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Hell’s Fire by Skörd Marijuana

hf1hf2Hell’s Fire by Skörd Marijuana

Now that I am done moving six million pounds of furniture, I have some time to get back to my precious strain reviews. To compensate y’all for the wait, I chose a really wild strain. Hell’s Fire by Skörd Marijuana. Skörd is renowned for bringing unparalleled terps and flower jam-packed with trichomes. Before long, you will wonder if you’re actually looking at flower and not just a jar of kief. There is little to no strain information available about the lineage of this indica powerhouse. I guess that will leave a little fun game to the smoke test, trying to decipher the origin of this hellbeast. This crystalline Cerberus is frozen into shape by the insane volume of resin. Hell’s Fire boasts 27.2% THC and just a minute presence of CBD. I can only imagine that the magnitude from this flavor will melt through my jaw and send me plummeting into an indica driven coma. (One can only hope.)

Skörd Marijuana is known to typically produce high THC strains around 26-28%, so I found it funny that the previous strain I tried, Strawberry Fields, only measured to be 13% THC. It was still dank, but I heard most reports of that same strain coming in near 30%. I am still perplexed by this, and actively investigating this phenomena. Anyway, I can’t wait to try a true representation of the Skörd wallop! I picked this up at my favorite dispensary of late, Clutch Cannabis in South Seattle. They have a menu full of amazing and unique products to try. I always have flashbacks of being that ‘torn child’ in a toy store spending hours locked in a fruitless decision between one toy and another, the only effective solution being a begrudged parent saying you could have both. Unfortunately, in this scenario…I am the parent…and the wallet is mine. However, I am always overjoyed with how I spend every dollar at Clutch Cannabis! You can’t lose! Onto the dankness!

hf5I purse my lips and plunge my nose into the jar. I expected to be met with all of the fury of Hell, a flower wreaking of brimstone and tormented souls. I was not obliterated by fiery ash, but met with a cooling herbal aroma. I relaxed my contorted face when I realized I was spared by the hell storm. I hesitantly took a deeper breath to engage whatever was lurking down in the depths of this Skörd jar. With a name like Hell’s Fire I expected a violent torrent to erupt from the container knocking me senseless, but strangely this strain comes off as a flat pleasant stew. As I dig deeper, I cross paths with a vile peppery skunk, like Pepe LaPew mixed with your mother’s spice cabinet. The smell is so profoundly thick and dank it fringed on being classified as a cheese like odor. Close, but not cheese exactly. I believe the false flags are triggered by the prominence of wet and musky woodiness that courses throughout this bud. A pleasant spin on a piece of sweet rotting wood. The rawness of earth echoes through your senses.

After burrowing through the thick woodland precursor, a glimmer of sweetness is revealed. The scent is like a shapeshifter, reposing and camouflaging itself with every whiff. There is one constant though, a light sweet trickle of myrcene. This miniscule presence of berry is whipped around on the back of a fine tart lightning bolt. Whether you are chasing the cheesier notes or the shocking tart funk, you will be met with measurable force. The elusive myrcene-like flavor reveals to be similar to a berry or a grape, but it is too flat and basic to be them exactly. I would be interested to see what others found in the smell of this flower, because I am challenged by the constant curving by the skunkier notes.

Paul Wall needs to check out these buds because they shine harder than any of his grillz. Hell’s Fire is practically dripping with trichomes, on certain leaves you cannot even locate the leaf itself. The foliage, for the most part, is prisoner under a resin driven avalanche. Every bud itself is immaculate, but hilariously the jar seems divide into two phenotypes. One race bares beautiful wine colored leaves that gradually lightens creating a mauve sunset across a leafy canopy. These buds also seem to be shorter and more stout. The other brother is taller, skinny, and a radioactive flora. I’m sure that I am just being silly because I don’t think it is possible for the same DNA to be split like that, but it is a fun musing!

Hell’s Fire is extremely dense, the spires formed by curling leaves feel like spikes to the touch. You will need to use your fingers, your nails, and all of your cunning to effectively crush this belligerent bud into your bowl. Hell’s Fire will not conform to your will. This flower’s appearance holds up Skörd’s talent of just amassing walls trichomes. I am positively enchanted by the purple hues that dominate the nug.

hf6hf7hf3This flower has been very dishonest so far. With such an intimidating name, it seems to be friendly and terpy. Where is the ashy fire scorching my face?! Perhaps it will be revealed in the smoke. Seems logical. I let the clipper rip away at the verdant flesh as my lungs accept their new occupant. I take in a pungent earthy breath soaked with the rewarding artificial sweetness of candy. Each hit is full bodied and soft, the smoke is like wriggling your tongue through a hashy feather pillow. I slowly lower my guard to see that there was no gargantuan devil at my door, but a cuddly kitten. Now, don’t get me wrong, this flower still has a serious bite but it was vastly different from what I was expecting. You have to smoke more than a couple bowls to have a chance at understanding the flavor in this sublime flower. I was shocked as the first or second green hit will always reflect a lively lick of mint. The mint is cured by the skunky dank nature of the flower. The corrupted dark mint brandishes its flavor in the firebrand fashion of black licorice. When the licorice flavor struck, I was paralyzed. I was locked in that unique state of awe when an all-too-close friend sneaks up and licks the side of your face.

The foul collection entrenches itself in your senses like mounds of sweet wet sand. I had truly never experienced a sensation like this before in cannabis and actively sought out the controls to recreate the experience. The intensity of the smoke will eventually fade into a calm and collected terpene pool. The convulsing sea of flavors will settle slowly into your pallet like a veil of fog to a bog. A residual bank of dankness will build collectively with each hit and will hang onto your tongue long after toking. The skunky pungency stirs the terpenes into a savory slurry. This flower is definitely ‘Chicken Test’ worthy. Each delectable pull from Atticus conjures notes of a spicy, flowery pepper. Each invigorating pull of Hell’s Fire seems to taste different. Every cloud embraces and emphasizes a different dominant quality. The strain seems to have a ‘hell’ of a lot going for it. 😉 Sorry for the dad joke.

hf8The onset of the high is so gentle, like a heartfelt hug from an old friend. The approach seems familiar and nonthreatening though this strain still bares some potent indica sensations. I was lost to the body stone almost instantly, you are consumed by the soothing presence like a sandstorm. The storm is not abrasive, but just an emphasis to the complete and seamless immersion into the indica realm. An exemplary indica high, calming and meditative but leaving you quite functional and able bodied. Hell’s Fire submerses your body into a pool of indica driven comfort. As you brush gently with your perspective’s newfound gravity, you are able to figuratively and mentally move about and explore this high. A pleasant tingling triggers throughout my being acting as a pleasant reminder that I am still awake. The feisty terpenes and bold nature of the high act as your buoy so you are not lost to the boundless sedating sea. The T-H-sea. Okay, these dad jokes need to stop.

Clearly this flower makes you affable, ridiculous, and engaged in the most mundane of tasks. My white walled office evolves to a metaphysical playground of spiritual delights. Who knew that enjoying the fruits of hell would feel like heaven! There is an underlying stimulus in this flower even though this baby smokes like a thoroughbred indica. The peppery and minty terpenes must inspire an ‘activating’ aspect of the high. Hell’s Fire is a great balance providing a natural equilibrium between diving into the pool of pleasure and resurfacing for air.

I don’t know if there is a heaven, but there is a definitely a hell where this fire was captured. Hell’s Fire is a somewhat misleading name considering how non aggressive and welcoming the high is, but this is definitely some fire. What I have come to appreciate about Skörd is that each of their individual strains have so much personality. Personality being the unique terpene profiles, a flawless suit of trichomes, and great natural bud structure. Hell’s Fire is an extremely balanced indica. While almost completely indica, it has the energy of a 50/50 hybrid. Skörd’s versatility never ceases to impress! If I enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing, I would surely pick up a good book and blaze to this. Thank you Clutch for keeping in touch, and continuing to provide me with the top shelf flower I need to fuel my reviews! I can’t wait to see what other gems are to be revealed in the caverns of dankness that is Clutch Cannabis.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs


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