Sinmint Cookies by Elevate Cannabis Co.

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Sinmint Cookies by Elevate Cannabis Co.

sin23sin1Sinmint Cookies by Elevate Cannabis Co.

Aiming for two reviews in two days to appreciate the awesome feedback I have been getting from the producers about my reviews. Hopefully y’all will like it enough one day to hook a brother up! Time to get to business. My jaw drops in awe as I view this spectacular jar of Sinmint Cookies by Elevate Cannabis Co. A cross of the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies and one of my recent favorites Blue Power. This slightly indica dominant cross may have a green aura, because this flower is radioactive at 31.6%. Sinmint Cookies is breaking all of the rules, with a THC content of 26.4%. This strain also carries .16% CBD which is funny to me, because I’ve seen that exact figure on several strains lately. I think that was even the CBD of the content of yesterday’s strain, Strawberry Banana. That leaves over 3% of unlisted cannabinoids, a Pandora’s Box of psychoactivity awaits us. I can only imagine the mind annihilating high that could accompany a derivative of OG Kush, Durban Poison, The White, Master Kush, AND Blue Moonshine. I feel that ‘terpy’ will be an understatement.

sin2I would recommend setting a safety perimeter of 30+ feet before releasing this monster from its cage. But seriously, this flower’s aroma will knock your socks up into your nose and curl your toes. It is almost a case of ‘too much of a good thing’ because there is so much going on that my nose doesn’t know where to begin. Once the dust settles, the Blue essence comes across strongly. Like a  mounted knight descending upon a battlefield, the tart berry warrior gallops across all available taste buds, conquering your sinuses. The seductive indica like perfume enchanted me into a stupor. As I lazily held my nose deep into the jar, a prisoner of its charms, I was awakened by the sharp skunkiness that lies deep within the flower. Skunky is how I initially interpreted the scent, but it is now seemingly more complex. There is a vile freshness that makes it unique, an intriguing note of what is perhaps intended to be mint? If this is indeed mint, it presents itself in a subtle way, enticing the smoker to be lured deeper and deeper into the complex presence of Sinmint Cookies. There is almost a diesel like pungency that intertwines with the minty odor to make it even stronger. Like the Power Rangers coming together to form another limb of the Megazord. The bold nature of Sinmint Cookies bulldozes into your face massaging a light flowery afterglow deep into your membranes. The last, barely present note is that of a herbal hash which may be a hand-me-down from its grandfather, The White.

Unfortunately, I received mostly popcorn nugs. But I will not make any assumptions considering it was the last eighth that Fweedom had. Clearly this potent production is in high demand. But even this batch of small nuggets exhibits resplendent beauty. The flowers are supremely fresh and profoundly dense. Each diamond like bud provides a canvas for a network of constellations to dance upon. Each individual trichome stands out like a shining star against a lime green atmosphere. Occasionally disrupted by a comet or an orange hair. The tendrils are such a soft hue of orange that they are almost camouflaged by the green of the plant. The trichomes trace the perimeters of each leaf outlining each one with an eerie glow. Occasionally the plant has a change of heart and drops a leafy bang of hunter green. The plant matter is engulfed by trichomes, often appearing to be more sandstone or amber than green.

Man, this strain must be even better than I think it is because all of my coworkers keep looking at me and saying “Yeah, that was a good one, huh?” I must look pretty blitzed. This flower is absolutely delectable. Overall, this strain smokes largely like its Blue Power mother bringing a zesty zing of electric berry. The skunkiness in the aroma converts itself into an exotic sour powerhouse. The berry is so sweet and flowery it echoes in your taste buds after each hit resembling a light lavender feel. The ‘blue’ flavor dominates the nature of the smoke, but there are a few underlying complexities. Like a coat of caramel falling upon a crisp apple, a candy like flavor warps each blue kiss you receive. The rewarding earthy sweetness encourages salivation as you lust for more and more. This bud fringes on passing the ‘Fried Chicken Indica Test.’ (previous posts will explain) Which is impressive because this plant is nearly as much a sativa as an indica hybrid. Gotta love any hybrid strain that is potent enough to masquerade as the full-bodied flavor of an indica. Girl Scout Cookies parent definitely takes a backseat in this relationship, though I can taste the subtle ways in which it coerces the sour blueberry war machine. There is a peppery, sweet hashyness that must stem from the spicy body of Durban Poison and the bud that always wreaks of resin, OG Kush. The smoke alone will wake you up and send you launching into another dimension.

sin7I feel like this flower converted my mouth into a jet turbine. I felt so stimulated it was like a NASA rocket was trying to drill through my face…in a good way. I struggle to describe the intensity of this high. Don’t get me wrong, this strain produces a metric ****ton of euphoria, you are instantly swept away from your troubles by a wave of comfort. Carried out to a sea of calm, and your mind dwells peacefully as if you were in a sensory deprivation chamber. Pardon my Ebonics, but Sinmint Cookies is just so loud. After this strain had danced with my brain, I felt like I slept for an additional 4 hours. While this strain smokes like an indica, the high is predominately a sativa sensation apart from the palpable body stone. The shocking sativa rocket renewed my source of energy without provoking any anxiety or restlessness. I feel active, creative, and uplifted to carry on through the rest of my day. Part of the high is emphasized by the quality in the array of terpenes demonstrated by this masterfully grown bud. My mind flows freely, I believe this strain would be great for a bowling night, or perhaps a debate group. Any group activity really. I can imagine some very provocative conversations being brought on by this potent partner. No one could really upset one another either, because the indica effects of this strain leave you floating in a incapacitating pool of ecstasy. The high that this strain provides comes on almost instantly and you may experience some turbulence during your flight while adjusting to the altitude.

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Man oh man, Jean Claude Van Damme, Elevate Cannabis has truly outdone themselves. I thought that their Bruce Banner was noteworthy but this strain is a champion. I can see why this insane hybrid is flying off of the shelves. I loved the magnitude and quality of the high and the feast of terpenes that filled each toke. I would not recommend that a novice start with this strain because you may get a little more than you bargained for. That being said, if you wanna just jump in to get wrecked…this is good for that as well. Where are the Girl Scouts of America with these cookies, man?

Thank you Elevate for again providing me with a top shelf experience and awful powerful terps! Fweedom, more than words… I love ya and I can see our relationship going the distance. 😉 As always, you provide an informative friendly experience with quality products at competitive prices. The design and energy of your store are what I think will make you successful in the long run. Every visit is truly a joy. Find Fweedom and other dope dispensaries through the FREE Canfinder App for iPhone and Android. Out Now!!

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