over. This strain is surely unique, even though it wasn’t what I had expected, this bud provides a mellow smoke with a heavy body stone. Pick some up at Clutch Cannabis today and get lost in the boundless luxury of 24k Gold. My coworker won’t stop whistling Requiem for a Dream lmao. What a way to finish this post.

Stay high and stay blessed,

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