Strawberry Banana by SGB

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Strawberry Banana by Seattle Green Bud


Strawberry Banana by Seattle Green Bud

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! I have a very special strain for you today, Strawberry Banana. Strawberry Banana is an indica dominant hybrid from the folks at Seattle Green Bud. I hear the name of SGB tossed around quite a bit, and frankly, I am embarrassed that it took me this long to try some of their famed flower. I mostly hear about the phenomenal pre-rolls that they provide through their Saints joint packs. I am especially excited to dive into this strain because of the recent surge in popularity of Banana Kush and other variations. I am always ready to indulge in some new terps, especially banana… I can only imagine how the mellow, tangy, basic flavor will translate into this flower.

I am led to believe that this production of Strawberry Banana is a cross of Bubble Gum and, the star on the rise, Banana Kush. Strawberry Banana is 70% indica and 30% sativa, boasting a THC content of 18.11%. Some of my favorite strains walk that same hybrid line and bare similar levels of THC. Top shelf strains with moderate to low THC content usually means that the flower will compensate with a symphony of flavor. It isn’t all about the THC content, this foliage also contains a trace amount of .14% CBD-A. I am unsure whether such a small amount would discernably influence the high, but I am more than willing to find out. Let’s get smokin’. *The Mask voice*


Banana is one of my favorite flavors in the whole world, so I couldn’t wait another second to break open this jar and receive the spectrum of terpenes that I deserve. I boldly break the air seal between me and my banana buddies. Though I wasn’t immediately met with banana, I was met initially by a thick smog of skunky strawberry. A fresh jet of skunk, not the stale moldy musky type that I am accustom to. This unsettling sour tickle emphasizes the sweet notes from the strawberry flavor. Underneath the strawberry riptide, is a mellow earthy body handing out candy coated kisses. Round and soft earthiness provides an adequate trampoline for the lightning like strawberry odors to rebound off of. Curving the sharpness of the odor is another sweet flavor…but it was very distant. “Could this be?!” Is this the banana flavor that I have been longing for? I hone my focus and purge my senses to try and isolate this elusive scent. The flat tanginess of banana projects itself into my nostrils. The smell is somewhat offensive and formidable, like an unsuspected bite into an overly ripe banana. You recognize the tender familiar notes of the fruit, but they are outfitted with a belligerent presence, a sour-bitter spike.

Strawberry Banana actually seems to have nugs in completely different classes. The biggest nug I received was unlike any of the smaller popcorn buds. The gargantuan wore a coat of fiery red hairs that seem to ignite once touched with sunlight. Underneath the net of hairs, is a tossing sea of green ranging from a pale light hue to a modest forest color. The canopy of leaves are frozen into their contorted curls and twists, stilled by time and the glass like layer of trichomes that constricts them. Each production stands on a stage, lit up by the vast quantity of trichomes that seem to dwell on the undercarriages of each leaf. Like a remora to the belly of a great dank shark. This flower is far denser than it appears. The largest bud follows the slope of a gentle cone, appearing to take the shape of a plantain itself!  Attempting to crack or crumble the walls of this temple will require some effort.

Now that was the first type of bud, the rest of the buds were balled into lightly colored clusters. These varying popcorn nugs bore almost no hairs and were almost exclusively a ghostly pale green color. These offspring appeared to be exceptionally crystally, but I couldn’t help but be off put by how hairless and different they are from the mama nug. But hey, if it all tastes the same, who cares? #Foryourhealth

ban4ban7ban6ban9I was somewhat daunted by the distance of the banana terpenes in the aroma overall, so I had partially given up my expectations to taste those banana terps. Cannabis teaches us everyday, never lose hope. Leaf to flame, the cyclonic presence of strawberry subsides to a gentle melody and disappears into the background. The former strawberry president immediately was impeached by a tantalizing mellow sweetness. However, the domineering skunky partner that ran parallel to the strawberry notes, does not dissipate or waver in the slightest. Winding back, each cloud performs a sucker punch of skunky banana essence. I was so thrilled that this bud dwells heavily on the Banana Kush end. The remaining traces of the strawberry mashes against the skunky backboard to create a harsh, but savory sensation wrought with the flavor of resin. This sweet, spicy, and peppery blend echoes throughout inhalation. This foul sideline drowns in the flood of banana flavor. The tangy, earthy clouds cheat themselves deep into your lungs. The friendly smoke balls at the back of your pallet forming a metaphysical wall of mushed banana. Only to be broken as I let out several bellowing coughs. Coughing is occasionally frowned upon, but with this strain…coughing feels good. With each cough, my throat and lungs felt to be expanded. I used these newly bestowed abilities to gobble down more and more of this delicious nectar. Each successive hit is ultimately curved by a slight flowery kiss, reminiscent of a lavender or chamomile. Smoking this flower was truly more of a treat than I had expected.

ban15Strawberry Banana is definitely a creeper in my opinion. While there are some light qualities of the high that reveal themselves early on, I did not fully appreciate this high until my third bowl. So when you smoke this, give it approximately 20-30 minutes to effectively take hold. That being said, I don’t think you could over-do this bud, it is gentle and well-mannered. The first thing I noticed was my head being teased by a trickle of water that fell down my head and tingled my spine. The trickle evolved into a heavy pour and my head began to be flooded with a spectral gelatin. The phantom sensation coursed through my body, awakening my nerves. I found it interesting that an indica could generate such an uplifting introduction. The cool gel acted as a crash pad for my body and my mind, I was armored by comfort and confidence. I had no trouble getting back to the keyboard; I felt creative, inspired, comfortable, and awfully giggly. The high also carries the sensation that you have all of the time in the world, and you are not needed anywhere but where you are right now. Despite the heavy presence of indica, I would recommend this strain to folks with anxiety or that deal with emotional stress. Strawberry Banana helps achieve an equilibrium in your heart and mind to instill tranquility to your world, if but only for a moment. Sometimes being able to take a step back and renew your perspective prevents an overreaction or rushed decision.

Those trichome shots above portray the fiery bronze color of the hairs accurately. A sea of flailing red arms stemming out of a crystalline jungle. Strawberry Banana is truly stunning to look at. If the Prince saw this flower, instead of Cinderella…the movie would’ve been a whole lot shorter. Seattle Green Bud does not mess around, as you cannot afford to in the state of Washington. We have a lot of heavyweight producers in the area, but SGB is clearly ready for contention. With cutting edge crosses, top notch curing, and a bounty of trichomes, Seattle Green Bud is after my own heart. Keep the banana coming! Personally, I know I haven’t had enough. The high is balanced but very palpable after some time, I would recommend this to first time users as well as tested veterans. The slow onset and comforting tendencies of this flower along with the enchanting terpene profile will surely convert them into return customers.

I want to thank Fweedom in Seattle for being awesome as usual. A delightful budtender Nicole helped me make my selections this week, so if you drop by…Ask for her! She’s great at her job and demonstrates saint-like patience. (I always take forever because I am super picky.) I could’ve taken even more time thanks to Fweedom’s excellent selection of flower and concentrates! Find great stores like Fweedom and exclusive deals on cannabis with the FREE Canfinder app for iPhone and Android. Be a part of the next wave in the cannabis movement and join today.

Stay high and stay blessed,

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