Blue Fire by Leaph

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Blue Fire by Leaph

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Waddup! It’s that time again to bring another top shelf strain to your attention. Today we are grading Blue Fire by Leaph. I met one of the owners at Cannacon and she gave me an enormous Blue Fire sticker, I had decided at that point that I had to try it. It has been hard to trace the exact lineage of Blue Fire, but research shows that White Fire OG is a constant parent. This particular production holds a powerful 22.70% THC and the common trace of .16% CBD. I can’t believe that every strain I am picking up has .16% CBD, I will try to break the cycle through my next strain selections. I don’t know why it bothers me. There have been some fantastic Blue strains surfacing within recent months and I can’t wait to see what this crystal coated bud holds for me!

bf2Hopefully the aroma of this flower will reveal who the other parent may be. Like falling into a lake of piranhas, I am consumed by the sour blue lagoon. The foremost scent is a sharp berry nearing the representation of raspberry flavor in hard candy. Lying on the outskirts of the cove is a smell that is equal part skunky and flowery. When trying to smell one side more than the other, the odor acts like a see saw and leans further away as you push in to identify it. The delectable berry balancing act drives me mad as I try to isolate certain scents. Ushering in after this oasis of berry flavor, is the light hovering pepperiness of White Fire. The slight invitation from the White Fire essence lets me know to expect some serious hashy chemical flavor within the smoke. All of the complex odors lying within this strain are consistently herded together under an umbrella of unrelenting sourness. The lavender like floweriness resurges throughout the sour berry aura of this bud.

Blue Fire comes in compact, stout nuggets that shimmer behind a veil of crystals. I think that the trichome quality in all of Leaph’s productions has become their biggest strength as a brand. Each trichome stands defiantly against a raging fern backdrop. Walls of lime and pear leaves crash into each other creating verdant fissures laced with trichomes. The thick resin glaze seems to soak into the fibers of this plant. Almost no hairs appear on the bud, some of those that do fall shorter than the trichomes. Lengthier hairs struggle along the surface of the bud baring a shadowy bronze color. The seemingly starving hairs wriggle closely to the leaves, snaking in and out of the camouflaging brush. The structure of each bud is so attractive as it naturally mounds upward creating the illusion of a cannabis castle, spires and all. I’ll be the first one to stand watch on these castle walls!

bf4bf5bf6bf8The flavor of this smoke falls upon you like a grip of lightning from Zeus himself. I am pushed back by an electric strike of hashy sourness. The violent jabs from the bittersweet clouds open up the more complex flavors dwelling under the surface of this flower. Rising out like the smoke from an impact were the delicate flowery notes of berry. Sweetness definitely took a backseat to the massaging lavender sensation from the blast. The intensity of the smoke does not relent, however, the other flavors present themselves more clearly the more you dance with Blue Fire. The rewarding clouds evolve into a delicious stew of dank skunk. Somewhere between the ash stirring in the bowl and the fog banking in my mind there is a distinct savory sensation. While the strains sour berry qualities bury the other traits, every element seems to be grounded in an earthy candy. The charming woodland sweetness provides a nice nest for all of the terpenes to stem from.

bf7This high sets in almost immediately, I was cast into an pleasurable whirlwind. Like the belligerent breaths the high comes in like a strong gust, shocking your system awake. The irony is apparent considering the spike is quickly settled by the strong indica qualities coursing through this flower. A phantasmal pressure was applied to my head and mind, a comfortable constriction. Comparable to the relieving touch of a masseuse when they start to dig into your exhausted and sore muscles. Each exhale is met with that sudden relaxing embrace. The high trickles through your bones relieving tension and pain. My mind found a quiet place to hide and my buzzing nonsensical troubles from the day erode into nothingness.

The soothing nature of the flower coaches down anxiety and stress, I have probably smoked 4 bowls in a row to amplify this addictive sensation. The cooling indica presence floods your bones and radiates pleasure into your extremities. What I love about this high is that you can reap the benefits of a powerful indica without any of the incapacitating drawbacks. While I do think this sensation can be coerced into a lullaby, I do not feel it with my tolerance. I would bring this flower as a companion for an overcrowded room or a lecture that is longer than you care for. The engaging berry shock chauffeuring you to a calming realm of indica. Blue Fire will leave you wanting more no matter how much of it you smoke.


Blue Fire is less like cannabis and more like a meteor made of candy. The dense alien rock smokes like a champ and enslaves you with its savory terpenes. Leaph, thank you for providing top notch nugs at a reasonable price. All of your flower represents natural canyons thriving with resin crystals. Please continue to use such intriguing art on your packages because I love coating my notebooks in your heady stickers. A big thanks as well to the Canfinder app for helping me locate the stores that carry this fine flower! Share what makes your cannabis experience unique with the Canfinder community! The App is out now, FREE for iPhone and Android.

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