Grand Hindu by Burnwell

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Grand Hindu by Burnwell Co

Grand Hindu by Burnwell Co.

Happy hump day y’all, I hope the afternoon is burning away quicker than expected. Something that I know will help coach my day along is digging into some more top shelf bud. Today, we explore Grand Hindu by the folks over at Burnwell Co. I’ve had my fair share of Hindu Kush, but never Grand Hindu. This strain is a fusion of the ever famous Hindu Kush and one of my personal favorite indica juggernauts Grandaddy Purple. This flower was definitely designed with user in mind and apparently, they want to send you into a coma. This production by Burnwell flexes a THC content of 24% which often, but not always, evidence of a quality production. Burnwell’s packaging is artful, elegant, and sleek. Companies have taken to the ‘corked jar’ packaging and once you break the seal, the airlock is lackluster. However, Burnwell stocks a bulky wide cork that is effectively a solution to that problem. Enough about corks, let’s blaze.


The bud looked extremely crystally from the outside of the jar, I could only imagine what odors were stirring away. There is nothing like the first whiff of some well-cured chronic essence. Popped the cork, and much to my delight a gentle breeze of frosted grape invades my senses. Calming and tickling, the odor is a stimulus within itself. While the delectable grape ‘perks up your ears’ you are once again massaged into tranquility by a solid echo of lavender that soon follows. There is a mild diesel-like pungency that surges throughout this flower’s presence. They need to make this strain into a candle, it is mellow and soothing, but also pungent and entertaining. Yankee Candle needs to come cashout. Most distant of the aromas, is a pleasing natural earthiness, like a wet meadow…barely detectable though. Standing overtop the minute traces of meadowland grass, is a wall of thick dank wood. Similar to the first breath you take when going into grandma’s cabin, a kiss of that engaging tantalizing musk. I am most excited about the grape flavor fused with acute diesel, one of my favorite combinations of terps.

Be careful if you’re breaking some of this beautiful bud off to a homie, these nugs are extremely compact and you may become unintentionally generous.  The density of this flower seems to climax at the head to form some sort of THC battering ram. The characters in an Ant’s Life needed to be swinging these clubs. The hyper dense foliage is encrusted in crystal clear trichomes. Misted over by the resin driven blizzard, a spectrum of color peaks out from under the snowfall. Pockets of thriving violet immediately catch my eye and admiration. It is rare to see purple coloration that glows and appears alive. I can always tell when growers force color because it produces a pale lifeless purple. In the case of Burnwell’s Grand Hindu, there was no unnatural coercion whatsoever! This strain warrants a color wheel to effectively measure the sea of green laid out before you.The verdant hues seem to cascade down from leaf to leaf, a shaded forest gradually adjusting its tone to match a lively electric green. Grand Hindu is a karmatic chameleon with an identity crisis as it tries to make a mummy out of itself. Thrashing orange hairs war for dominance and consume the rock-like flower in a natural sarcophagus. This bud grinds with little resistance into kiefy oblivion.

The act of tearing these volatile fibers revitalizes the storm of grape flavor that radiates from the flower. I walk head on into this grape tsunami praying that I get blown away. 😉 Holy shit this thing smokes! Pardon my language, but such foreign pungency calls for those exact words. This could be one of my new favorite strains. The lavender I encountered in the odor pales in comparison to the linalool whirlpool I soon found myself a prisoner of. You don’t just get a taste, you get a tidal wave of that sweet lavender flavor that walks a fruity-flowery line. I was taken back as I was blasted by these delicious terps with the force of a hand dryer. This smoke is extremely full-bodied and will only let you summon small clouds to tickle your lungs. A diesel scorpion scutters out from underneath the THC Trojan horse and violently stings your lungs. To an experienced smoker this sensation is stimulating and lung-expanding, but a greenhorn might receive it as foul and overwhelming. I love the potent combination of sweet lavender and a spikey electric diesel, it tingles my spine and my mind. I envision someone in the heavens perfecting a giant ethereal DNA helix and presenting it to the other entities of the universe, and they all agreed…it was dank.

Not to be undersold, is the mouthful of tender berry goodness you receive with each toke. I see this sweet delivery as an apology for Grand Hindu’s initially aggressive behavior. The powerful sweetness quells any remaining sting or choke, and brings the sensation to a flowery equilibrium as you exhale. A mild earthy base seems to hold this unstable equation together…“the professor added an ingredient to the concoction Chemical X!” This strain smokes like a science experiment gone wrong, but it is oh so right. Many might not detect any woodsy flavor whatsoever considering that it drowns in the flavorful flood of other terps unleashed upon you.

q17q18The smoke is definitely the hardest part, the high is a mellow highway into bliss. Like myself; Grand Hindu has a few defense mechanisms, but once you get inside, she’s sweet as can be.  Still enchanted by the flock of terpenes, the high crescendos into an intense body stone. Now when I say intense, I’m referring to the quality, the high is palpable but friendly with its approach. My racing mind was reduced to a school zone and I approached every thought with quiet consideration. I feel assured in my actions, uplifted, and inspired. I confidently type out the rest of this post as my mind’s eye lounges in the Lazy Boy that was formerly my body. Strains like this is why I love indica over sativa, not every indica strain is designed to put you into the ground. This high is extremely sedating and calming, but functional. I feel little to no hindrance in any way: thought, coordination, anxiety, reaction time, you name it! Grand Hindu is sure to elevate you spiritually to another plane of existence, at least momentarily.

Grandaddy Purple is a heavyweight champion, but so is Hindu Kush…so I do not know where the muse of inspiration and drive comes from. I treasure the combination of elevated thought and a soul calming body stone, it acts as the perfect medicine for me. If only I had this when I was in school, I would’ve surely smoked it before taking tests. Grand Hindu gives you the feeling that you have all the time in the world, and there is no rush. This high also grants you access to that ‘extended pool of thought’ that I consider to be beneficial in problem solving. I can’t believe I’ve already smoked almost all of this mystical flower. This is definitely a strain you can smoke away without even realizing it, such a treat.


I should be a superhero because I took another shot in the dark and hit it right on the head. Man, this Grand Hindu taught me more than I was ready to learn. I always appreciate top shelf cannabis, but seldom am I impressed in this way. A vision to gaze upon, a seductive flowery pungency, and a gentle touch…all of the qualities to look for in a lady. 😉

Burnwell, if your other flowers stand to be a tenth of this quality I will still enjoy them profusely. You take the proper time and care to make sure you present the PNW with a bangin’ product. I am so upset that finishing this review also means saying goodbye to what is left of my jar. I can only hope that the next strain I review can mend my heartbreak! A HUGE extra big special thanks to Clutch Cannabis for being a top-notch dispensary with many terps to offer. I am never bored in your store!

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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  1. What a pleasure to hear directly from customers! Our grow team and our product marketing team take pride in all we do. They will be delighted to read your review. Best of all, our new harvest of Grand Hindu, and other unique strains like Hindu Sour, Grand Kush and Candy Jack are curing to a new high for Burnwell and our customers. I’m sure you’ll see the new strains at Clutch Cannabis very soon! 🙏🏼

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