Harlequin by S.G.O.W.

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Harlequin by S.G.O.W.


h2Harlequin by Secret Gardens of Washington

Hola! Today I bring to you something a little different, a CBD dominant strain. Secret Gardens of Washington never ceases to impress me, so I cannot wait to see what their production of Harlequin brings to the table. I am not extremely familiar with CBD focused flower, but I know enough to give an honest review of this reputable medicinal strain. For those of you who are completely unfamiliar with CBD, CBD or Cannabidiol is more or less another form of THC. CBD is the second most abundant type of cannabinoid in the cannabis family as a whole, after our beloved THC. While there is still much more to be explored, it is accredited with alleviating anxiety, depression, seizures, digestion issues, chronic pain, and so much more. It is even thought to interact with THC in special ways to unlock new levels to your high.

When folks refer to using marijuana for medicinal purposes, they are most likely reaping the benefits of the miracle that is CBD. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, quite the opposite actually. Cannabidiol is not designed to provide a high, but a general feeling of ease and comfort for the user to take their mind off of pain and trauma. Unlike THC percentages where 18% and over dictates the quality of the high, a CBD percentage of as low as 4-6% could be considered ‘good’. S.G.O.W.’s production trumps that median with a whopping 12.66% CBD and just a touch of 5.17% THC to keep the mind entertained. I received just one massive nug in my jar, it is always a sad occasion when it is time to tear it apart. Oh well, time for the breakdown!

h3It took like six years to try and lure this behemoth out of the jar in one piece. I love getting big buds, but the claw game I had to play with this jar was ridiculous. The whole time I was focused on the extraction, I didn’t realize I was being doused in the potent essence of Harlequin. My sinuses were knocked senseless by a board rich timber, which is an odor this flower brandishes wildly. There is a perfume of a dirt-ridden field with a few scattered pine trees, the note is equal in both the pinene and terpineol directions. While my nostrils were entangled in the seductive aroma of clove and lumber, a sweet little slug crept out from under the log. Speaking figuratively of course,  this slug dispersed into a delicate mist of tropical flavor. The fruitiness is subtle compared to the other presences, but I would compare it to a tree fruit, a papaya, or some other super sweet fruit with a mild exterior fragrance. Weirdly enough, there is also a hint of ‘that new car smell’. As I begin to take this massive nug apart, there is a resurgence of a skunky slightly herbal odor with every break. The skunky last minute contestant emphasizes the sweetness and freshness of this flower.

Overall, this flower bares a very dark complexion that is effectively captured the picture above and in a few photos below. This bud is leafy and sprawling, but quite dense. The bud structure is spread out resembling a sativa dominant flower. But whatever traces of indica heritage this plant has, surely fortified the leaves and helped the Harlequin fill in. As my fingers work hard to dent the resilient armor of this flower, I realize how fresh it is. While the harvest date was in December, it is March and the bud is still squishy and fresh. Harlequin was moist, but still whining out small crunches and crackles as I applied pressure. Most flower you receive from dispensaries is not this flexible, being slightly wet isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering that I know many people who complain about recreational cannabis being too dry. I only care that it burns well and that it is packed full of terps!

While Harlequin is dominated by darker hues, her tone changes at points to match a pale off-white green. The most dominant shades appear to be juniper with a modified olive attachment. She is wearing a net of extremely thin fiery-tangerine hairs, if regular hairs were spaghetti…this nug has angel hair. The trichomes do not seem to stand out as much as S.G.O.W.’s other productions, whether it may be the natural appearance of CBD-dominant resin glands or the lack of THC within them I have no idea. I get the best view of the crystals from the bottom. As the light washes over the undercarriage of the flower, lurking trichomes respond with a brilliant sparkle.

Harlequin seemed friendly enough and considering that it is widely consumed for medical purposes, I thought the smoke would be benign. Jokes on me, much like the comic character, Harlequin swings a large mallet and provides a formidable opponent. I was truly impressed by the harshness of this smoke. Being so spicy and herbal isn’t exactly a drawback, but you will need all of your chi and then some not to cough. Each hit actually resembles the flavor of hot hashy resin. Throwing on a different mask, Harlequin quickly poises itself to stand away from the original advances and promote some gentler qualities within the flower. One thing I did not expect was the surge of citrus flavor that was lying dormant deep within this strain’s fibers. When touched to a flame, the terpenes leap out of bed ready to greet you with a sticky lemony hug. The citrus flavor is bold, but somewhat mutated by the heavy earthy presence that it runs parallel to.

This flower smokes surprisingly similar to the Super Lemon Haze I got from Fifty Fold. Both strains carry a lot of citrus flavor swaddled in an extremely woody blanket. The primary difference that separates it from being classified as a lemon variety is the aftertaste. In most lemon strains the aftertaste is a light zest with a bitter or tart kiss, this strain finishes with an extremely herbal spiciness. So while citrus is undeniably present in this strain, I am very hesitant to call it lemon. As the grand finale of flavor flickers to a close as you exhale, your pallet is reborn as it is paved over with a mellow asphalt of hash. Between hits, the calm and cool resin lingers in your casual breath. Harlequin could make an excellent last minute breath mint…as long as you’re planning to charm some stoners.


Being vastly less familiar with CBD versus THC, I wasn’t completely sure if I was looking for the effects in the right places. The high from this flower is so natural in its approach, you may not even notice the stalker like effects take place. Redefining ‘creeper’ this bud takes a while to build up to a noticeable effect. That being said, I used this strain to nurse a stress-induced headache and I felt alleviation almost instantly. Thank goodness there is truth to all this CBD mumbo-jumbo. I truly felt relaxed, at ease in my heart and in my mind. While the 5% THC is a nice touch, you will need to smoke a couple bowls to receive any of that treasured psychosis. The presence of CBD in this flower is what shines and makes you feel light as a feather. Any internal pains and pressures dissipate. This flower seems to be a sativa train of thought masquerading as a body stone. I was comforted and ‘healed’ of my ailments for the moment, making a fluffy cotton cloud out of the mass of bones and muscle that was formerly my body.

As a person who is naturally obsessive over social interactions, this strain helped me forget the actions that were stressing me so immensely. I think through CBD I’ve found a portal to a world of ‘just do you’. The high does not make you reckless, or careless but indifferent to the minor pokes and prods of your surroundings. Small actions or circumstances you may find irritable and outrageous on a daily basis, become small and insignificant. CBD has helped me become a giant in my mind, dwarfing all of my pains, questions, and concerns with the world. While I personally experience no chronic pain, I could easily see how this sublime sensation could translate into obliterating health issues such as that. The presence of this cannabinoid also allows those who are unfamiliar with THC to consume freely with little worry of consequence. While cannabidiol seems to have less of a domineering effect than THC, I’ve found myself sitting motionless in a personal nirvana for a discernable amount of time. CBD might be too effective at its job, considering it could make you have such a great day that you forget to go to yours…

Secret Gardens of Washington, is there anything you can’t do? Between your amazing Starfighter crosses and now this immaculate medicine fit for any sink cabinet, I am lost for words. Harlequin helped me solidify my beliefs about the effects of CBD. I also want to thank S.G.O.W. for including some THC for guys like me on the other side of smoking. I smoked the bowls probably at least 2 hours ago and I still feel the gentle melody of cannabidiol serenading my body and mind. I will definitely consider reviewing and smoking CBD dominant strains more frequently because they still get you high, just from a different angle. I wanted to see how the THC was amplified or changed by its interaction with CBD, but I got lost in the medicinal bliss and forgot. Next time I guess. 🙂

Clutch Cannabis provided me with this certified dank and I cannot thank them enough for the quality services that they provide. Be sure to check them out if you are in South Seattle, it is always worth the drive. Also, stay in touch with me and many other cannabis entities through the free App Canfinder. Out now for iPhone and Android.

Stay high and stay blessed,

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